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The New Normal : Life During Covid Regulations

Steve Jabba

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You're not going to like this, I think : 

Disgusting I know, and if you recognise accents, you'll know this happened in my home country of the UK.  

My plan is to wait until mid - late June.  Let's see how far they are prepared to take all of this.  In my view, if they keep pushing, then talking about "new variants", then pushing harder for the vaccine passports...Then continue with inserting chips into your body...Then cyber attacks...and food shortages.

If all of that rolls out, we know it's on.

My view is to escape as long as possible.  I'll continue with this work, and other online options.  Look for remote work.  Try and find somewhere cheap, warm and pleasant to live in a farmhouse or some such arrangement. 

And settle down, of course.

I am beginning to think this will be the defining issue of our times, and possibly the fight and struggle of our times.

Let's hope I'm just paranoid and it won't come to that.

What about you?

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Just before the lockdown in Australia last year; I went to my local surplus store and bought a lifestraw.

When you narrow everything down, all we need is water.

I plan on buying a few more lifestraws.


Basically all this is leading to a cashless society. This means, as a Christian, I'm going to have to be on the run from the government, whom have the military on their side - I can only really get so far. I'll be homeless and instead of bowing down to the antichrist, they're just going to have to kill me.


For readers who aren't familiar; in the future to buy or sell everyone will have a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. Those who get the mark will not be forgiven by  God. You can go out and murder and when remorse hits you, and you ask for forgiveness, God will forgive you. But God will not forgive those who get the mark - which could be a quantum spot/digital tattoo/microchip etc.


So, what's a way for everyone in the world to receive this mark...?


The world economic forum have their own site; I wouldn't recommend signing up to read what they have planned, but anyone can. It runs very deep. 

All the money in the world is owned by one family. An internet search can show what they do for fun, what they believe in and so on. There's the club of rome, the jesuits, the zionists, the vatican, the united nations, the thirteen families - it goes on and on. They all hate Jesus.

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to a complex society that we're living in where unknown beta people working for the state are allowed to decide your life course in the end. If this was in simple (hunter/gatherer) society, those two were kicked to the curb. Alpha chad would have just smashed their skull in fragments, same as for the beta court judge.

Low IQ comment from me I know, but god do I hate how complex societies operate in modern times compared to simple hunter gather communities in the past.

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