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Make Money AND Build The Community At The Same Time. OPPORTUNITY

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If you're a member of this community, I presume you like me, you like the idea of the forum, and you have heard of or seen some of my products (Primal Seduction , Secret Society Video Product, Sigma Male).

Well, now you can make money as a kind of brand ambassador.  If you refer someone else to the forum who subsequently purchases one of my products you'll get 50% of the sale value (and I can change this upwards if this goes well).

Right now I've only set up Secret Society ($99)So if you refer someone who purchases this product, you'll get $49.50

How this works

Goto your profile name, in the top right of the screen.  Click and goto "account settings".  Then look at the left pane and look for "referrals".

Then "your personal link" (see screenshot below)

The location of the link is in a slightly different place on mobile, but you'll find it under your profile name / account / account settings.  It's there. 🙂

Use that personal link and forward it to someone else - either as a link in a post (on here for example), in an email , on whatsapp, whatever.  
If someone signs up from your link and then purchases Secret Society, I'll be notified and you'll see the referral amount (earnings) under your profile.  

I'll set up payment once per month at the end of the month for all of you that sell any products.

I'll need your paypal address - but we can sort out the details.  Let's get some sales first!

I hope you can see this is win win! You get money, I get money, your friend gets a great product, joins the community, and we grow the community together!

Any questions let me know.  Otherwise, get crackin!

referrals screenshot.jpg

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