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What Is The Socio Sexual Hierarchy?
The socio sexual hierarchy was a term originally coined by Vox Day to describe where men fit on the socio sexual totem pole. Just as in nature, there is a hierarchy, where the guys at the top tend to get the most attractive women in the greatest numbers.

A key point to note is that the socio sexual hierarchy as it was originally intended was based on patterns of behaviour. These patterns of behaviour tend to lead to outcomes such as social success and success with women. We’ll get into that more later.


Simple illustration of the socio sexual hierarchy

The Socio Sexual Hierarchy Ranks (Top To Bottom)
Alpha : Often physically imposing (tall, handsome) and confident.


A good phrase to capture the essence of an Alpha is that they suck all the energy in a room.

The most famous example of an Alpha male that springs to mind in  is former president Donald Trump.

Alphas usually do very well financially and with women and alongside high functioning Sigmas tend to sleep with the most attractive women in the greatest numbers. They usually insert themselves in a social scene and dominate by virtue of their powerful personality and social skills. You’ll often find that Alphas get success with women by their place in the social hierarchy and social status.

You will rarely see Alphas that would choose to do Daygame, for example. That’s not how they meet women.

Alphas rely on the social hierarchy and are therefore sensitive to the perceptions of others (especially women). If you want to get under an Alphas skin, be an attractive woman and make an unkind remark about their appearance or competence.

Positives : social success, financial successs, success with women.

Downsides : Alpha males care about their place in the hierarchy and are sensitive to criticism (especially from women), whereas Sigmas are indifferent. Often their focus on winning and being on top means they are prone to walking all over other people and not being mindful of other people’s feelings.

Whilst this is somewhat sustainable in the short term, long term it tends to make enemies , so the Alpha has to be careful to curb these tendencies if he wants peace later on in life (both internal and external).

Alphas are known to have a life of status jockeying and challenges, so they need to thrive on conflict and fighting. Clearly, this is not for everyone!

Sigma – Sigmas share some qualities with the alpha, such as self confidence, but they tend to be way more introverted and do not thrive on social attention.

They do not want to be a leader as an alpha does, and often shun social groups.

Whereas Alphas can make friends with anyone and intimately understand social hierarchies and alliances, Sigmas go their own way and usually form very close friendships with few people which tend to last for life.

The 2 key traits of the Sigma Male : Very attractive to women. Outside the hierarchy.

As I write this in 2021, interest and content about Sigma Males has exploded.  There is now a tsunami of misinformation and nonsense written about Sigma Males, and a suspiciously high number of men who declare themselves Sigma, most notably on Youtube comments sections.  Remember the 2 most important criteria : being extraordinarily attractive to women - higher than the top 1% - and outside of the hierarchy.  

If you can approach and attract the TOP QUALITY - i.e. 7-10 range regularly  - not an internet 7 - 10, but an ACTUAL 7 - 10 and you are location independent - then you may well be a Sigma Male.  But, simply being introverted, smart and declaring yourself a Sigma does not make you a Sigma Male.

Sigmas will often gravitate towards activities like Daygame, or solo game. They tend not to enjoy socialising or indeed having contact with those they don’t respect or wish to spend time with, so high functioning and intelligent Sigmas will seek to get out of the hierarchy as much as possible, by finding their own source of income that doesn’t involve having to perform a conventional job.

Sigmas do not acknowledge the social hierarchy or pay it any attention. They can be frustrating for Alphas because they tend to look them in the eye and show that they have no interest in the Alphas social status or any respect for it.

Equally, the highest functioning Sigmas can match or even exceed the alpha’s results with women by seemingly not playing the game at all, which can cause frustration for the Alpha.

The article you are reading and all the content on my website is written by a Sigma Male (me). My book Primal Seduction and video series Secret Society explain how a Sigma can leverage his natural tendencies to get success with women.

Postitives : Do what they want, live the life they want, not affected by the opinions of others.

Downsides : Can take introversion too far and become socially isolated. Can experience periods of intense lonliness if they spend too much time alone and don’t actively approach women, which can mean long dry spells.

Sigmas overall do best when they force themselves to have social contact and stay in touch regularly with their closest friends.

Beta : Betas are probably the happiest rank overall. They are like the lieutenant to the Alpha.

They are also confident, but don’t have quite as much swagger and are less prone to boasting than Alpha Males. If you look at Donald Trumps famous tweets as President of the United States, it’s a fascinating insight into the mind of an Alpha. Were Trump a Beta, you’d see far less boasting and bragadocio on his Twitter feed.

Betas actually have the most stable existence with the best cost / reward ratio. They can thrive in hierarchies, they can get attractive women, and they don’t need to engage in all the risk taking and status jockeying of the Alpha. For this reason, there are far more Beta’s than genuine Alphas.

Many guys hear the expression “Beta Male” and get the wrong end of the stick. The Beta’s have a pretty sweet set up!

Advantages : happy life, high position in the socio sexual hierarchy.
Downsides : Always playing second fiddle to the alphas and they know it.

Delta : The average guy. Most men are Deltas. These are the guys that keep society running smoothly.


They tend to be average looking, with nothing particularly striking phyically or mentally (they tend to hover around the mean in terms of IQ). Think of Deltas as “worker bees”. Whilst less glamorous than their higher counterparts, they have a pretty happy existence as they are often happy with their lot.

Whilst Deltas do have some limited success with women (on average 6-10 lifetime partners or less), they do not really understand women and view them somewhat fearfully. They tend to give up on women earlier on in life and settle with a midrange woman, and are by and large happy with this arrangement, not wanting to spend too much time or energy in figuring out the opposite sex.

Advantages : They get the job done, everyone tends to like Deltas.
Downsides : Often pedestalize women, (which women really hate!).

Gamma – Probably the most disliked of all the archetypes by both men and women (Sigmas in particular cannot stand Gamma Males).  


Gammas live a life of dishonesty both to themselves and others. They construct a powerful delusion bubble and think of themselves as “Secret Kings”, who will one day get all the rewards of the Alpha when the world finds out how talented and powerful they really are.

They believe themselves to be worthy of adulation and praise (especially from women), and alternate between pedestaliation of women (usually by a girl who is unwise enough to smile at them), or outright hatred of the entire female race. Gamma rage and reality denying are a very real and scary phenomena.

They are often unattractive physically, if not because of genetics but also because they are too lazy and conceited to accept their flaws and get to work on ironing them out.

For example, Gammas will often have trouble sticking to a weight training or diet routine because they will not acknowlege they are overweight or have no muscle, and will accept no well intended criticism about the subject.

Gammas are often highly intelligent and thus occasionally can do well for themselves, despite the fact they are a nightmare to work for (or with). Avoid Gammas at all costs if you possibly can.

Advantages : High intelligence.
Downsides : Literally everything else you can think of.

Omega – The most unfortunate on the whole hierarchy.


Omegas often have poor hygeine and social skills and are often physically unattractive (spots, overweight, greasy skin).

They are often mentally less capable than their Gamma counterparts. As a result, they are very awkward and unsure of themselves around women and display nerdy behaviour.

Omegas often do end up getting married but to 3rd or 4th tier women that very few other guys would want to be with.

Advantages : Omegas actually have the most to gain. If they put forth the effort they can have a happy life relative to what they had before.

Disadvantages : low motivation, often low IQ, poor genetics.

Common Misunderstandings About The Socio Sexual Hierarchy
Where guys tend to get confused or misunderstand is that the socio sexual hierarchy is an attempt to make sense of billions of men across the planet, of all races, creeds, ages , personality types and behaviour. Clearly real life is very complex, so understand that the hierarchy is only a heuristic.

It’s a way of understanding how to handle other men based on their predicted patterns of behaviour as predicted by their archetype (Alpha, Beta, Delta, etc).

As I have found (and as Vox himself has clearly found if you watch his Youtube channel), there are 2 key areas where guys get confused (or in the case of Gammas, where they want to nitpick or “correct”)

1: The hierarchy is fractal. One can be an Alpha in certain situations , but a solid beta or even Delta in others (for example). If you’re the leader of a little ratpack of friends, but join a group (say an MMA group), you’re not going to be the Alpha (the leader) there.

Therefore any hypothetical females that are in the vicinity will not be as attracted to you on the basis of your group behaviour in that setting.

However, amongst your ratpack of friends, the majority of females would be attracted to you relative to your friends as you are the Alpha, have the higher social status, etc.

2: The key metric to consider is social success and particularly success with the opposite sex. As I’ve noted several times on my Sigma Male Series, I’ve had literally hundreds of comments on the 33 videos stating that “I’m a Sigma Male, great!” “I’m so happy I am a Sigma” etc.

It’s understandable , because the Sigma is in my opinion the most interesting archetype (and I don’t just say this because I am one), but understand the primary purpose of the hierarchy is to predict how other men will react based on their socio sexual hierarchy archetype.

For example, if you have a boss who is a definite Alpha, you need to know not to publically challenge him unless you are prepared to take on the massive risks of doing so, and are very sure of your success. And so on. As Vox himself has repeatedly pointed out “it’s not about you”.  

To make it 100 % clear : What you think about yourself is irrelevant.  It is what OTHERS think about YOU that is important.


The purpose of the hierarchy is not to preen and attempt to categorise yourself as being at the top just because it sounds cool!

Finally, please note that in reality most people are usually a mixture of the archetypes with one archetype being the most dominant most of the time.

Factors That Affect Your Place In The Socio Sexual Hierarchy
Appearance : It should be pretty obvious to most but it’s worth mentioning. Your appearance does have an impact on your socio sexual ranking. The number one thing any guy can do regardless of his archetype to improve here is to get physically fit, strong and well built. I don’t think anyone would deny that muscles are a universally attractive masculine trait.

Location : Where you are in the world can affect your place in the socio sexual hierarchy. If you were born in the UK or USA (for example), you would naturally have a higher place in the socio sexual hierarchy if you moved to Bolivia (for example). This is known as geography arbitrage (actually, it isn’t , I just made that up.)

It’s not just that you would have more money than the locals. It’s that you look different and might well be perceived as exotic (there are some parts of the world where pasty white skin is considered exotic, believe it or not!)

Game : Game, or behaviour can have a big impact on your place in the socio sexual hierarchy. This is why the concept of the rank is based on patterns of behaviour rather than just physical appearance. There is no single bigger predictor of sexual success than simply upping your game (or displaying more universally attractive masculine traits), and putting yourself in front of more women.


There is usually some correlation between raw intelligence and socio sexual hierarchy rank. This is because often intelligence is often a good predictor of social and financial success (and thus status , to a degree). A guy who is intelligent can also figure out his own rank and with honest introspection (as outlined in my book Primal Seduction), can diagnose where he is going wrong and what he needs to improve.

Improving Your Place In The Socio Sexual Hierarchy
There are lots of things you can do to improve your place in the Socio Sexual Hierarchy.

First, you have to correctly identify where you currently fit. This is why it’s useless to try and insert yourself where you’d like to belong, rather than where you currently are. You’re not going to improve your life if you don’t know what you need to work on.

There are general rules of thumb about what each archetype can do to improve. To take a couple of examples:

Sigmas : Sigmas have a tendancy towards introversion and isolation , especially if they are separated from their close friends. Therefore it’s important that they are disciplined at making the effort to go out and meet people, or indeed be around other people generally.

This could include joining social groups, such as fitness classes, martial arts groups, expat groups (in foreign countries), or even just ensuring they go to a coffee shop with other people around to get some human contact.

Omegas : Omegas basically need to pay attention to basic hygeine, get out of the house and pay attention to how others react to them. It’s a lowly starting point, but on the positive side, the only way is up.

Gammas : Gammas are fundamentally dishonest, to themselves and others. If they start by being brutally honest with themselves and other people, they will find that the path to improvement begins to open up to them.

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