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When you start getting lots of women

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So. I gotta start somewhere on this forum finally.

Printed out Primal Seduction the other day... Bought it a couple years ago.  That's a Huge book in paper 😜

Since using it, and working in my entitlement, masculine presence etc etc, I've hit a cool new plateau of freedom with women.    Being comfortable in myself and able to drop in and connect super fast with pretty nice looking girls. Some really vibrant hot one's too.   All with really great personalities.   They're so enthusiastic to be able to share themselves with a man who doesn't have all those blocks and hangups men often fall into.

Like.  I don't have to 'Be' cool, or anything extra. I can just float on in, show up, connect, open up an opportunity to explore something we both want, and take it there.   They feel respected,  they feel seen for who they are, and they feel like I hunted them.  lol.   In the best kind of way 😉  

This last week's been insane. A real pop through in seeing whats available to me now. Thru reference experience.   Log story short. I was invited to an all girl's party hosted by a girl I'm hooking up with.    All 15 of the woman there fell in love with me,  expressing to me and eachother how amazing it was to have a Real guy to be around. One who gets it.  I ended up making out with a few of them, sleeping next to one that night, and hooking up with another one on the next night.     Not sure what you'd call it in 'game theory'.  Kinda like being that guy on fire at a club, where all the girls start taking note of you.  *Felt so smooth.

Anyway.  There's lotts more stuff like that.   Little things like girls changing their schedule around me.  Saying I've opened them back up to feeling sexual in new ways, or ways they'd always wished to before, or had forgotten about.   And telling me that their friends need to meet me. "So I can share this magic with them"! Lol.    Girls are awesome.

  And I'm so stoked to have reached some new level of comfort with women.  Where it's like they recognize a dude who recognizes them properly. 


Now one thing, is that I'm feeling the excitement waning a bit.   Like it's just another naked girl to pleasure.    But I'm worried it's getting a bit watered down. Still fun. But that Spark isnt as electric. 

I'm 35. Could be a testosterone thing? Could be that it's just became normal.


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Hello Dustin.  Thanks for this man, excellent content.  I'm gonna feature it on the channel.  More people need to hear good reviews and so on..I should make more of a big deal of it!

Incase you guys didn't know, you can get Primal Sedcution right here on the forum. Check it out: 



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Yes Steve! The Video you posted 'when you start getting lotts if women'.  gets the point across. 'lol'.    The LOLs sound a bit silly in it tho. 😂😁  But I guess I'll just stop using them to express my enthusiasm 😉 

I know you've posted videos on what it's like for a guy (or yourself) to go thru times of feeling that Spark of horniness fade a bit.    When your getting you fill of sexual energy from women, it kind of smoothens out.    I guess...

This new plateau is making me shift my priorities.   *The external validation is there from girls.   I feel deserving of it. But I can't just ride that alone. Because that squeezes all the juice out of the experience, wich can be so electric! And I'm feeling called to get back on the waggon more intensely with working out and my business endeavors.  

Down for more of the sweet stuff in all areas of my life!   Get into it.  Thanks Steve.




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