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If stronglifts 5x5 sounds boring af, try this!

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I started as a beginner following this program to the t. Did it for years. It's fun, athletic and will make you a dense strength maniac too.

One main takeaway from it for me is safety. The antagonist  movement immediately before the main lift is key. Pullups before overhead press for example. Its a game changer. I used  to be afraid of overhead press because they really hurt my shoulders as a beginner. I had read online somewhere that it was good to do thoracic extension stretches every day, and especially on ohp days. So i did. I'd make sure to really juice my shoulders with pull-ups. And found my overhead press to be pain free. In fact it's my favorite lift now. But the principle works for all the other main movements too.

Started very small (literally the barbell for all main movements) and worked up.  Also Im not a competing strong man ffs, so I changed the weight jump numbers to smaller increments and it really paid off in the end. Strong with no injuries.

Another thing is the cyclical nature, unlike the static 5x5. It keeps it fresh by swinging the weight and rep ranges around constantly. Before you know it you're done with a phase and moving onto a whole new feel. And once it gets heavy you'll be preying for a phase shift. Or at least your CNS will 🙂

Anyway I like this program, check it out if it seems to suit you.

Also, buy a lacrosse ball for recovery, you'll need it!

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