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'Secret Society' - Product Review


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I recently purchased Steve's Secret Society video product and thought it was only right to leave a review! I'll start by saying there's a reason he's known as the 'Authentic PUA', and truth be told from what I gleaned from the seminar he's not even really a pick up artist. What he is, is a guy with incredible confidence and entitlement to hotness - and several decades of harnessing that without fear. What he preaches (and practices, as evidenced by infields and glowing endorsements of his abilities from big name commercial PUAs) is a genuine belief in what he says to the women he approaches and it's totally lacking in gimmicks or complicated structures. Old-school routines and models perhaps have their place for guys starting out and/or with low levels of social intelligence, but for 'normal' guys just needing a little push in the right direction, this is really refreshing to watch. 

Because here's the thing: it's not 'game' as you've perhaps seen elsewhere. It's not 'this secret mind scrambler that gets any woman into bed', and perhaps that's a disappointment to some people, but the truth is those 'techniques' don't exist and only function as marketing hooks for people trying to dishonestly sell you products. What I loved about this video series is that it was very different to anything I've seen before. Most of what's out there in books and videos tends to be some repackaged and tweaked version of the 'London Daygame Model', whereas this is genuinely something unique. Again, it's authentic.

The irony is that plenty of what Steve talks about has found its way into the LDM (the 'Love Bubble' for example) - and perhaps helped to propel its evolution from 'this neat bag of tricks' into something more holistic. After all, Secret Society is from around 2013-2014 I believe. The difference here is you're hearing it from the source. There's of nothing wrong with the LDM*, and it's the only 'model' I've dabbled in prior to this, however it's pretty obvious that Steve's method results in less chests being opened for a higher return in gold, if you forgive the bad analogy. Why? Its got a strong focus is on warm approaches (I believe he thinks around 30-40% of your approaches should be from indicators of interest (IOIs). If you're somewhat acquainted with 'game' then you probably already observe and scan for these to some degree - but what Steve really pushes for is to also draw them out of women. Obviously I can't go into detail in a review, and I must admit it takes quite a lot of balls to do some of what he suggests. "TASTY" (in joke). 

*Except for the inevitable spamming - which although discouraged - is inevitable if you're not approaching women you're strongly and authentically attracted to. In this regard, you might categorise Secret Society as an intermediate product. 

Additionally, Steve is incredibly open about his own vulnerabilities, as well as his highly emotional nature. This spoke very much to me personally, as I'm of a similar nature and psychological profile in some regards I suspect. It was also a refreshing departure from the faux-macho stuff you get in the 'red pill' world. It's not saying you need to be a wimp, far from it - it's about being authentic. I'm looking forward to putting some of the mindsets to good use going forward, beginning with a bootcamp this weekend with one of Steve's instructors in Poland! 

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