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The Steve Jabba Method : The Most Effective Daygame Method

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Having worked slowly through Primal Seduction, I must say this approach is fundamentally different; unlike other systems, Steve’s method amounts to a different topic altogether: interestingly, the word “topic” comes from the Greek word topos, which means “a place.” This method, rather than your typical PUA fare, takes you to a different place entirely. Whilst most PUA systems are about learning skills, Steve’s approach is more akin to an awakening. You will literally wake up to a new way of seeing women; you will literally wake up to a new way of seeing yourself. And once you do, you will have arrived in a new place altogether.

This is about fundamental change. Socrates said good philosophy is like midwifery; it induces the birth of a new person…this approach also performs a similar charitable service.

Hopefully my characterization isn’t out of line.

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1 hour ago, Raygun said:

Got the secret society few years ago, but haven't had a chance to grab the primal seduction. 

Now wondering whether I should grab the Sigmal Male book first or the primal seduction?

Any thoughts?

100% Primal Seduction

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