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The Big 3 : What's The Most Important?

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Health. Everything else revolves around health for stability.

1. Health

Nutritional Health

Physical Health

Mental Health

Environmental Health

2. Relationships


Close Friends 




3. Wealth

Financial Wealth

Social Wealth

Physical Posessions

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1) spiritual/philosophical/aesthetic education: food for the soul

2) peak health & athleticism; not just the absence of affliction/pathology, but the near-limits of peak physical condition: food for the body & mind

3) relationships, as a sort of stress test for the aforementioned two; good friends and family help ground you & should curtail delusional thinking; as well as provide happy and mirthful entertainment: more of a check against aberrant soul and mind (they’ll tell you when you’re fat and out of shape; they’ll tell you when your reasoning is wrong)

wealth, I think, naturally follows if these three are balanced.



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I would say health is the most important aspect of your life. I'm back on chat forum. I have been busy moving to new house also working on my goal losing weight. To get back to this topic. Health is very important because without health you don't have freedom to move Round do normal stuff and also effects your relationship depending how bad your health is it will give you outcome .I use think freedom is number one but that change in last two year I have come to know after been overweight for many years I took the steps to change that get in shape. I have reach my goal losing weight I went from 89kg to 78kg in 6/7 weeks. I feel great mentally more focused and I had to buy new pairs of jeans , clothes. I get alot of compliments from friends, family that I look younger. Oh and the last thing depending how bad your health is it will effects your financial also and same time you can't work . Special when you reach over 40 Is important to be healthy, eat right stay in shape your life depends on it. This matter of life and death man! Is no joke 

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