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Kyiv one-to-one with Steve review

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I recently had a 5 day 1 to 1 session with Steve (August 4th - August 8th)

A little about myself first. I am in my late twenties from Ireland. I work in software development/data science and enjoy the work I do. In terms of hobbies I like to go to the gym, read, watch football and travel. I am over 6 foot and have an athletic build.

In terms of 'game' I have known about it since my early twenties. In the past, I would go to nightclubs and get some results. However, I would often struggle to approach women and found that the nightclub atmosphere didn't help. As I have grown older I want to keep productive and found that late nights don't help. I therefore looked at 'daygame' as a more sustainable alternative.

Since then, I have often went out on to the streets with the intention of doing daygame and failed to make even one approach. I realised that I needed help from someone that had walked the same path and had overcome this obstacle. This man was Steve. I seen that he was offering a one-to-one session which was exactly what I needed. After a call with him, we decided that Kyiv would be a good place to do it. I had been there before and I knew how attractive the girls were. Needless to say, I was very excited!

On day one, I met with Steve and had a gym workout together. In the evening we begun our session. He talked me through his mindset and how to relax. My first approach was asking a girl for directions which helped me to warm up. Later that day, I got a number from a cute waitress at a restaurant. During days two and three I continued to make approaches and get numbers. The last couple a days was spent mostly on dates and doing some approaching.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. He has helped me to begin approaching during the day and how to manage my state. He is also very knowledgeable in others areas such as online marketing. He is a man that has lived life to the fullest and 'out of the system'. I have always found the best investments you can make is in yourself. If the training appeals to you in any way I would say do not hesitate and book a call with him.

For me, I plan to continue approaching in the city I currently live and negotiate to work remotely so I can live in cities like Kyiv for longer periods of time.


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