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The Secret Society Video Series : Ultimate Guide To Seducing Women For Sigma Males

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Whereas the Sigma Male book gives you an introduction into how Sigma Males attract women, the Secret Society video series gives you EVERYTHING.  7 hours of video content for men who want to approach women solo, get results..Without getting blown out time after time.

This unique video series deep dives into the most important components of effective seduction.  It includes:

➔ A thorough breakdown of IOIs, forcing IOIs, spotting IOIs, building your awareness. 
After you've watched this, you'll start to notice IOIs in your day to day life.  You'll get the "assumptive" mindset and understand what IOIs mean - that the girl is interested in you, and there's a very good chance you can take her to bed.  
➔ You'll learn how to FORCE IOI's on autopilot in your day to day life, so you can go about your routine and approach women easily with minimal chance of rejection, and a much higher chance of getting a number, dates and so on.
➔ How to manage your state in your day to day life, so you can always be ready to approach even if things are generally not going well.
➔ How to approach in every environment : on the street, in bars, coffee shops and nightclubs.

➔ How to "pull the trigger" effectively, so you can take a girl home without triggering alarm bells in her mind.  Never lose a girl again simply by mismanagement at those critical moments!
➔ How to approach a girl CORRECTLY, so you can create sexual tension AT WILL, get her intrigued, get her wanting to continue the interaction.  No more boring conversations that go nowhere...Instead, when you approach a girl there will be a crackle of sexual energy.
➔ How to spot girls that are interested in you...Even if they don't want you to know!  So you can approach with FULL confidence instead of the "Spam" approach that most daygamers use..No more constant rejection for you!
➔ How to get over approach anxiety EVERY TIME, so you can always approach a girl you like the look of, no matter how hot she is...
➔ A battle tested Pre-scripted framework for your approaches, so that you can be fully confident when you talk to her that your verbal game is smooth and on point..So you can focus on creating sexual tension instead and turn her on.
➔ Drills for Steve Jabba's way of stopping girls - from the front, side and even from behind.  If you've watched Steve's infields, you'll notice he approaches women in a much more effective way than other Daygamers.  Now get the breakdown here so you can do it for yourself.

Get It Here : 


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  • Steve Jabba changed the title to The Secret Society Video Series : Ultimate Guide To Seducing Women For Sigma Males
19 minutes ago, TimTheSituation said:

Great product Steve thanks.  Very in depth explanation of your beliefs and mindset around attracting women. 

Already started  picking up on more subtle ioi’s since watching these vids.  

Cheers Tim 

Thanks for the kind words Tim and I am glad it is working out for you.  I'm pretty sure there are some more of you here that have bought and seen the Secret Society.  Feel free to leave your thoughts here.

Even I don't expect you to buy it twice so you can leave an official review in the Sigma Forum Store.  😄

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