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Men's Hair Clippers


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I'm follicly challenged now unfortunately, so I have a number 1 all over, which I do myself.  The barbers all closed right at the start of the Covid outbreak (as you all know, which I think was near the start of last year over here), it's actually been a good thing for me, as I was hanging onto my candy floss hair on top of my head, not that it looked particularly bad or I was unhappy about it, but it was just annoying when it rained, if I was quite sweaty, or I had to wear a hat.  And you're talking to someone that used to regularly spend at least £32 every 4-6 weeks on getting his hair cut.

Anyway, I've not been that impressed with the hair clippers I've used thus far.  The first one I bought was Hatteker hair clippers, which have good reviews on Amazon, but they're Chinese and are a bit cheap looking, also the blade has never been the sharpest (they're meant to be self-sharpening) but to be fair, the charge on them is good and they've performed quite well for 8 months, but hair has started to pull a bit, still usable though.  So recently I bought a new pair of clippers, these are the Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers, they are a bit different from the usual hair clippers, as it's small in size to hold but it has a long curved blade which is meant to make cutting your hair easier and quicker.  I don't know if I was sold a dud item, as this product has lots of great reviews, but I thought these were garbage, hair was pulling on the first cut which was quite disappointing, and they just seem gimmicky, I did try them again after oiling, but still the same.  I've chucked them now. 

Would be interested to know what clippers you guys use...

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