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Living up to your potential or living life?

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Dear members

In life we are often confronted by two constructs on which we can spend our time: living life or living up to your potential.

Time is finite, what should a man do? Some would say life is outside of work and those things that matter often don't cost a lot of money; good food, sex, family, friends, literature, etc. 

If one has spend too much time on living life, he or she will be left with an unnerving feeling of not having lived up to his or her own potential.

How is a man left handling these seemingly mutually exclusive constructs in life? How will you feel about not having lived up to your potential or on the other end being left behind regretting not taking the time living life during your stay on earth?

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46 minutes ago, YouSmallFish said:

Some would say life is outside of work and those things that matter often don't cost a lot of money; good food, sex, family, friends, literature, etc. 

I think they would be right.

Given the way the world is right now, I'd drop any grandiose constructs like "potential", and focus on carving your own niche and living a well intentioned life.

I don't think you're gonna have the opportunities I had to travel and try to sha* as many women as possible (unless you stay in your home country - at least half of my notches came from the UK). 

It's early days still but tough times might be coming.  It's a pisser that it had to happen to us, but we need to sack up and deal with it.

From my experience, the most important things are : shelter, health / relationships and love.

You come from a different background to me by the sounds of it and have never even considered you might lose shelter, and you're younger which changes your perception. 

In some ways I think you don't need to worry about it too much because if I'm right you'll be pushed one way or another anyway.  (That's not necessarily a bad thing )

Rambling but I hope you take something from this.

NB Right now focus on treating your friends and family with love and respect.  Don't underestimate how important they are.

As daft as it might sound, this little community we're building right here might prove to be more important than you would think in the months and years to come.  I'm not kidding.

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Interesting points, Steve.

But from another thread, it sounded like you want out of the UK (and wouldn't that mean rejecting/risking losing shelter/friendship/family? ). Maybe 'losing' is too strong a word, but at least putting them on the backburner a little bit.

I suppose in life we have competing values.

We value adventure but also security.

So we have to choose which value to take prominence at different times. And if we live our lives with one value put above all others for long periods, we suffer. This is why I think the PUA guys tend to have mental breakdowns when they neglect everything in their lives outside of chasing skirt.


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Well it sounds like you need to tune into  your inner feelings a little better. What is important to you? Once you strip  away all of societies social conditioning (Like needing to be of a certain status in life with  a certain job with a certain type of wife etc.). It's ok to want to things that society expects of you. That is if you are passionate about doing those things. You certainly don't want to become a value taker though of course.  Thats too far the other way. I wish you good luck with it.

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