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In the coming months I'm planning to learn how to sail, the aim is to be able to command a small yacht (30-35ft) alone.

No plan to buy a yacht or anything, just want the skills so that if the time comes to get out of dodge without having to ask anyone's permission that door is open. E.g drop a few grand on a boat and sail off into the sunset. Last few years already got my motorbike and car license, so aiming to check off the next logic mode of transport. Guess after that it'll be learning to fly haha

Another benefit I can see of learning to sail is volunteering on other peoples yachts. Yacht owners always need crew, there's a big shortage. I think it'd be a cool way to skip across the Atlantic from Europe to Latin or North America, and avoid red-eye flights. It sounds like a real adventure. Also likely less bs dealing with airport security and customs.

Some time in the future it'd be amazing to buy a boat and do long travels with it. Especially during these times where travel is more difficult. I'm guessing when traveling the high seas, you could get away with a lot more than when traveling by land. Although, I've been told owning boats is a huge money and time sink for maintenance.

Does anyone here know how to sail?

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yeah there's plenty of material online. Have watched a bit of it, but plan is to head somewhere coastal and in southern hemisphere (Argentina?) this winter and just smash out some lessons. Maybe also learn to scuba dive

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On 7/18/2021 at 5:59 PM, Mickey said:

If your on a tight budget asia might be cheaper, maybe somewhere like the phillipenes, some good diving spots there too

good shout. cheers 👍

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