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Good News : Forum Is Growing And New Ventures

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Good news lads..

I said right at the beginning that I thought it would take 3 months or so until this forum hits what I call "take off velocity" - the point at which the forum won't fail completely and die.

I think we're probably at that point now, at 3 months and 4 days in.   The data point I'm gonna use is new posts.

A topic is what you're reading now.  It's otherwise known as a thread.  A NEW topic is a brand new thread that didn't exist before.

A Post is a reply to a topic.  Sometimes you get long threads / topics with tons of posts..Think of the new members inroduction with over 100 posts and you get the point.

Now look what's been happening recently with new posts: 

New posts weekly

new posts weekly.jpg

New Posts Monthly

new posts monthly.jpg

So we're not even halfway through July yet and we've already had more posts than during ALL of June.

All I can say is : keep it up!

What I'm doing: 

  • Running Google Ads to increase signups
  • Giving away the sigma male book to increase signups
  • Downloading new members frequently and emailing them (from a separate domain to avoid spam issues - I use gmail, lol) and highlighting threads that are doing well (i.e. score high on the leaderboard).

It's too early now to think about the future, but this is what I intend to do: 


  • Set up community events when I return to the UK
  • I will continue to be very active on the forum.  I actually enjoy it for the most part. 🤩


This is very important.  We've all gotta make money.  But I want this to be win / win - it's the only thing that works. So:

  • I will research what kind of products you guys like and get affiliate deals.  If I can offer you something that you would buy anyway that you like, why not buy it using a referral link from here? Makes sense to me.
  • I'll be building a new product.  It will be a longer term growth program for men over 35.  Health, mindset, dating.
  • I'm already starting to offer new training packages - see the week long training in London in September.
  • I'll be starting a new YT channel with google ads to support the new fitness / dating angle.  I am simply waiting until I am ripped enough to be credible..Yes, you are gonna see a 46 year old Steve Jabba with his kit off on Youtube. LOL! I bet you cannot wait!

So very positive news.  Please feel free to let me know what YOU want to see. 

I repeat : I want this to be win / win for everyone, and as I've said multiple times, if you want to launch some kind of product on this forum, I am all ears as long as it's good and we can have a good deal for both of us. 

Onwards and upwards.

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