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Welcome to the Sigma Male Community Forum

Become A Member Now. As A Free Sign Up Bonus I'll Give You A Copy Of The Sigma Male Book.  


(Excerpts from the book below)

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The journey to become a fully fledged Sigma Male is not easy.  If you want to travel the world, make money outside of the system and date the most attractive women in the world...

You're going to need some serious skills - which you can learn on this forum when you register FOR FREE!

You'll learn..

 Game Knowledge And Seduction Skills...

  •     So you can approach women whenever you want, start a conversation..And get her phone number - or take her on a date...Or more

 How To Make Money Outside Of The System...

  •     You cannot travel and support yourself without an income.  A Sigma Male needs to know how to survive and thrive WITHOUT a job, a boss, or a rich benefactor!

 How To Live In Foreign Countries Without A Network Of Friends, Or Company...

  •     And still thrive.  Go out and meet women alone.  Do your work. Grow your business.
  •     Plus how to build a network from scratch, FAST, wherever you happen to be.
  •     Where to find the hottest women in the world? What are the best nightspots? Busy streets? Ask a question here and find the answer.

 Keep Abreast Of All The Latest Developments Around The World

  •     Where can you travel in Corona times? What are the entry requirements? What is the actual situation on the ground?
  •     Ask our members here and get the detailed, up to date intel!

 Make A Journal Of Your Progress And Get Valuable Feedback And Encouragement 
    Only members can post and ask advice.  If you want to get fit, or get a job, or travel the world for 3 months on end, get advice and encouragement  from experienced older Sigma Males.
These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a free member here.  Sign Up Now And Start Your Sigma Journey Today! (2 minute process)

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My name is Roy alias "Jojo".

I've been living off my website for 10 years in June (created in 2011) in French and am thinking of starting from scratch with an English website
I decided to join this forum because I wanted to change my life after a break-up.

I have been following Steve for a little over a year and ordered his products because I liked his simple but not simplistic view of seduction. His method is excellent! Thanks to the knowledge he passed on in his books and trainings, I was able to regain my seduction and confidence after my breakup with my girlfriend in April 2020. I had the courage to approach and date dozens of beautiful women (in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Helskinki) to finally find my current girlfriend (since September 2020).

With this forum I have access to motivated and experienced people ready to help each other in the fields of seduction, living outside the hierarchy, health, wealth, sigma mindset, travelling in various countries...

This forum is full of friendly and incredible people with whom I could not have been in contact if Steve had not created this forum.
And since I joined the forum, I feel more confident for the success of my future projects (sentimental, expatriation, online business, sport)
I have discovered some real gems in these areas.

Steve is welcoming, shows generosity of advice and passion for his field in every post.

If I hadn't joined, I wouldn't have had the courage to follow so many sports programmes if I hadn't had encouragement from Steve and other forum members. The forum allows me to stay motivated and develop an excellent network. I also wouldn't have taken up seduction if Steve hadn't organised seduction missions on the forum.
Professionally, I wouldn't have dared to launch my project of translating my website into English and start again from 0 what I accomplished in 10 years.

I used to work in my own corner, now I know that my experience and the projects I want to do will be useful to the members and will be supported by the community

As the fight club rule is not to talk about the fight club, I keep this forum secret but people in my social circle have noticed that something has changed but don't know what exactly. They wonder where I get this goldmine of informations. 😉

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My name is Rob. The value I get off this forum is that I can reflect on my projects  in a more fun way. Even if not a lot of people look at my blogs on here, you still get some feedback and a sense of camaraderie. Writing things down (examined thought) is important in cutting down your worries, examining why you are failing, or just getting the contours of a problem more clearly outlined in your head. But doing this on a piece of paper  and sticking it in your desk draw never to been seen again is boing. Writing about your attempt to do something, and the inevitable setbacks is always slightly amusing. Doing so on this forum helps me keep moving forward on a tough project.

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My name is Mike (Mr. Frenzy)

I joined the forum to be apart of community of men who are seeking to improve their lives.  The Sigma concept has always fascinated me ever since I ran in to Steve's work a couple of years ago.  

This forum gives me to opportunity to communicate with men who are on a similar mission as me.  I am growing my own online business so I can live in different parts of the world and take my work with me.  I also learn the different perspectives from the debates that occur in controversial topics.  

I post my personal thoughts about life and business.  The Sigma Male forum is a place where I feel comfortable sharing my points of view and business experiences in efforts to learn from other peoples perspectives.  I also value that people post in a mature fashion with a hint of sarcasm.

If you are looking to improve your life as a man in any way this is the forum for you.  The Sigma Male Forum covers the core values that humans want such as Health, Wealth, and Relationship.  You can post about any roadblocks or opportunities you would like to conquer and others will be there to support you.    

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Guys can I ask you to be patient - to be frank I didn't expect this to be so popular.  We're getting new signups every 5 minutes and it's hard to keep up!

I think it's because I just put out a video about the offer on Youtube, but if that video continues to accrue views, I'll have to develop an automated solution to keep up with you guys.

Whilst your waiting to get your download link, please peruse the forum and introduce yourselves..You will get the book, don't worry, but you'll get way more out of the forum if you are active.  Introduce yourselves here and say hello!

See you on there.

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Just now, Mr soyaan said:

Book look very interesting first impressions well designed i download plan to start reading asap. Thanks 

Thanks mate.  It's just a first step but I wanted to do a giveaway to get you guys started.  I hope you enjoy it. 😉

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28 minutes ago, Rips said:

I signed up, but i didn't receive an ebook! Can i still get one?

Please read the thread - we are doing this manually and are not monitoring 24/7.  Believe it or not, we do have jobs and other commitments.

Be patient please.  

A way to get  value out of the forum is to post something, respond to other members etc.

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