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I Challenge Rollo Tomassi To A SARGE OFF!

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Rollo Tomassi has been talking for years about Red Pill stuff.  Well, I've had enough of it.  I don't believe he knows what he's talking about, and he's in no position to be advising men about women.  Thus,  It's time for a SARGE OFF, up and down Kreschatyk Street in Ukraine.


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Batman !! The hero we don't deserve but need, is ready for an epic battle against his antagonist : Rollo ("Joker" ?) Tomassi !!

I'm down! 

Maybe afterwards he'll challenge you to write a book to counterargue his... 🤔

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21 minutes ago, Jon said:

I would really enjoy watching a round-table discussion (about related topics) with you, @Steve Jabba, Rollo Tomassi and LFA.

Fuck that.  All they do is talk.  This was a semi-humourous video, but the point remains.

Why no infields? Why no proof? Why won't anyone vouch for them?

Depending on how things go, I might make this my mission.  To be frank, this industry needs cleaning up, there are far too many charlatans and clowns.  And yes, I might well have to do more infields.

It wasn't a future I envisioned for myself, making infields at 46 but if no-one else will do it, I will have to. 

Only other one who speaks out is my old mate Nick Krauser.



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Just now, Jon said:

They aren't PUAs? Or have I missed something?
As a MMA fighter, you wouldn't challenge a soccer player to a fight...

I don't read 'The Rational Male' to learn how to become more effective with getting laid – and I don't read 'Primal Seduction' to learn how to better understand and relate to / deal with women in relationships.

I am not a PUA.  Never have been.  Nor do I respect those guys who are.

Rollo et al dispsense "red pill" advice about women and dating.  They purport to know the truth about women.  They constantly waffle in negative terms about women.  Their entire shtick is predicated on shaky foundations because they themselves have largely been unsuccesful with the fairer sex and are bitter about it.  

If you want to be coached by someone, do you want someone who has had demonstrable and proven success themselves, or some overweight schlub using big words and spouting off about something they have no personal experience in?

I just went on the red pill reddit sub.  Within 5 seconds I managed to highlight this pseudo tough guy garbage - their words - on the front page of the site.

red pill.jpg

I guarantee you, if I click on "shit tests", it will be line after line of guys trying to outdo each other on clever responses to "bitches" so they they can win a battle of words and "pass the shit test".

From recollection I've written a 10 page treatise on WHY this is a failed approach - which I am not going to regurtitate now - but the point is that I can spend 3 seconds and pick out why they are wrong on basically everything they say.

Men who are successful with women do not refer to women as "bitches".  Men who are insecure little boys refer to women as "bitches"

They have no business advising on anything to do with male / female dynamics.

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Just now, Jon said:

Sorry for (kind of) hijacking this thread @Steve Jabba
Let me just end with the notes I've gathered (so far) from reading 'The Rational Male'.

If you get value from reading him, all good.  I will say I've developped a nose over the years for charlatans and bullshitters, plus I get a very strong "sense" of a person very quickly (both men and women) just by observing the way they act..I guess running around spending years trying to smash hot women gave me something.

I do not respect or rate Rollo Tomassi, or 97 % or so of other "Gurus", whether a PUA, "red pill" guy, or whatever you want to call them.  I don't need to read their stuff to know how to attract the gorgeous women that I know they cannot attract.

Not much more to say.   I understand plenty of guys read plenty of material from a diverse range of sources.  But obviously I won't allow any part of this forum to be used to subtly advertise their product (not that you are doing that, I can tell. )

It might be something I will need to address in the future.  (One way is to simply transform their name, if mentioned, to something like "Ilovegayporn", or other humourous phrase. 

You bet I looked into it. 😉


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3 minutes ago, Jon said:

It would be an honor to get a unique nickname, @Steve Jabba

You misunderstand..If we get people here who try to shill my competitors stuff - I can change the words to Ilovegayporn or whatever I want, if they mention said competitor by name / product name etc.  

It's not a groundless worry, we've already had some clueless Paki here trying to shill dodgy wigs ffs. He's now been booted and all his posts deleted. 😄



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