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What was your experience going through the rabbithole (red pill)

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How did you ended up taking the 'red pill' and the experience you went through, known mental rabbit hole of revelation? 

I wish I could relive the experience again, what an awakening. I've taken the red pill rabbit hole about 4 years ago, sometimes I look back on my 'previous  bluepilled self' and smile. Ideal beta buxx in the making, with some simping back then in highschool, those were the days...

What were your initial reactions going through the rabbit hole and how has life changed since (friends, family, work)?


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For me it's happened a number of ways. They are as followed:

AGE & EXPERIENCE: this goes without an explanation, but I'll give one: when you've dated many women, you quickly see what works and what doesn't; you realize that most advice doesn't corroborate your experience; why? Because most people talking also lack experience. There's a lot of dishonesty in the space. Age also frees you from a need for consensus: I care less and less whether people like me for my thoughts; I care more and more to remain congruent and have people like me for my honesty. Read: that doesn't mean being rude; I'm still a huge lover of empathy; it's also a Christian virtue.

PLATO & PETER KREEFT: I've already nattered on long enough about Plato; but for all the goings on about critical thinking you hear in education, there's nothing quite like the experience of reading the dialogues and seeing critical thinking firsthand. It's a fucking marvel to witness, and you realize it's exhausting as well; REAL critical thinking makes your brain hurt; it will actually make you want to run away; in Greek terms, it's called an Aporia or an impasse: this is when you cannot continue the philosophical inquiry, because one of the participants has crapped out. Peter Kreeft has helped me to see where modern thinking has gone wrong, especially with the anti-Platonism of William of Occam's nominalism, see there are no universal truths. He's presented a mind-bending, cogent defense of Platonism and Christianity. Listen to the Platonic Tradition by Peter Kreeft on Audible, a lecture series that'll show you a different perspective.

READING OLDER NOVELS or CLASSICS: Aim for novels written before post-modernism. They'll teach you to think like people before their minds were polluted with absolute rubbish. It also teaches you how to think like other people; it's a form of modelling behaviour & teaches empathy.

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I stopped being obsessed with status and acceptance and decided to focus on bettering my situation according to my parameters.  I listen more and take action with more commitment.  I am also no longer in the crazy house. 

I only "help others" if I want to, instead of for a bizarre desire for appreciation or a quid pro quo

I have better boundaries and manage my time better.  I don't watch much YouTube anymore.

I no longer blow up or lash out and work hard to never complain. Solutions based thinking for the win.

I sleep a lot better and have more energy.  I'm still a fatty but I'm experimenting deeply on how I can fix that.

I actually like the girl I'm with right now.  I tend to be a serial monagomist.  No judging people's relationship choices.  Though I will warn them if they are approaching disaster

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You said you still a fatty and you experimental deeply on how to fix that! You need stop eating junk food cut down food. Reduce your calorie intake plus join your local gym is that simple mate don't waist time experimental think to much about just do it mate. Start tomorrow Google your local gym sign up if you have same money in your account.good luck mate

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for me personally it was a kind of validation, when I watched or read the Red Pill contents. Usually when I´m on YouTube I´m striving from video to another just to find something. Well someday I found a very interesting video from a german red piller klaus thiele and I got very interested and I digged and digged and digged and well yeah just validation nothing more. 


The thing is that it´s nothing more about reality and your inborn abilites which the "Matrix" tries to unfit to you or else, and well that´s it.


The only thing what might be bad is, that you go in domming and making the blackpill (it means you remain in gynocentrism) as well as such purple pill stuff which is just money making and not letting you going free. 


I´m kinda sure that you can get those Sigma stuff, if even exists, from unplugging from the matrix which is a form of transhumanism else also gynocentrism materialism and so on and so far.

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