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What's wrong with working for an employer?

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I don't like working for other people.  I tried it for a few years; working on an IT Helpdesk, then graduating swiftly into contract work, mostly involving Service Managament (ITIL), including :

  • Optimising helpdesk efficiency
  • Incident Mangament 
  • Problem Mangagement
  • I also led the rollout of various IT support software solutions, such as Service Now and Remedy.

Now, the contract work was much better because I had more autonomy and didn't need to sit around listening to inane banter all day long, and try to get on with people I wouldn't normally associate with.

Plus I detested moving around the arse end of the UK, often ending up in some godforsaken hellhole like Fratton in Portsmouth. (Fratton is famous for the % of men (and women) with missing front teeth))...From getting smashed and brawling on a Friday / Saturday night.

I am not joking.  Most uncooth.

Here are the problems I have with working for an employer:

  • Your life is in someone else's hands
  • The commute
  • Trying to banter and get on with people I have no interest in.
  • High taxes in UK
  • Long hours
  • Having a boss

Now that remote work is becoming more of a thing, I am considering getting back into it IFF (if and only if) I am fully remote.  I'm not really in any position to bargain, except I kind of know how to make money outside the system..And there are promising signs that I'll be scaling up on new projects again soon.   Nevertheless, with the right contract, the money is tempting, I must admit..And I do need to think about my pension.  Getting older.

So there's my thoughts.  What about yours?

Do you like working for others, or do you want to get out?

If you do, why? Why do you dislike it? 

What appeals to you about working outside of the system and being your own boss?

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As a relatively young lad, who has worked 2 years in the private sector, I want to share my opinion on the whole "being an employee as a sigma male". In 12 months time I will have finalized my MSc. business administration degree. Thereafter I'll want to go straight into the labor market to earn a living, or hold off 1 more year by pursuing  a second masters from a (semi and or elite) business school.

In my humble opinion; a sigma male craves independence and given modern work environments, I don't look down on people who work as an employee. I think it really goes beyond the identification of being "a sigma male"; if I could do interesting work with like minded colleagues, I don't mind working in the corporate sphere. Intrapreneurship is a real thing, entrepreneurship is not the sole construct out there.

However! I'll always look to put my savings to work through personal wealth accumulating side activities (such as sportbetting atm) and build it up until I can retire early or pursue entrepreneurship with me carrying the financial risk/reward. It's all about accumulating money that lays out options in life.

btw... seriously is it that bad to work for an employee in your formative years? How else are you going to build capital on the side and be the captain of your own destiny in the future? I don't mind having the idea of being an employee in the next few years, but I'll be really careful for which position I'll solicit and the colleagues I'll be around with 8h's a day.


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7 minutes ago, YouSmallFish said:

I'll always look to put my savings to work through personal wealth accumulating side activities (such as sportbetting atm)

That was always my biggest failing.  Trying to make up for it now.  

Thanks for your insights man.   I'd love to get everyone posting on this thread.

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Working for others is very bad, even worse if you work solely to support yourself. You don't do it because you like it, but out of necessity. This is how it is here in my country, the so-called informal jobs.
But like one of the members named "Grumpy Dragon", he had said that 'it's okay to work for someone as long as they like it'. And I agree with him on that point.
Now, I personally don't like working for someone, I don't know the person doesn't have freedom of creation and many times the employee isn't even recognized for what he did. (I don't say all companies, but some are).
What appeals to me about working outside the system is the freedom to not depend on a boss. You be your own boss. The walk is not easy, but I believe it is rewarding.
I think that's it.

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