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What are your thoughts on taking the vaccine?

Steve Jabba

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I've always been skeptical of vaccines. This one, at this point, is obviously evil, malevolent and a product of the 'establishment' that Trump did his best to warn the normies about. 

I think people are becoming privy to to how destructive these fake vaxes are now. In fact, I was doing my daygame yesterday and one girl said she was a "pureblood". I immediately blurted good, us purebloods will eventually rule the world! I thought WTF this chick reads vox day?! . Haha no, but I'm glad the meme is spreading in other outlets too. I just pray people aren't dumb enough to take 7 of the damn things. And if they are. Fuck em

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President Macron is preparing a law to create a ministry to fight "fake news". Obviously many people are making the connection with a "ministry of truth."
At the head of this group is a sociologist accused of spreading fake news... 

It's hard not to think that Macron wants to introduce remote voting for the presidential elections of April 2022. 




For the health pass that should be lifted on November 15, the socialist party proposes a law to extend the health pass until July 2022.



"No relief until November 15. This was announced by the government spokesman at the exit of the health defense council and the council of ministers, which were held this Thursday morning. "We have requested an opinion from the scientific council that calls for some caution, because we are entering the winter period," justified Gabriel Attal, who said that on November 15, "decisions of national order or by sector" could be considered. He went on to explain that the situation in some departments had not stabilized, saying that the situation was not extremely worrying either, and therefore concluded that "the time to lift all constraints [had] not yet come".

"In addition, PCR and antigenic tests to obtain a health pass will no longer be reimbursed as of October 15, and the prices have been revealed. Antigen tests will cost 22 euros in the laboratory and 25 euros in pharmacies (30 euros on Sundays). PCR tests will cost 44 euros, and self-testing in front of a health professional will no longer be free. However, the tests will remain free for :

Minors as well as people who have just reached the age of majority and are still in high school

  • People who have been vaccinated, for whatever reason
  • People who are symptomatic with a prescription that is less than 48 hours old
  • Persons who are contacts of sick people, who have been contacted by the Health Insurance
  • People who need to present a health pass to be operated on
  • People with a contraindication to the vaccine
  • People who have performed an antigenic test and wish to have it confirmed by a PCR test within the next two days.

At the same time, the government will present a bill to the Council of Ministers on October 13 to extend the health measures, including the health pass, until the summer of 2022. The text will be debated in the National Assembly on October 19 and 20 and should be promulgated before November 15, the current date of the end of the transitional state of emergency. A preliminary draft of the law has already been sent to the Council of State."

In response, in addition to the organized demonstrations, Florian Philippot calls for the blocking of France by truck drivers on the main roads and the boycotting of places that require the health pass. 



In New Caledonia, the vaccination rate of the population is decreasing in spite of the deadline of the obligation on October 31. The population is 30% vaccinated. 
Demonstrations continue to be organized and the law of compulsory vaccination will be judged again. 



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I have found supplements to cleanse the body after a vaccine.
I haven't tried it, I don't know if it's effective but in case of forced vaccination it might be useful.

"A possible solution is to drain each vaccination with some homeopathic granules used systematically before and after.
Thuja 9CH, 5 granules in the morning and Silicea 9CH, 5 granules in the evening, should be taken the five days before and the five days after each vaccination.

For vaccines containing aluminum, a preparation can be added for two weeks before the vaccine. We will take alumina 4CH (homeopathic medicine prepared from diluted and dynamized aluminum) 5 granules in the morning and Bauxite 4CH (the aluminum ore), 5 granules in the evening, during the two weeks preceding."



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A new setback for supporters of mandatory vaccination against covid-19 in the general population, along with the 11 vaccines imposed on children born from 2018. The Senate did not adopt the bill "establishing mandatory vaccination against SARS-CoV-2". The text, tabled by members of the Socialist group at the end of August, was rejected this October 13 in public session, by 262 votes to 64. This parliamentary initiative will therefore not go any further.




There is still hope. Now the government wants to extend the health pass until July 2022. As the epidemic does not seem to be picking up, this measure might also be rejected. Let's see what happens in the coming months. 
In Estonia the cases are now checked in the cafes of the certificates by the police.


I already didn't want to go to cafes to protest against the pass, now it makes me feel even less like it.


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I guess I am fit to answer the question as I got both my vaccine jabs in the month of July 2021. I think one should get the vaccine as anyway the effect of the vaccine would wear of in 12-18 months and its just to acclimatize or make the immune system known and be prepared about the virus. Once its aware of the know-hows of dealing with the virus, our cells remember the defense and execute mechanism with any future threat. 

I was administered the Sputnik V vaccine, which I took after due consideration and for me so far the experience has been very good in the sense that I'm doing pretty normal as compared to the immediate after-effects and long term effects of the vaccine.

I'm grateful to my natural immunity, though my parents did get COVID in the month of April 2021, when India was hit by what was called the Second Wave and which by far was HELL for the nation collectively. Thanks to my survival skills and resourcefulness I was about to save my parents who otherwise would have not being alive and healthy today as both of their vitals and oxygen level were 65 and 72 respectively and also high HRCT score of 13-15 out of 25. They survived without the need of hospital assistance but my care and prudence surely did save them. You may wonder that I could be boasting but I'm just trying to put through clearly as what a Sigma Male is potentially capable of.

Signing Off.


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