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Sigma Male Misconceptions. Get The Real Information.

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With the massive uptick in interest in all things Sigma, there is a lot of misinformation being peddled about what a Sigma Male is.  Some of the people who watch / read this kind of misinformation end up here, and of that group, some get into immediate conflict with me / the community.

So, this needs to be addressed. 

Here are some common misconceptions:

1. Sigma Males don't approach women.   Hot, top tier women always come to them.

WRONG.  Here's a post about it.

This has been bandied about because it seems way cooler, right? Just sit back, eat grapes and let hot women land on your dick.  Unfortunately real life and the sexual marketplace doesn't work that way.

2. Sigma Males don't need women.  They don't care about them.  They disrespect them.

WRONG.  Guys who are great with women love them because they get the best of them.  If you leave comments on this forum like "I don't care about women, they are all hoes / whores"...It's blindingly obvious you are a bitter Gamma or Omega.  

3. Being a Sigma Male is all about being alone all the time and not speaking to other people.  Not caring what they think or, again, not needing anyone.

WRONG.  We all need people.  We all need companionship and friends.   Now there are some highly successful introverted men who are great with women, but the point is even introverts need companionship.  We still need to work together co-operatively in some ways, no matter how you construct your life situation.

Besides which, if you have literally no companionship, life is really not worth living is it?

Once again, Gammas and Omegas think like this.  Please don't come here and try to push this narrative. 

A couple of additional points:

  • The Sigma Male Test I devised is merely a method to get people who Google "Sigma Male Test" to land on this forum and get active.  It is based on principles of Sigma Male concepts, such as being successful with women, but it's main utility is just to get you involved and active in the community.
  • I did point out that it's not to be taken seriously and is a bit of gamification.  The real work starts when you join the forum and interact with others.

4. But I think I'm a Sigma Male! I think I could be great with women and get the best ones if I tried.

gamma behaviour.jpg

CLASSIC Gamma behaviour. You're buliding a Gamma delusion bubble.  Go out and test your skills. As I outline in my books - DEAL WITH REALITY CONSTANTLY.

You may find that you have waaaaaay more work to do than you thought.  In all likelihood, you probably do.  Alongside virtually every other man on the planet.

I've had to ban several members who posted long hateful diatribes about me after I point this out to them.  Gamma behaviour is a real thing (and I personally have zero tolerance for it)

If I think of any more, I'll update this thread.   Feel free to post your thoughts.

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Go on Youtube and look at some of the Sigma Male videos now..It's all ra ra ra feel good introverted male mindwank.

Why are they doing this, do you think? 

(My regret is some of them wash up here and immediately get offended when they realise you have to actually WORK AT IT and do something..).  Super hot women don't just jump onto your dick because you decide to give yourself the label "Sigma Male".

Is it just another iteration of "one weird trick", that appeals to the majority of people who are lazy and don't want to have to think for themeslves? 

A depressing state of affairs.  I guess that's why so many people lined up like sheep to take the not vax.

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