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The aesthetics that actually matter - and what you can do about them

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Here is my list of most important male aesthetics, both for dating women and life in general. The aim for this post is to be less doomer and more productive and actionable.

If you want to debate, I only have two requests. 1: be respectful. 2: only speak from actual experience, not some sort of theoretical model. For example, if you're not short, you can't argue whether it hinders success or not, because you wouldn't actually know from experience. Only those who actually lack the aesthetics listed and succeed with women anyway may argue that I'm wrong with any credibility. The exception is if you're a highly experienced dating coach and have seen first hand, repeatedly, guys lacking these features crush it anyway.

After you read this list go out, see who actually pulls, and notice the patterns for yourself.

1. Height



Height is extremely important for being respected by both men and women. Being tall makes people like you, hire you, promote you, sleep with you, let you cut in line, and the list goes on. Being very tall is like a cheat code that lets you float through life on easy mode. Being average height is fine, but being short is a crippling handicap that makes every aspect of your life harder. Life is still worth living, don't let it stop you, but cut your results with women by 75% no matter what.

Solution: Wear sneakers or oxfords with a heel in them. Quietly slip an extra insole inside - search online for "height increasing insoles" and find one that's comfortable. You can get 2-3 extra inches of respect this way.

2. Skull size

Skullmog della morte


Fewer people are aware of this one. Big heads are sexy as hell. I'm not sure if it implies high IQ (big brain), high dominance (resist KO) or both but subconsciously it makes you much more attractive if it's big. The worst thing is, it's short guys who tend to have smaller skulls (though not always), compounding their disadvantage.

Solution: Wear a trucker hat and grow a beard.

3. Bodyfat % - for face


Finally something you have much more control over. Look at the montage I made. Notice you can't see anyone's abs. But each guy looks like a completely different person regarding their face alone after they diet. This is the true reason to be lean. Some men are lucky with strong facial features so they can get away with a few extra pounds. Other guys have weak bone structure even if they are lean. Do the best you can to be low BF%, muscles or not, and you will have a much more handsome and masculine face.

Solution: I like intermittent fasting. OMAD or every other day if you have more to lose (no you won't die of starvation). Experiment and find what works for you.

4. Neck size




Here's your reward for continuing to read this far. This is easily the most important muscle in your entire body. Small neck = weak bullied cuck. Thick neck = dominant badass who steals your girl. The proof is overwhelming. This is life changing information. Research neck training, be safe, and reap massive rewards.

Solution: Neck training like any other muscle. Be careful, consult your physician, and I assume zero liability if you hurt yourself like an idiot.

5. Race


This is different depending on location and who you're trying to date. Asian and Indian men tend to have it harder with white women. A lot of my Asian friends tell me they go for Latina women. Being black probably depends on your location if it helps or hurts. Either stick to your own race or find a place where you can gain an advantage, or at least remain neutral.

Solution: Go where your race is exotic and desirable.

Now observe the BRUTALITY above. This is pretty much a combination of everything: height, skull size, facial bone structure, neck size, and race. The good news is the guy on the right can definitely still succeed with women somewhat. He needs to work out, lean out, get a cool haircut, wear a leather jacket, make money, stop smiling like a doofus, etc and he does have a chance. I don't want to be a total doomer here. But the reality is he needs to work 10x harder for a fraction of the results. The guy on the left simply wins by existing. Life isn't fair.

Honestly, guy on the right is still lucky, because he's a famous millionaire celebrity in a first world country. He could have been a poor low IQ peasant farmer. If you look like him, maybe you don't have everything he has,  but you do still have it better than others. It's all relative.


Notice I didn't cover being a male model or prettyboy. I haven't even mentioned anything about looks in a 1-10 rating sort of way. Those types of "Chad" looks are mostly required for outrageously picky western feminist women who are hollow themselves, only having their outer beauty to offer (for a little while), and are seeking the same in men. But the list in this post is universal and cannot be escaped in any culture on earth to my knowledge.

There's more to life than women. Plus there's always prostitutes. And you can still succeed somewhat. But having these aesthetics will make life much easier, with women and in general. No point in denying it, and better to maximize what you can.

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Excellent top notch post. I agree with all of it BUT I will note the importance of looks is weighted depending on where you are...And regardless, it is STILL only a PART of the overall qualities that make a man attractive. I've been through this so many times...

So I would categorise this post as thorough, accurate and useful on the subject of aesthetics alone.  But do not make the mistake of thinking that if you're average / below average "it's all over". And for Gods sake, do NOT descend into the blackpill lookism nonsense.

I will state what I've stated for years : with optimised aesthetic, great confidence, swagger, strong frame, all the qualities I talk about in my books and video series a man can hope to shoot 2 points above his SMV.  NOTE the SMV is FRACTAL and depends where you are in the world.  A male SMV of 6 in London will, on average, become an SMV of 7 or possibly 7.5 - 8 in Poland or Ukraine. 

Remember also that it is much more nuanced than you would think.  Women of Ukraine really DO value other qualities and prize them above all else.  In Portsmouth, UK, having big arms , tats , good looks will matter MUCH more than it will in Kiev, Ukraine. I have seen it countless times.

Conclusion : looksmax effectively. Read my stuff, watch my videos - that is the game / mindset / confidence aspect (plus an overview of what matters where). But understand, despite the millions or billions of words written on this subject, the sexual marketplace is complex and beyond the fundmentals of looks, your overall package matters much more in most places.

Finally - to cap it off. Most men would be MORE THAN HAPPY with a girl 2 points above their relative SMV, regardless of what they say and how they dickwave online. Remember that, and be very discerning about what you read and watch online.

I did livestreams on this - the qualities you need to attract HOT Eastern Euro / Central Euro women. I will look it up and post it on the forum. Despite the quantity of wine consumed, it's still very accurate.


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