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Found 3 results

  1. Many new members of the Sigma male community think being sigma is just a mindset. However, in order to expand yourself, us men need to behave sigma. I have been living off the grid for some while now and have recently discovered this forum. A quiet but powerful demeanor is important to all Sigma Males. Your presence should be known the second you walk into the area. Men these days like to act tough but don't back it up when the time comes. Maintaining a strong presence keeps you respected as well as an attractive appearance. Women are more likely to be attracted to the quiet strong type than loud, weak incels. For more instruction on Sigma behavior read my manual, it's all the instruction you need. Quiet Power.pdf
  2. first post being our main man Saddam "beast from the middle east" Hussein
  3. Unstoppable force pushed me to restart my road to success in day game. (I think I will make a separate thread for night game) Here's my today. Please give a warm welcome to 23yo Irene from πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ . She likes fantasy books, black Cafe and me πŸ˜‰ she plays volleyball. She's a bit taller than me. About 6 cm without heels. I give her an honest 6 on SMV scale. I sat in one of pubs for a beer after gym. After few minutes she came and gave me huge IOI. I didn't aprouch imidietly. Anxiety is always with you.. at firs I had thoughts is over. But she wasn't wearing a bra.. so naturally I was focus on her nipples. Our eyes meet again and so I asked what she is reading... it was sth In Cyrillic. After about 15min she propose to have sth to eat so I took her for one of the best burgers in Cracow. I was really tired and swetty.. and my mood wasn't great. But I've sensed that she wouldn't mind ending in my place. I kiss her goodbye, took her telegram and propose an evening date in few days. So stay tunned.
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