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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. To give a bit of background, I'm 34, born and bred Londoner living in SE London. I did my first ever cold approach in 2016 and have dabbled in approaching ever since. I've barely got any numbers, I think only one girl I dated and zero lays off daygame in London but based on my limited experience seem to be very well received in Poland. I'm probably a little bit on the autistic spectrum (Aspie), 5'10, athletic body, go to the gym 1-2x a week, keen interest in biohacking. I'm trying to focus on building a strong reality, cutting out things that are bad for me etc. I wouldn't say I've ever really had a gf but I've had short-term relationships. Ideally I would like to find a gf - I'm not just looking to dick a girl down. I've spent a lot of time on dating apps such as Hinge and while I can easily get women out on first dates, probably less than 10% want to see me a second time. I do a few occasional spontaneous approaches in London but vast majority result in blowouts. I did a couple yesterday around Oxford Street on my way to some shops and both were blowouts. The first one I swooped in a bit too much and angle was poor which may have startled her. Second girl was very polite but said she was in a rush. I probably struggle with going from comfort to attraction etc. I'm a reasonable guy, decent IQ but work a very logical, analytical job. Introvert by nature but when I go out 2+ times a week having fun socially, my social ease and skills noticeably improve. I live with my parents and rent out my flat as prefer the comfort of living in a large house in a quiet road to living in a small one bed flat by myself but have to fly the nest sooner or later, stand on my own two feet etc. I also don't drive but should get round to getting my licence soon. Other ways to increase my SMV could be improving my wardrobe which isn't bad but far from brilliant. I'll try to keep this blog going to detail my approaches. I'm looking to be creative in when and where I approach and not just pound the over-worn streets e.g. will try Kings Cross, Westfields, Fulham (Russians), Ealing (Polish), Chelsea (fit birds), Croydon (local charm) and also coffee shops, libraries and attending evening networking/drinks events, Meetup Groups etc. If anyone is in London and serious about improving, then PM me and we can go out and tell girls they look French together 😉 Thanks for reading Mark
  2. This is going to be my journal for an upcoming trip to Barcelona. The last journal I did was for 7 days in Madrid. This trip will be longer, probably 10-14 days, so looking to at least double my approach count. The plan is pretty simple really. In the mornings go to cafes to work and do casual approaches if nice girls area around. The rest of the day will be tourist stuff + approaching, gym and some Spanish study. I'll be aiming to approach lots in the first week in order to drum up leads. Probably aim for 10 sets a day for the first 7 days including 2 or 3 warmups. I'll let this post sit and wait until the trip commences, getting excited for it 😎
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