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  1. To give a bit of background, I'm 34, born and bred Londoner living in SE London. I did my first ever cold approach in 2016 and have dabbled in approaching ever since. I've barely got any numbers, I think only one girl I dated and zero lays off daygame in London but based on my limited experience seem to be very well received in Poland. I'm probably a little bit on the autistic spectrum (Aspie), 5'10, athletic body, go to the gym 1-2x a week, keen interest in biohacking. I'm trying to focus on building a strong reality, cutting out things that are bad for me etc. I wouldn't say I've ever really had a gf but I've had short-term relationships. Ideally I would like to find a gf - I'm not just looking to dick a girl down. I've spent a lot of time on dating apps such as Hinge and while I can easily get women out on first dates, probably less than 10% want to see me a second time. I do a few occasional spontaneous approaches in London but vast majority result in blowouts. I did a couple yesterday around Oxford Street on my way to some shops and both were blowouts. The first one I swooped in a bit too much and angle was poor which may have startled her. Second girl was very polite but said she was in a rush. I probably struggle with going from comfort to attraction etc. I'm a reasonable guy, decent IQ but work a very logical, analytical job. Introvert by nature but when I go out 2+ times a week having fun socially, my social ease and skills noticeably improve. I live with my parents and rent out my flat as prefer the comfort of living in a large house in a quiet road to living in a small one bed flat by myself but have to fly the nest sooner or later, stand on my own two feet etc. I also don't drive but should get round to getting my licence soon. Other ways to increase my SMV could be improving my wardrobe which isn't bad but far from brilliant. I'll try to keep this blog going to detail my approaches. I'm looking to be creative in when and where I approach and not just pound the over-worn streets e.g. will try Kings Cross, Westfields, Fulham (Russians), Ealing (Polish), Chelsea (fit birds), Croydon (local charm) and also coffee shops, libraries and attending evening networking/drinks events, Meetup Groups etc. If anyone is in London and serious about improving, then PM me and we can go out and tell girls they look French together 😉 Thanks for reading Mark
  2. I'm opening this journal which will be a mix between dating anecdotes and reflections on dating. I am not a "pick up artist" but rather an "artist who picks up". Very shy guy who is into drawing, I started in 2006 in the city of Toulouse in France. I joined a club in 2008/2009 ("Toulouse Gentlemen Club" if I remember the name well). In my life I followed 2 daygame coaching and several seminar about women psychology. My goal was not to accumulate conquests (even if with time this number has grown) but to find a girlfriend anywhere and in the countries where I choose to live and be able to handle a break up. I haven't yet integrated Steve's method that I've known for only 2 years so I still use the method I've been practicing all these years and that is based on routines and the indirect approach. I hope my posts will help people on this forum.
  3. Unstoppable force pushed me to restart my road to success in day game. (I think I will make a separate thread for night game) Here's my today. Please give a warm welcome to 23yo Irene from 🇺🇦 . She likes fantasy books, black Cafe and me 😉 she plays volleyball. She's a bit taller than me. About 6 cm without heels. I give her an honest 6 on SMV scale. I sat in one of pubs for a beer after gym. After few minutes she came and gave me huge IOI. I didn't aprouch imidietly. Anxiety is always with you.. at firs I had thoughts is over. But she wasn't wearing a bra.. so naturally I was focus on her nipples. Our eyes meet again and so I asked what she is reading... it was sth In Cyrillic. After about 15min she propose to have sth to eat so I took her for one of the best burgers in Cracow. I was really tired and swetty.. and my mood wasn't great. But I've sensed that she wouldn't mind ending in my place. I kiss her goodbye, took her telegram and propose an evening date in few days. So stay tunned.
  4. Country: Poland City: Cracow Level Of Coronavirus Restrictions: 6/10 (from May 15th bars are open again) Mask Wearing In Street? YES, but no one will give a fuck if you don't want to Mask Wearing in Shops: YES, and they will give you a hint to put a mask when you enter General "feeling" - Poles slightly more fearful than I was expecting. Natural hospitality is decreased. Bars / Restaurants Open? 50/50 Day game Possible: Yes. Admin Note : @Jason Harimauis now offering bootcamps in Krakow. Check it out here: Cracow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It was originally Polish capital for quite a few centuries. Also one of the oldest Universities is placed right here. Due to its multicultural history it has a tourist rate at 10 million a year. You can find very attractive girls from the whole of Poland, and also many young tourists. * FROM MAY 15Th Polish government had loosened some restrictions * Hotness of Women: 8/10 Difficulty of Approach: 7.5/10 City Liveability: 8/10 Nightlife: 9/10 Overall Rating: 8.1/10 Best Approach: Daytime / Bars / Concerts / Student Parties / Everywhere Cracow isn’t a big City therefore its perfect for long day game sessions. But let’s be clear it is the number one nightlife City in Poland. I must say it is very safe City. Of course there are some areas when I wouldn’t recommend going. Gangs from the major Cracow football clubs have an agreement so the nightlife is safe. There is some pick pocketing in buses and trams but this is being monitored, so it's decreasing. There are some obvious spots when you can always find lots of people to meet. Most crowded places are: Main Market Square, Plenty, Galleria Krakowska and Railway Station Main Market is good for day game and night game. You can almost always find people here. During summer this is the most visited place for travellers. I personally like to walk from Railway Station which is kind of combined with shopping mall Galleria Krakowska. Sometimes you can spot some cringe day gamer or to here… lots of fun. I live near so it is almost my daily route. You can walk across or around the plants. The route will finally get you to…. Vistula River banks near to the Pawel Castel This is the number one destination for Carolinas weekend walks. You can enjoy nice view of the Castle and there is 5 -10 min walk to other cool spots. Main place here is Forum Przestrzenie - which is a trendy place for few years now. It is very cool place to drink beer during the day, but it's also cool place for night game. https://www.facebook.com/forumprzestrzenie/ From there you can chose your path to Planty, Kazimierz (Old Jewish District) or Podgórze . Planty Is a boarwalk around one of the biggest meadow in the city. This is best place to take your in-line skates and pretend that you cannot skate and ask for some help one of the great looking girls whitch love to skate round here. But watch out – you're not the first one who know that method… Some polish cringy sport guys with zero night game know exactly that Blonia is the place to meet hot girls… You have also some FoodTrack spots around so you can pick a girl on an instant date here. If you have dog hire – you know what to do with it J Błonia separets to Hostlite Sport Teams Statiums Wisla and Cracovia so its not the best place to be here before and after the football match. Any other time it's super safe. Here You have some pics of it https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/błonia/ Kazimierz This is the best place for night life – very small square area of Plac Nowy with rounded famous casserole gastronomy is the best place to meet people. .. By the way I don’t recommend to eat that casserole’s much – they're made for tourist and often you will have some nausea after. I do strongly recommend instead to eat from foodtracs. You can pick a least 4 spots of foodtrack places on the Kazimierz . The Clubs here are small and Crowded. Most people like to sit, drink, and chat, but there are some of the best dancefloors here too. I must mention Alchemia, Singer, Taawa, as the oldest – but competition is only growing…. Hevre for e.g whichused to be a beautiful synagogue. Some good multitaps, beer houses and lot’s of more. Grab and watch for yourself: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/placnowy/ This night scene exploded so much that Cracow have grown to one of the sex travel destination. We don’t have here Red Light district so the sex clubs are scattered all over OldTown and Kazimierz… I don’t recommend to visit them at all. This business is all designed to scam you out of money. Where To Stay In Cracow, Poland Thera are AirBNB’s and hotels all over Cracow. I strongly not recommend this very close to the Center due to the prices. But most western guys can afford that luxury so it’s up to you. 30 euro per night it a fair price. Most AirBNB are small but with quite good interior. Keep in mind that Cracow is an old city so some tenementt houses are in bad shape inside, but flats should be clean. Transportation Cracow dosen’t have a metro, but it’s not a problem at all. Public transport is good and clean. Buses and Trams are almost all new. You have at least 3 private companies Uber, Bolt, My Taxi - drivers are the same, they just switch applications J. You must be ready that most of them are Ukranian. Taxis are good too, but mostly driven by old Polish guys who know city well, but they don’t know English… so they might appear grumpy. They’re not… they like to talk a lot – at least with me. Of course there are lots of CityBikes, e-Skuters and Lime Skuters… so pick what you like.. For me the best is to walk almost every where .. I pick a Taxi as a return from night game, when I’m drunk or in a hurry. Taxi during the rush hours its not the best option. Way faster you will get to your point of destiny by public transport or bike…. How To Meet Women In Cracow, Poland Polish girls really visibly give +1 for foreginers. But they have a sense for weirdos.. Polish guys are not so good, so you don’t have a real competition here… just watch out for White Knights. I do recommend to take long walks all over around, take some cafe, eat some, and talk to girls selling you this… Where to meet women in the daytime? This is the worst section for me to describe. I’m doing this almost anywhere I go. I live here and not going anywhere soon. Though it;s not recommend to stick to very popular places… just past them across, get familiar with them. Cracow has a ZOO which is also very crowded during summer.. Lots of museums and other typical tourist attractions.. Nightlife In Cracow The best place was Dolne Młyny – but they shut it down recently… At the and of its life it was pretty run by PUA morons… Here, have a glance https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/dolnemlyny/ Last year COVID-19 situation change a bit in a night sceen… but there will be opening soon and I hope it will be a bit similar, https://www.facebook.com/hypeparkkrakow We will see.. I will write more when I try it… The best thing ist that Cracow is relatively small City and pubs and bars are everywhere.. there is no problem that you will get caught in one place and have to drive far to another. You can easily take each beer in different bar in different quarter of the city… P.S. You can always direct message me if you want some more information, I’m also quite open to give you a free tour if you want to come here…
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