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  1. Just try lifting every day. You will quickly see for yourself. For me I can only do 2-3 days in a row then need a day off to recover. You can feel it, your body will tell you when you need to rest. The thing that worries me about your question op is that you have short term thinking. If you plan on being in shape for many years/decades then you need to 1) experiment for yourself and 2) not be so overzealous with lifting every single day - how long is that sustainable? Think of lifting like brushing your teeth. If you want to get laid throughout life then you will need to do both, period, and never stop.
  2. The personality defects of American feminists have grown logarithmically over the past 5 years or so. It's gotten so bad here the juice isn't even worth the squeeze - better to meet women from doing hobbies and social events than even bother going out. They're so unpleasant you can't even talk to them for 10 seconds without being disgusted. I've been thinking about when exactly American women became so turbo-feminist and intolerable, trying to pinpoint the cause. I'm probably not the first one to come up with this, but here's my sociological theory: the internet. Around 2015 or so, young adults were getting pretty much all of their information from the internet. Several extreme left wing media companies rose up during this time. The articles they produced were usually in a list format (e.g., 8 reasons why _____). It was essentially tabloid trash to sell your eyeballs to advertisers. However, they were run out of New York and California. The writers were the most extreme far-left people you could imagine: every male was a homosexual and every female identified as a radical extremist feminist. These were the cracked.com, jezebel.com, and other sites we know and hate. Back in those days, people would post a funny article on facebook and others would click, read, and comment on it ("OMG I totally agree with #3! LOL"). But the funny articles were a gateway to extreme radical feminism. These leftist trash rags would all link to each other as a sort of social conditioning cartel, and links would be shared and upvoted everywhere. The me too movement also happened around this time. Further compounding this propaganda was the invention of Tinder, Instagram, and other sources of self esteem inflationary forces, where simps would shower sluts with unlimited attention on every fake edited picture for absolutely nothing in return. In conclusion, I think that feminism * internet = awful women. At first I had it feminism + internet, but it's really multiplicative, if not exponential.
  3. I hear alligator tastes like chicken.
  4. As sigma males, here are some of the unpleasant groups we're likely to encounter, depending on where you go. Bangkok: gross, pot-bellied 60-year-olds bringing 24-year-old farm girls back to their hotels SEA: obnoxious Australian travelers who stay up until 4am, drinking till they puke and generally being loud as fuck SEA: Aggressive salesmen, generally Indian, trying to sell you sunglasses, suits, watches, viagra, or a jet ski experience, refusing to take no for an answer and following you around for several blocks Philippines: Kids running up and trying to put their hands in your pockets; their parents are watching the whole time with approval and encouragement Eastern Europe: Gypsies who will scam you, pickpocket you, possibly even stab you to get at your wallet or phone Central Europe: Obnoxious British stag party idiots Western Europe: Migrants, illegals, welfare street trash, especially from Middle East and Africa Any other places with particular groups to avoid?
  5. Yeah this is terrifying. Maybe if it comes to it you could wait as long as possible and then get a more normal vaccine rather than the Frankenstein DNA-changing one. I think maybe Russia's Sputnik vaccine is a traditional one? That might be the most straightforward option as I'm not against vaccines in general, for measles, polio, etc, just unnecessary ones or especially non-traditional experimental gene-editing therapies.
  6. Sir John Glubb was a warrior/scholar hybrid similar to General Patton. He absolutely nailed it. I've read both his minibooks multiple times and each time learned something new. We're at the end of an empire now with pretty much all the warning signs he identified. What happens next is unpredictable. There are multiple possibilities such as being conquered by a new empire, balkanization, dark ages, or a second round reboot (e.g., the Roman Republic becoming the Roman Empire). Buckle the fuck up.
  7. I suspect the whole PUA scene is massively overrepresented with introverts but especially NT types - men thinking in solitude using logic to figure out how to achieve their goals. While most instructors are probably more extroverted, as it would be one hell of a shitty job in you were an introvert. We want to get laid/start a relationship as efficiently as possible, meaning minimum energy spent socializing.
  8. What if you're not Turkish, or remotely resembling one. Wouldn't it help set you apart? Is there another alternative or is Kiev the only good option? Oh just thought of one more benefit for a tier 2 city - less likely to be invaded and bombed.
  9. I wonder if Odessa would be better due to the fewer number of foreigners there. Also cheaper COL. I like tier 2 cities due to a typically more laid back atmosphere but still having mostly the same amenities available.
  10. Much appreciate these posts. City guides were my favorite part of Roosh's forum and one of the best things on the internet ever. Anyway I completely agree with your post. I was in Bangkok right before Covid in late 2019 and hated it. Way overrated. Let uninformed masses go there and waste their money on tourism - your time and money are better spent in other places.
  11. Oh I see. So you're the one giving her an IOI. And if she likes you then she gives one back, such as laughing, eye contact, asking for clarification, etc. This seems like a great balance between direct and indirect game. Sure you can still get blown out but it's more socially calibrated. Actually it would likely demonstrate very high social skills. As well as masculinity. Thanks for the preview vids. You clearly have a deep insight into all this.
  12. As I hit my targets from saving and investing I'm going to put it into rental properties around the world and hire management companies. This will give me permanent residence in multiple countries while providing passive income. The plan is to have multiple options on where I can stay long term, as well as be able to retire or keep working if I choose. Or perhaps go back to school to study something new and keep my mind sharp. Actually I should make a post about this.
  13. Maybe I'll buy his book, but his youtube videos are intolerable. The signal to noise ratio is pathetic. I can't stand when people talk around a subject for hours without actually answering the question. My time is far more valuable. Thanks for the help.
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