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  1. Haha sadly the White Russians have become a bit of a problem. The proppies have been all positive. 😅
  2. You need a portfolio to make real money but you can get paid while you build a portfolio. Just go on Upwork and bid on a few cheap $100 jobs. It will get you used to writing professionally and dealing with clients, and you'll build a portfolio in the process. Make sure you get good reviews, then pay for the premium version of Upwork to hide how much you earned from those jobs. I did this for a few months in 2018 while I was still running my old business. By the end of the year I upped my rates such that I made an extra $15k in addition to my business income, and later transitioned to doing it full-time. To be honest I found writing copy to be a grind though, and switched to marketing strategy and SEO.
  3. I've been in Belgrade for the past month after spending more than a year in Ukraine, mostly in Kyiv and Kharkiv. The Pros I will say that Belgrade has probably the hottest women on average of any city I've been to. Way hotter than Kyiv. Ukraine has many pretty women, and Kyiv has a much better ratio of women to men than Belgrade, but many Ukrainian women who look great from afar actually have serious flaws -- bad skin, thinning hair, dental problems -- once you get up close. It's not that Serbia is a much richer country than Ukraine, but for whatever reason there are fewer poverty-related physical flaws here. The average woman has flawless skin. The overall vibe of the city is also quite chill. There is a laid-back pace of life, and Serbian culture is organized around socializing in groups at bars, clubs, and restaurants. Girls here are a little bit less shy and prude on average than in Ukraine. The level of English is on par with Poland -- any girl young enough to be attractive is likely to be almost fluent. The Cons Belgrade does not have the highly-favorable gender ratio of Kyiv or New York City. There are almost as many men as women. Serbs also suffer from a bit of cultural narcissism, due to leftover nationalist fervor from the Yugoslav Wars and bitterness about the NATO bombings. So, if you're from the West, it's not going to help you in most cases. In Poland or Ukraine, when I say I'm from New York, I get bambi eyes ad intense interest, and even girls who have no romanic interest in me want to chat. Guys who overhear me speaking in English want to come into my set, not to steal the girl, but to meet the interesting foreigner. In Belgrade, no one cares at all. Being a foreigner is in most cases a negative. Also, the best cities for game are large, transient cities with a lot of people who have uprooted themselves and moved across the country or the world, and thus lack a firm social circle. New York, London, but also Kyiv, Warsaw, and probably Moscow and St. Petersburg meet that description. While people do move to Belgrade from across Serbia, the country only has 7 million people, and of the people who can afford to go out and hang around the city center -- you're dealing with a very small population size. And most of those people have an established group of friends. Approaching during the day can be a bit taxing. Even off IOIs, there is quite a high failure rate because many girls are not open to meeting a non-Serb due to their nationalist attitude. That said, the language barrier is never really an issue. Also, Serbian men get more pissed off about guys approaching their girlfriends than any country I've been to in Europe. I backed off in each case but they are not laid back about it at all. Approaching at night is much easier going due to the Balkan approach to partying. However, because most people go out in mixed-gender groups, it is rather difficult to do a same-night extraction, and the way most people date here is basically by orbiting girls in mixed groups for months, so girls are pretty resistant to going on 1:1 dates. I spent a lot of time going to after-parties until 8 am where the group of Serbs accepted me and the girl liked me, but there was no way to viably extract the girl. In general, these girls continued to correspond with me by text or IG -- it's not like the USA where they just ghosted me afterwards -- but it was rather hard to get them on a 1:1 date. They just kept inviting me to hang out with their groups of friends. Those friends were generally quite friendly and cool to me but this approach to socializing makes getting to sex a lot slower. Conclusion I wouldn't rule Belgrade out if you're thirsty for the absolute hottest girls, and if you are willing to to invest a lot of time. From my experience, this is not like the FSU where girls are looking to go on 1:1 dates with mysterious foreigners. Most of them don't want to hook up with foreigners at all, and even the ones that do will want to hang out in groups in most cases. The exception is more "misfit" type girls who view themselves as rebels and want to behave more like Westerners. I had some success with this type of girl, and they're pretty easy to find by going to techno clubs or hanging out in the more hipster districts. But if you want to hook up with hipsters or misfits, there are way more of them in big Western cities or in Ukraine, so I am not sure why you'd come to Belgrade to do that. Overall kind of a bust although I do kind of appreciate the Balkan style of socializing. They're willing to just shoot the shit for hours and it feels quite warm. It just also happens to get in the way of dating according to the Western paradigm. I'm kind of surprised some community guys like Belgrade so much, although I guess I can see it because on average the girls are really hot.
  4. Hey, I'm a thirty-two year-old American living in Europe. I'm currently in Belgrade but am mostly based in Kyiv. I found out about Steve years ago -- probably from Krauser -- when his old site was still up. I currently work remotely for a tech company, but I ran my own company for several years in my twenties and am slowly transitioning back into doing my own thing (I'm a bit hesitant as I have some PTSD from hanging on too long after the business model stopped working). Anyway, I like Steve's approach because there's really no B.S. Most of what's taught in what's left of the community was developed because it looks good on camera or appeals to frustrated guys' narcissistic fantasies.
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