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  1. Interesting side effects from tungat ali and fadogia after 4 days use: My appetite is much higher. And consuming any type of calories feels really good. Not in like a post ice cream binge sugar rush way, but in like a deep satiated way. Almost like your body is trying to utilize every bit of the nutrient. Also my digestion is working much better too. My poo is spot on. Sleep and recovery are better. Nagging pains and aches feel like my body are finally addressing them. Hard to describe. But you know when you get an injury and can feel it's kinda hot and throbbing. You can feel the fluids getting to it, like your body is focusing its energy on it and day by day starts to feel better. Well I've been feeling that the past couple days on my trouble spots subtly but constantly.. Finally did sprints yesterday and it felt just plain good. I'm waiting to see if there is any drawbacks because a general rule of thumb with any substance is "there is no such thing as a biological free lunch"
  2. I'm doused in pussy repellent today. Can't get any lower than this. Only up from here
  3. 10 failed forced iois in a row. But I'm out trying and all the other guys are faggots playing too cool for school game. So fuck it. 2 beach approaches. Off mild ioi's that I tried to force by finding a girl I liked, sitting in eye shot and slow scanning until I caught eyes with her. I like the "I'm pretty sure we just had a moment just now" take it from there. Both approaches liked the open, but were a no. Not really feeling momentum building today.. grinding it is. Need to slow down my speech and speak more from my core on the next approaches. I'll try to get a few more done, sun's out.
  4. Exactly. Cool to hear you noticing them too. Sounds like you and I got our "code yellow" down. For me, it's developing the approach off of them which is the sticking point. We need to giddy up, get in there the moment we see them to work in the reference experiences. At the moment I feel like a bull in a China shop. But yeah it'd be cool to hear how you capitalize on your your ioi's as well. Rising water lifts all boats! 😉
  5. Ah man ya know,.. I've tried maca and for me it just makes me feel like shit. I've tried multiple times and every time the same.. unfortunately. But I have been experimenting with some fadogia agrestis and tungat ali suggested in the podcast. And the effects are very strong. It feels very calm but extremely aggressive. Like you could rip your enemies heads off at a moments notice. I'm getting more iois ive noticed from girls too because I can't hide that feeling. It's written all over. I think all guys have felt that from time to time as to different degrees just naturally. Literally this morning though as I'm checking out, this low 6 (bless her) I always see at the grocery store self check out, propositioned me. Comes up very close, horny eyes says staring says"did you find everything OK? Good, let me know if you need any help with that.... if you need any help with that let me know.. [turns to walk away, then turns back, stares] if you need any help with that let me know..." I had 1 little bottle of goat milk hahaha. As I left I had to smile at her in acknowledgement and appreciation. You should have seen her face, she was scratching her neck and staring with sideways knowing eyes at me as I left. I don't know but there is something to be said about being the most aggressive man in the room. It has to be real. It's almost like you are fighting to contain it rather than purposefully exuding it. That's what has power.
  6. It's Saturday morning. The waves are huge at the beach and I spot this hotty standing by a railing looking receptive to an approach. I was about to go get her when this surfer guy that was looks matched walks up to her. He has good eye contact and posture. Says literally 10 words. She looked away for a second like she was considering a proposition and her body jolted with a yes as she lept off the railing. The guy led her to his car and they took off. The interaction was literally 25seconds max. He wasn't a daygamer. Just a guy with intent and not afraid to show it.. Sex really is everywhere, remember that
  7. 3 Approaches. Indoors. 1.5 glasses of wine. Post workout pump. Look: casual with an edge badass black jacket wind breaker material but gold zipper and patch on the front, 2 bracelets left wrist. drop neck shirt extra long ( love the extra long shirt style) and high end dark Grey sweat pants with some designs on them, height increasing chuck Taylor's. Fresh haircut. Beard. Retinol making my kin delicious. Tried to get audio but I accidentally overwrote the only sets I did. Fuck. Oh well, I'll get more First set: tall blonde with thick fit thighs nice juicy ass and long hair. Hit and run to get the juices flowing. Told her she looked great. I was surprised to hear my voice sound stifled.... Took me off guard so When she looked at me kinda confused I spoke up again and focused on good eye contact and just told her matter of factly she looked good. She lit up. Loved it. And held smiling eye contact & ejected Second set: short white chick. Big light brown eyes, long gold brown hair. One piece dress plain but with thin fabric so I could see her thong outline and curves. Lovely. Tried to force ioi a little bit as she walked by.. I gestured with my body that I notice her and eye fucked her a little from an angle she could see me from the corner of her eye. She stopped walking, turned to look at an item so I got in there. I told her I thought she looked cute. Then I felt my eyes go dominant, felt horny as I told her she looked like she was in her pajamas (she obviously wasnt) she started to respond and started busting up laughing out of nowhere. Hind brain recognizing my frame push??. She kinda tried to turn away and hint that it was a no go, but the energy was good. I plowed. she said the whole gotta boyfriend thing and I ejected very abruptly. Kina funny thinkinback on it. Reminded me of this Third set: state was rising, felt horny and playful. You know when you can feel your eyes projecting your good state and also when you are more bold in your ioi forcing naturally. It's like a 'man vibe' Lazer beam shooting out from your body but especally eyes. I think you have to earn Man Vibe by doing your sets and having the right mindset at the beginning of the sesh ( and good volume of hot girls) Anyway this one was young and very hot. I layed it on as she past. She immediately stoppedin a close by isle. When I rolled up, she seemed timid and shy but with a bit of an 'this guy is probably gonna be cringy' attitude in her eyes. I told her she looked cute but I forced a sincere plus playful vibe on her. ( I think my polarizing outfit or my age might have been a bit too much) she did I'm in relationship spiel. I stole Steve's little 'you sure you gotta boyfriend' quip. Interestingly I think she really appreciated my effort after the the quip and thanked me for approaching as I walked away. That's always a win in my book. That got me thinkin, if my look is on point, I wonder if girls are intimidated and feel like they'd just be cock fodder. But when you really try, put your balls on the chopping block and are genuine, it sets you apart and makes them feel wanted and desired. It is also grounding the set by just being frank and open. It's like hey I want you so bad I'd like to really make sure before I leave that it's a no go. Then saying ok take it easy, smiling as you leave. Like no biggie. No pressure. This is natural. It brightens up everyone's day. I'm really doing the lords work hahaha 😀😀😇
  8. Thanks Steve. It feels good to have a place to be able to voice my real feelings about this. But yeah it won't be what I heavily focus on either. I mean just saying it here and you saying that it feels like an enormous weight has been lifted off my chest. Winter is coming
  9. I'm a big fan of momentum and keeping your mind primed for daygame or game in general. (code yellow) everywhere I'm out I'm trying to be attuned to social dynamics, forcing iois and noticing them as well, no slacking. For the past week I have done at least one approach a day. Most of them have been cold approaches on girls I've liked and stirred me. No numbers. It's getting cold here so a lot of people are in groups or 2 sets or with their new couplings. I don't do these sets in daygame unless she's hot and they both look cool, the ioi is strong and my vibe is on. It's like the stars aligning. This is very limiting. Rarely are girls out (especially on the weekend) alone in a beach town and popular tourist destination. When alone they rarely ioi or respond to a forced iois from me, unless they're European, interestingly. God I love Euro girls, so refreshing... aah... ...anyways! Maybe I'm a bit of a masochist but I love getting rejected when I put my balls on the line. It's like a part of me knows that it's what I need to be doing and that it's my role as a man. This is sometimes not good because I will take a maybe girl, whom requires some tight game, and I'll knowingly overescilate to a Blowout. For funzies. Hmm come to think of it, that might just be a weasel... I know I'm moving in the right game direction when I have this 6th sense awareness and love for Correct game. This weasel might come from apathy. I dunno. But it's kinda new Maybe it is because recently I've found a lot of cute girls, my type and good match for me, dating and getting pulled by black guys. This is a recent thing for this area. And it bothers me. I didn't grow up around a single black person. Like at all. I grew up in an all white farming community. I feel this 'good job mate' when I see any white guy with a cute girl or even fast pulling a white girl. It's just like ok cool... my turn! But when I see a black guy doing the same I feel something visceral and nasty come over me. Like it's incorrect. Then I have a hard time looking at the cute white girls in the area the same way to be honest especially when suddenly a ton of black dudes are running around this community and the cute ones (even some stunningly hot ones) not all, but a significant proportion are gunning for them. I feel like the place is burned. Propaganda has been established and its all fucked. That's thought behind the feeling, which is anger and disgust. I'm really trying to not black pill (heh) here but thats what I've observed and that's how I feel about it at the moment. Maybe I can come up with a way to filter out coal burners somehow. My ping range is good enough that I can burn a few sets experimenting with ways to inject that to find a solution. We'll see. Anyway, I can tell all of this is fucking up my sets this past week. My vibe is sour and I'm trying to fake a good one. No bueno. Even off ioi's, it's like yay to eew in 10 seconds flat. Not normal for me. I think Alomongerpete asked why I don't move after I observed the ratios where I'm at in another post. Maybe he's right. I may give a new area a whirrl. maybe it's sour grapes cause I've been hitting the same couple of spots here for years plus I've been out relentlessly and obsessively daygaming. Either way it'd be cool to do a Sigma Lite Mission ™️ Got my recorder though. I'll try to capture some audios for this next run. So stoked!
  10. Yeah for sure. I'm piecing it up cause it is long.. but I'll share my notes when I finish the beast
  11. Yeah I have that derminator.com one . But I feel you on the apathy and laziness with it. I was enthusiastic about it during that recovery period, but only then. The gains are small and it is painful so it takes a lot of convincing yourself to stick with it you know. I do 1.25mm and and just get it over with. The temples make me wanna cry like a lil bish but every other part of my head it feels good weirdly. Theres slight bleeding, way less than Derek portrays in his thumbnails lol 😂 I'm sure you know. Maybe 1.5 would open a spigot though??... idunno. I'll gladly let you report your findings on that (; I'm not sure there isn't any significance but I swear lifting heavy, the type where you feel like you're gonna pop a forehead vein (big belly breath in, heavy squats are best) and then sauna afterward kept my hairline good. The moment the gyms shut down I stopped lifting and sauna'ing, I started shedding more. And had to start up the hairloss protocol more frequently.. Completely anecdotal but yeah
  12. Yeah bro, about a year or two back when I was 31 I started to shed aggressively. Luckily I found the 3 things that actually worked for me. 1. Derminator. This is a professional grade machine that uses tiny needles with millimeter selection for preferred depth. It has 3 speed settings. Slow. Medium and insanely fast please make it stop. 2. Nizerol. Or any shampoo, or any shampoo containing ketoconazole that blocks miniaturization via DHT. 3. 5% Minoxidil. Shit works. Luckily enough I haven't noticed any weird systemic side effects. Other than increased eye brow and facial hair production and my forehead skin looks dry but isnt. Now, I've used all 3 religiously had good results. Limited shedding to almost nothing and filled in the thinning spots. Now I only do derminator once a week and DHT shampoo every other day, only because Minoxidil is annoying as fuck, greasy. Here's the video that turned me onto that protocol https://youtu.be/uZyioqIdlU4 https://youtu.be/S7otP3lrp2M
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