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  1. I forgot something: Don't be the No pain No gain person because with that you just get injury and etc., try to be the: Work smart, Be strong.
  2. As a male, who failed alot, I can releate that sometimes it's hard to not give up, but be positive about it. For example: If you're working out, you're fitter than the people's 99% in the Earth. It can give you a huge boost to continue your grind and as a Sigma, it's really important. If you goes to gym and you don't like it, maybe that's the problem, try then the bodyweight workout(calisthenics), I have more interest about it than the weights (I don't say weights are not useful or something, I just more like the bodyweight exercises), because I don't like go to gym, I like to workout alone, or if you like the weights but don't want to go to the gym, then buy weights for home. I started working out again, and if you want to ask me something go ahead. (I am skinny, but it does not mean i can't do a few things about the workout 😄 ). Hope I could help to you.
  3. Hello guys! My name is Thomas Taylor, a young male, who live in the Europe. I found this website by a google search, because I looked for a Sigma male test. I literally had just one girlfriend but she left me after a few weeks we met. I dropped out from school and the people said I will be nothing. After that my depression started to snowballing to that point when I almost killed myself. I failed everytime when I started something, I still have not enough confidence for many things, but from now I want a big change, I want to be strong, be confident and make money from what I love. It is an honour to be here, thanks if you read it.
  4. Same goes for me Here is why: -Governments act strange -I am 100% sure that they didn't get vaccine (maybe a fake one to promote it) -If someone had problems in the past but gets the vaccine, his funeral goes soon -If you are healthy you don't need it, because thats the reason human's immune system is made, to fight against viruses -People think they are healthy because they got the vaccine, but it's not true, if you lived an unhealthy lifestyle you will have bigger chance to die than someone who is healthy but didn't get the vaccine -My parents got a type of a vaccine because they had to do it if they wanted to keep their job (government is fair...really), but they got sick (also in that moment my friend has headache and etc too) These are my reasons why I don't want to get any type of vaccine. I will not flame anybody if they took, but don't try to act like smart when you don't know what chemical substances you have in your body.
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