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  1. Excellent advice. I especially like the part about approaching with the belief that they are already attracted to you. feel like this is one of the subtle things that is often overlooked in most PUA advice. In my experience, the thoughts you hold in your head at any moment will have a strong effect on the way others perceive you; this is especial true of women, who seem to be more sensitive to this kind of thing. Plan on digging into secret society; sure I'll find loads of applicable stuff to make use of.
  2. I'm in a little of a bind right now Covid restrictions make me hesitant to begin approaching. the town I live in is quite small, with not much foot traffic; which is not ideal. On the upside it has two universities which means the ratio of 18-20something women is high. Seen fair amount of hot girls in local parks and small businesses. My problem is most of my approaches at this time would by necessity be indoors; and the area is currently under an indoor mask mandate. As a total beginner, approaching under normal conditions would be stressful enough; But approaching masked up women? I dunno man, might try to weather the storm a bit; work on more subtle aspects of game first, like eye contact, posture, mindset ..ect. there's no guarantee things return to normal within a reasonable time, so I may just end up saying "fuck it" and go for it anyways. Curious If anyone here has experience approaching masked up girls. Is it worth? What's the best way to go about it?
  3. Much appreciated. Although I don't think a little ribbing is a bad thing. I often like to point out the absurd situations I find myself in, and the retarded things I do; the the consequent mirth stifles any feelings of frustration or anger and reminds me not to take things to seriously. I guess it's just a matter of the intention behind it
  4. Hey, Im Facino, 23old living in the USA. Theme "Living outside the Hierarchy" had an immediate appeal with me. I have always felt the urge to carve out my own path; Have always felt that the only person qualified to tell me what to do is myself. Most people who proport to be authority figures in the current world order do nothing for me but arouse contempt and disgust; I would rather avoid their influence as much and wherever possible. FRom the above it shouldent be concluded that I'm unwilling to learn from others or think I know it all. Not true at all; I'm always willing to learn from those I respect who are farther along the path then myself. that's my main reason for joining the forum in the first place. For some background; Not much to tell, same familiar story; chronic under achiever; let anxiety and depression get the best of me for many years. I've put it behind me through, and I'm ready to do the things I need to do to improve my situation; "Best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is right now" and so on. Came across Steve's content some time ago. He has proven track record and a no bullshit attitude that I appreciate. Like how he gets the point across that you don't have to be a social monkey or act like a buffoon to get good with women. Feel like this forum will be a great place to meet men with similar mindset and goals. Main interests: Game for introverts Making money outside hierarchy General self-improvement Look forward to seeing the forum grow and adding any value I can Cheers Facino
  5. Complete Shite with women, never been any good. Very under socialized in my youth, always kept to myself and never made many friends; although this never bothered me too much, as it was more of a preference than something involuntary. Too nervous to speak to girls; this did bother me, and led to many years of repressed desire. 23yrs old still a virgin, never even kissed a girl. I'm not even that bad looking, for fuck's sake, just too cowardly and lazy. Well, something has to be done; no good anguishing like this forever. Like Steve said, at a certain point in your life you just need to get it out of your system. To be frank, I just want to fuck; quantity and variety, these are the key words. Maybe after I've "sown my wild oats" can a more sober and level headed approach be considered, with the aim of building long term relationship; but right now I just wanna lay down some pipe. Hope this journal will be a means of holding myself accountable. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. If you simply want to laugh as an incel flounders in the dismal American sexual marketplace, that is understandable. Will update with action plan later; just wanted to get the general intention out there. Cheers Facino
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