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  1. I feel you! I follow a very similar process in my journal/planner that I use. I put down 3 priority tasks and about 4 side tasks (laundry, working out etc.) If I didn't have a planner I wouldn't be able to stay focused. Sometimes I over plan because I underestimate the tasks which leaves me a little disappointed but then I just shuffle the tasks that need to get done for the next day. What I've learned about regaining my energy is just taking a break until I don't feel stressed anymore then go back to the task. It's been a work in progress for me not to get obsessed over the fact that I can't force problems to work themselves out.
  2. Week #3: Subscribers: 437 - 500 (47% increase) As the numbers suggest, there is a very good chance that I will reach my goal of 500 subscribers by July 30. There is one thing that I added to my strategy that I believe improved my outcome. Strategy Amendment: Asking People If They Need Help In The Direct Messaging. This is the script that I use for my direct messaging: "(Insert Name) thank you so much for engaging with me, I was on your page listening to your music and you certainly have made some heat! Are you currently having any problems with your productions at the moment? Please let me know what the problems are and I might be able to help. If not, I can direct you to someone who can help. I am all about trying to help out the producer community in anyway I can" I am getting a 60% follow rate from everyone that I get in contact with. Only about half actually respond with words and those who do respond, I deliver on my promise then leave a link to my opt-in page which is linked below. https://access.mrfrenzyproductions.com/free-loops I am also happy to say that I have received my first sale from this process. What I Have Learned: I finally realized what providing value is. It's not just about making the sale. It's also about being willing to solve problems. The message that I convey to my audience is that I want to help them, not to sell to them. Before, all I wanted to do was just SELL SELL SELL. The problem is I haven't developed enough trust with my audience for them to hand over their cash. Once that trust is created, then I build a customer for life. Also.... Using this amended strategy, I can now collect data in real time. Most of the people who respond do not need the product that I offer which helps them with the music creation process. They actually need the other two products that I have (but not selling) that help with audio mixing and music marketing. Because of this, I am now creating funnels, sales videos and an email sequence to promote those products. My last post will come on the 30th and I will give a lot of details with visuals from Instagram and full strategy guide for anyone who is interested in trying. Cheers!
  3. Strengthening your frame is one of the most important things you can ever do. Yesterday, I realized that frame is not always physical. It is easy to workout and simply not care what others think, if you are on your own mission. I have come to realize that doubt is also a contributor shattering your frame if you let it... Right now I am trying to push myself to contact more potential customers for my business. I am also trying to create the mental courage to create more compelling and daring ads and content with the limited equipment and editing skills that I have. I figured out that, I am not pushing myself because of my internal fear of failure. For example, after I contact about 7 potential customers, I lose the motivation to continue. I figured out why...My mental frame is not as strong as my physical frame. Another example, is when I need to do something I have never done before. My brain literally creates a feeling of stress to even start the task. So what do I do? Everything but the task. I eventually get the new task completed but after a prolonged period of time. After I complete it, I feel huge rush of confidence and ease then ask myself, "why didn't I just do it in the first place?" I believe it's because my mental frame is that strong. I truly believe this might be the thing that is prolonging my success and needs to be dealt with immediately How Do I Improve? The task needs to get done and the sooner I do it, the less stress I will feel about it later. To combat this, I will push through my psychological fear and push myself to get through task no matter the cost. If I hit a roadblock (which often happens with new skills) I will simply take a short break come back and find a way to fix the problem. Through everyday practice of conquering my fears I will inch closer to truly strengthening my mental frame. Let me know your experiences with this topic, if you have any. Cheers! Mike
  4. Do you have any weightloss goals at the moment? Cheers! Mike
  5. Welcome! What are current problems you are facing and what do you want to discover about yourself? Mike
  6. Yeah definately a Gamma. His little comment saying "I'd love to live in the Gobi Desert" revealed it. That's a snarky way to show his dilusional ability to experience different evironments that are inhabitable. Type-A Gamma.
  7. Lol! @Steve Jabba Steve! Did you ever post that reaction video you did of this guy's video on the forum? Priceless. You have to post it under this thread.
  8. Week #2: Subscribers: 283 - 500 Not to bad but not great either. At this pace I will certainly miss my goal. To be honest, knocking on 20 peoples door digitally was not easy as I anticipated. The sheer fatigue of finding qualified people for my target audience was difficult. This made me discouraged so I contacted an average of 7-10 potential customers rather than 20. I posted content most days this week but not all. I am finding it difficult to do content that I enjoy doing in 15 seconds or less. The algorithm is helping due to my content engagement but I can't rely on it to get me to my goal. I need to roll up my sleeves to change my strategy. New Strategy: The only way I can ensure I reach my goal is to get at least 10 new subscribers daily. I will still post content, but I will make sure to manually get those subs through personal engagement. I have to make sure to track this as well. https://www.instagram.com/mrfrenzyproductions/ Cheers!
  9. My name is Mike (Mr. Frenzy) I joined the forum to be apart of community of men who are seeking to improve their lives. The Sigma concept has always fascinated me ever since I ran in to Steve's work a couple of years ago. This forum gives me to opportunity to communicate with men who are on a similar mission as me. I am growing my own online business so I can live in different parts of the world and take my work with me. I also learn the different perspectives from the debates that occur in controversial topics. I post my personal thoughts about life and business. The Sigma Male forum is a place where I feel comfortable sharing my points of view and business experiences in efforts to learn from other peoples perspectives. I also value that people post in a mature fashion with a hint of sarcasm. If you are looking to improve your life as a man in any way this is the forum for you. The Sigma Male Forum covers the core values that humans want such as Health, Wealth, and Relationship. You can post about any roadblocks or opportunities you would like to conquer and others will be there to support you.
  10. I've done both during my journey. For me, I would have to go with athletics. Doing the Xero program by Athlene X I did feel a difference in my flexibility and overall mobility. It has mostly improved my coordination while drumming which has made me progress faster on more advanced techniques. However, I think both is neccessary. I want to start training MMA when I get back which combines both but with huge emphisis on plyometrics (kind of like what JoJo's doing).
  11. It doesn't matter whats normal or not normal when results come from being proactive. If a man has to go up and down the road to find the right women, then so be it. The more women he puts himself infront of, the better chance of success he will have. Strategy is also important to increase the odds of success when he does approach though. This is why Steve offers his startegies that many men on this forum want to learn. But there is no point to have a strategy if you don't put yourself out there in the first place. Since the success rate can be low with cold approach, you have to approach many women to be successful. My idea also applies to other aspects of life. If I am unemployed, the more jobs I apply for, the higher the probability of me getting a job. There is a high risk of failure, which is the reason why I need to apply at mutiple places rather than just two. If I move to another city or country and want to make friends, I have to talk to different people at social gatherings to increase my chances of develping friendships. The more people I talk to better quality of friends I can make. There are many other examples, however, you get my point. The more opportunites you put yourself infront of, the more successful you'll be. Walking up and down the street looking for a potential mate isn't desperate, it just increases the odds of success.
  12. Okay, then don't chase/approach women. If you are currently happy in a relationship or have a wide selection of high quality women at your disposal, then you don't need to do anything. However, being proactive for something you want helps the likelyhood of getting it sooner or even at all. A person can increase their chances of obtaining something they want by going out and getting it. If they want to lose weight, they excersise. If they want to eat good quality food, they need to learn how cook. If they want to start a business, they need to develope a product or service then actively search for those who need it. Approaching is just another way a man can be proactive on something he wants. A Sigma Male is self-sufficient. If he wants something, he has to physically go get it himself because he doesn't want to rely on others to provide it for him. Sigma's are also humans, thus, they need intimate relationships. The fastest way to get that intimate interaction is by approaching. You don't "need" to chase/approach women, however, it increases your chances of intimacy through physical interaction if you do. This forum is for men who want to be proactive in every aspect of their lives including increasing their success with women. Men don't need to approach women, but the ones who do have more success with them.
  13. If I lived in a fantasy world i'd say Cooper from Interstellar.
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