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  1. This was great! I'll probably be in London sporadically over the next year as my brother lives there, I'd definitely be up for meeting and gaming with you 🙂
  2. I had the first part of a two-weekend* bootcamp this Friday/Saturday with our forum's very own @Jason Harimau. Jason is great, and very well-schooled in the theory, with lots of documented evidence of the practice! My previous dabbling in day approaching has been in the 'swoop round and stop' LDM kind of stuff, and Jason was quick to point out the flaws in that - in line with Steve's philosophy. I saw first-hand the power of simply 'being seen' (for example making eye contact with a girl in a shop and then approaching her afterwards vs simply stopping her in the street without her knowing you exist), even without an obvious IOI. Essentially, you're no longer in the same rank of 'stranger'. I also realised that the 'Yad stop' is mostly unnecessary if you have a positive vibe about you and I suppose 'soft dominance' when opening - especially if she recognises you from a shop or whatever. As someone who gets lost in their own head a lot, having someone with me who was a friend but also knew what I was going through was very valuable. He's motivational rather than pushy, and very quick to dispel any self-limiting beliefs I was saying. *The night time was oddly dead unfortunately, so we decided to do another night out this upcoming Friday and another day session (swapping Sunday). On top of that, it turns out we live 5 minutes from one another so instant wing for the win! I will update the thread in due course. Highly recommended for guys living in Poland if they can make it to KRK.
  3. Journaling your progress isn't just for other people, it's for your own accountability also. There are some plus sides to not having a super active forum right now, because it means you don't have a deluge of armchair critics telling you where you're going wrong because their favourite textbook says so. I (as part of my Poland bootcamp) got a number from a girl working in a bohemian clothing shop - it was indirect in theory, but she knew what was going on immediately and I liked the 'I know that you know what I'm up to' vibe and didn't try and quell it. I messaged her yesterday but no reply, despite me thinking it was a very solid close. I'm disappointed but well aware this is absolutely par for the course and I'm very early on in my journey. If nobody reads this, no problem!
  4. If she wasn't married there's no doubt she would have given the number and met you again. Her eyes were sparkling, she was mesmerised and totally taken aback.
  5. I recently purchased Steve's Secret Society video product and thought it was only right to leave a review! I'll start by saying there's a reason he's known as the 'Authentic PUA', and truth be told from what I gleaned from the seminar he's not even really a pick up artist. What he is, is a guy with incredible confidence and entitlement to hotness - and several decades of harnessing that without fear. What he preaches (and practices, as evidenced by infields and glowing endorsements of his abilities from big name commercial PUAs) is a genuine belief in what he says to the women he approaches and it's totally lacking in gimmicks or complicated structures. Old-school routines and models perhaps have their place for guys starting out and/or with low levels of social intelligence, but for 'normal' guys just needing a little push in the right direction, this is really refreshing to watch. Because here's the thing: it's not 'game' as you've perhaps seen elsewhere. It's not 'this secret mind scrambler that gets any woman into bed', and perhaps that's a disappointment to some people, but the truth is those 'techniques' don't exist and only function as marketing hooks for people trying to dishonestly sell you products. What I loved about this video series is that it was very different to anything I've seen before. Most of what's out there in books and videos tends to be some repackaged and tweaked version of the 'London Daygame Model', whereas this is genuinely something unique. Again, it's authentic. The irony is that plenty of what Steve talks about has found its way into the LDM (the 'Love Bubble' for example) - and perhaps helped to propel its evolution from 'this neat bag of tricks' into something more holistic. After all, Secret Society is from around 2013-2014 I believe. The difference here is you're hearing it from the source. There's of nothing wrong with the LDM*, and it's the only 'model' I've dabbled in prior to this, however it's pretty obvious that Steve's method results in less chests being opened for a higher return in gold, if you forgive the bad analogy. Why? Its got a strong focus is on warm approaches (I believe he thinks around 30-40% of your approaches should be from indicators of interest (IOIs). If you're somewhat acquainted with 'game' then you probably already observe and scan for these to some degree - but what Steve really pushes for is to also draw them out of women. Obviously I can't go into detail in a review, and I must admit it takes quite a lot of balls to do some of what he suggests. "TASTY" (in joke). *Except for the inevitable spamming - which although discouraged - is inevitable if you're not approaching women you're strongly and authentically attracted to. In this regard, you might categorise Secret Society as an intermediate product. Additionally, Steve is incredibly open about his own vulnerabilities, as well as his highly emotional nature. This spoke very much to me personally, as I'm of a similar nature and psychological profile in some regards I suspect. It was also a refreshing departure from the faux-macho stuff you get in the 'red pill' world. It's not saying you need to be a wimp, far from it - it's about being authentic. I'm looking forward to putting some of the mindsets to good use going forward, beginning with a bootcamp this weekend with one of Steve's instructors in Poland!
  6. Intermittent fasting (sometimes including 48/72 hour electrolyte fasts) and walking is my go-to! Stick a podcast/audiobook on and you're all set, or of course some really good music to keep the pace high.
  7. I know you have some reservations about the London daygame model, but you're also good friends with Nick K. Just curious what your points of contention are (I don't mean 5ft 2 Indian guys trying to pull 6ft blondes haha), and if you've had some big debates with him? Also, is Jimmy also a LDM guy?
  8. How do you insert videos into posts?
  9. I've been watching this live steam Steve did a a few weeks ago, and something he said about 16 mins in hit me as it's exactly accurate for me too. When you live abroad it's almost impossible to build real friendships in the same way one has at home. Particularly if you have the sigma trait of a small number of close childhood friends. It got me thinking of some of the downsides of living abroad. The other non-native people you meet are also somewhat transient, which adds another barrier. It's fine if you're like me and not in need of a large circle of acquaintances, but nothing beats a wholesome catchup with childhood friends (if you're lucky enough to have them). I put loneliness in inverted commas because it's strictly loneliness, but perhaps feeling like an eternal outsider (which is a good thing in some ways - you always feel like you're a bit on holiday) and appreciating the good things about England when you're permanently away. You could argue it's a good thing, because it means at times like Xmas when you're back home, you appreciate it more.
  10. I'm looking forward to your thoughts as you document your return 🙂
  11. I got vaccinated in June, for what it's worth. I travel a lot within the EU/UK and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't just for convenience purposes. That said, if I apply occam's razor then I don't think the vaccination push is anything more sinister than big state flexing its muscles and their mates in the pharmaceutical industry making a lot of money - likewise with the tests. Politics and big business is a revolving door.
  12. Fasting is incredible. As long as you supplement with electrolytes in the form of tablets (I do 4 tablets) or powder after the first 24 hours otherwise you'll feel really weird. Up until this week, apart from when on extended 72 hour fasts, I was eating one meal a day in the evening, which is what I've been doing for over a year now, apart from on social occasions where I've got to have lunch or whatever. However, with that I have a tendency to want to have a 'treat' - and I have extremist tendencies so a treat is sometimes a family-sized dessert. But, because you're only having one meal a day you can keep the weight off. However, I want to get into great shape again so that I can do some white collar boxing (I used to box when I was a teenager - so two decades ago). For that reason, I'm switching to one big meal a day prior to 12pm. Cole Robinson on YT is the best expert I've seen on fasting/one meal a day. He has a persona and schtick you need to get past, but his advice is proven and he has proof of the results. For example, he ate one big meal at McDonalds every day at 11am for a month. The only caveat was no fries and no fizzy drink (just water), but he ate the bread with the (three) burgers. At the end, his bloodwork was better than at the beginning and his gym stats were improved. See for yourself! (Wasn't sure how to embed youtube vids)
  13. Fiction-wise, I love Chuck Palahniuk's stuff. I actually don't particularly like Fight Club though - the way it's written - the film is obviously one of the best ever though. I'm currently reading Submission by Michel Houellebecq. It's about a democratic Islamist party taking power in France, it's incredibly realistic and totally plausible. It ruffled feathers when it was released a few years back... on the same day as Charlie Hebdo event.
  14. I'm not a fan of Roosh's game stuff, but his book Free Speech Isn't Free was great, and his first book - about quitting his job and travelling south america (A Dead Bat in Paraguay) was honestly one of the most 'unputdownable' things I've ever read! He's the first person I found online when I starting reading about game and stuff, years ago, I know opinions on him are nowadays mixed.
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