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  1. You still young mate but don't be nice guy but be kind guy. Put yourself first and if you like girl tell her ask her out.
  2. The funny thing about iois I get same girls make eye contact with me first. Like deer 🦌 effects looks quick glance look. I think first time I heard about iois was on this forum from Steve Jabba. I got alot off too learn when come to iois. But that is way we here to learn exchange ideas , experience.
  3. You need to jump on maca root vitamins is mad vitamin. The benefits are too many just Google benefits of maca root. I have been using daily with vitamin D. To get benefits out of fit you need to take daily . I assume in 4 weeks you will see different in your energy & mentally focus , better mood , u be more chill out.
  4. I agree if you feel you nerdy you will act like one . I think having good awareness of your behaviour having countability is important which will help you to see the things you doing wrong and learn from mistake the patterns that are repeating so you can make the necessary corrections is outmost important for self development. The way you explain is very artistic smooth explained. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  5. Mate enjoy the moment if girls feel nice around want to sleep with you. You give them that sexual experience and respect they have been looking for. But don't forget to put yourself first. Thanks for sharing
  6. Mate If you walk around approaching girls with that mindset it would be hard to get number let alone get a date. Also many girls don't want relationship they just want the D . So have fun and in process the right one you will find it. Good luck mate
  7. I would say health is the most important aspect of your life. I'm back on chat forum. I have been busy moving to new house also working on my goal losing weight. To get back to this topic. Health is very important because without health you don't have freedom to move Round do normal stuff and also effects your relationship depending how bad your health is it will give you outcome .I use think freedom is number one but that change in last two year I have come to know after been overweight for many years I took the steps to change that get in shape. I have reach my goal losing weight I went from 89kg to 78kg in 6/7 weeks. I feel great mentally more focused and I had to buy new pairs of jeans , clothes. I get alot of compliments from friends, family that I look younger. Oh and the last thing depending how bad your health is it will effects your financial also and same time you can't work . Special when you reach over 40 Is important to be healthy, eat right stay in shape your life depends on it. This matter of life and death man! Is no joke
  8. Mate u only 20 you still young men. I think If you expose yourself to meeting new people be more interactive you will learn more that way. Don't be hard on yourself. Also give yourself time work on your personal development. Main thing is important you stay optimistic have positive thinking and willing to learn to change. If you can take part Steve programs buy his books. He also can advise you one to one drop him email. Good luck 🤞 mate.
  9. Indeed interesting podcast I like the way he explains stuff I goes in deep in the topic. Is not boring I can tell you that.
  10. I had knees pain but after walking 6 months last year regular its goes away. Walking excellent way of helping with knee pain. Their are same other work out you can do to help but you got be careful with knees.
  11. Look stylish cool with that blue suite yellow polo T shirt .
  12. I have been walking for 6months every day before I started working out . Walking help me loose same weight plus mine legs got stronger and my overall oxygen intake improve I noticed I was breathing better. After 6month and few days I have walked 1200 miles and over 1 million steps . Burnout tone of calories and gave me motivation to start doing Burpees workout using your own body weights. In 6 weeks doing purbees doing 3 or 4 time a day I lost 10 kg which in self I would never imagine doing that. And now I join my local gym started working out. It feel amazing to lose so much weight and continue to work out personal it has give me alot of confidence I notice women's check me out lol. Joining this sigma male forum has help me alot . I set myself target to close more weight than Steve. This has help me alot we had similar target around 80kg. For you new members here if you over weight start working out second change you dress code start dress better all time when out of the door even when you want get quick bread from corner shop. Also Steve run programs also has books for sale . Take advantage of this level up in life start transforming you life . Stay positive be humble always.
  13. I usually when I am in new place I keep quietly automatically opservation of people behaviour if my guts tells me something is wrong move quick on my feet remove myself from dangerous areas also I avoid walking death end pathways . You always have to think in advance in those east European countries they still stock with curreption and gang , mafia problems . The local governments don't want spend money on your personal safety. You have to lock after yourself. Also don't get in trouble with laws. You be in big trouble if end up in prison.
  14. What are the negative side effects if you set yourself expectations on this forum then quitting Their is one guy who quitted here blame us and calling silly names have already responded to his post. What are your thoughts on this guys?
  15. Mate you put yourself expectations here now you didn't get it you wanna blame us. Calling us self improvement bs & delusional. You wrong mate. We sigma male are not delusional because we honest to ourselves we don't set ourselves expectations goals we can't reach we know our limits. Also we don't quite and take parts calling people silly names nor do we blame others when we fail doing something we keep trying entil we reach our goals. My advice is to you is ask yourself what is your purpose of joining this forum! Also why are you allow yourself sobatage yourself and want to quite! I assume you never been honest with yourself when you join this forum. Your mindset was not in right place. It's never to late to correct yourself or admit you wrong , only arrogant person will never admit. If you don't want to be here good luck. We don't need negative mindset people here. Bye
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