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  1. Hi everyone My name is Anteneh Tesfaye but everyone calls me Ghost. I'm from Ethiopia, born and raised in Addis Ababa. I'm 21, I'm an artist and graduating architect. I think im a creative person I'm all about design, photography and work and focused on artistic stuff. I also enjoy movies and music so much. And personally i was a bit shy person, I'm working on my self confidence and I'm doing good even tho i can't say im confident enough, i can act like one. People don't notice that side of me. I tend to have different personalities towards different people. It's like i have a strong layer, I don't let anyone inside which hurts sometimes because i don't have anyone around me through though times, but i believe i can go through anything on my own. I never had a real relationship, i had a real heartbreak recently and im trying to move past it. And I'm hoping to get my life together, focus on my career and find a girl.
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