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  1. i also do this regulary but its not covid related.... if u know what i mean😈😏
  2. i also enjoy giving friendly face if their cute lady warm look πŸ˜‰
  3. Arnie Rogers, (but my friends call me Jimmy - don't ask..) I am 38, currently single - by choice! - and focusing on building my start up. So far I've received a lot of support from my friends on my new venture although my old boss was a real downer and tried to convince me to stay at my boring office job. - I didn't listen to him of course. If you are a fellow entrepreneur and have some worthy advice feel free to send it through. After being an avid viewer of Steve's channel, I am looking forward to reading and participating in all the great posts this forum has to offer. - I can already tell there's an amazing community being built here of strong, intelligent sigma men. Over and out - catch u later
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