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  1. Hi guys , if you new like me on this forum you need to download the sigma male book is must read if you want good understanding what sigma male is. This book explains over all aspects of sigma male. very interesting written with deep knowledge well designed book with excellent format. I'm on page 137 . Still reading this amazing book with open mindset. The more i read this book the more i come to know i know little. What is your intake on this book? What is key point you learn so far from this book?
  2. My guts telling you have social skills to pick up any hot womens you wants lol
  3. Best thing to avoid the everything that has to to with covid-19 vacinne clearly this vacinne is intended for human experimental , only those who fail the IQ test like that single mom who took the vacinne ended up losing her speech. Thank to Steve who shared us her story on the forum .
  4. Hi Steve ,thank for sharing your progress looking great, keep working out. I got off track watching Euro football. Currently been walking daily so I will start using bodyweight workout doing purbees.
  5. No idea who Rollo Tomassi is but more interested what Steve has to say about him.
  6. Your intention is right you just misjudge him thinking he had good contents. Just delete his videos you be already mate
  7. Majority of uk citizens are in state of fear they voluntary rushing to take vacinne. With all the events that had happens in Uk. I cant but help wonder with plan they have for us.
  8. Yes mate . If you see hot women in gym she checking you out . Go for it approach start conversation try to get her number and fallow up with meet up or date what ever workout for you.
  9. Why is he talking like he has speech problems. Your reaction is so funny Steve 🤣 😆
  10. Protesting in large groups in london or elsewhere make no difference so long you have no opposition that challenge the government plus police abusing their power in relation to covid-19 laws. You got that spot on Steve
  11. Is mind-blowing to me that people would get vacinne into their body that has dangerous side effects even death.
  12. I have invested in cryptocurrency the return is very attractive you dont need alot of money to make investment. You just do research look at cryptocurrency that is low value and has high returns in long term.
  13. Your thoughts on been optimistic person is very interesting specially how you analyse your thoughts before you take action. Thank you for sharing with us.
  14. Ok mate i will do that. Thanks for feedback
  15. Make sense moving back to london will allow to run extended live events programme . And also you can have meet up with community on side be more engaged
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