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  1. Actually, fat is seen as more valueable by the body than muscle mass, because it´s still adapted to pre-historic times. Our biology really hasn´t changed, and back then food was scarce. Humans used to fast a lot because there wasn´t a lot of food during certain periods of the year (no animals to hunt, no fruit in winter, etc). That means we didn´t have many opportunities to accumulate bodyfat. Muscle mass is always the first to go, and the most expendable. This is why it requires constant exercise and diet to maintain (use it or lose it). Contrast that to getting fat. It´s the first thing the body does when at a caloric surplus. If the body actually regarded muscle mass as a priority, you would see a lot of naturally lean and muscular people walking around, and not the crowd of fat mutants you can see in any big western city.
  2. Hey, Jabba. The oil of iron can be bought at the Kymia Arts website (www.kymiaarts.com/oil-of-iron.html). Zinc and tribulus terrestris won´t help much. TT is good for urinary tract infections, but doesn´t affect sex hormones or strength. I hear Tribulus Alatus is a good test booster but have never tried it as it´s hard to get in Brazil. The thing with losing fat is that it´s more of an art or a skill than a simple calculation of "calories in- calories out". The truth is the body always tries to preserve body fat, so even if you are at a caloric deficit, it will always prefer to burn muscle to get the energy it needs. Also, the body has many tools at its disposal to preserve your current weight and body mass. For instance, metabolism typically decreases after some time dieting (from a few days to weeks, depending on the person and current bodyfat %). That´s why you feel lethargic and lack drive when dieting for some time. How to avoid that and make sure your fat gets burned? The first principle is indeed to be at a caloric deficit, but your diet has to be well structured as well, otherwise it won´t work (it seems to be working in your case). The famous "belly fat that won´t go away after 40" is a direct consequence of low testosterone. Intermittent fasting, testosterone boosting foods and herbs should fix this easily.
  3. Hahahaha looking good, man! I think I might just copy the Magnum look. By the way, you´ve made progress losing bodyfat and are looking a whole lot better. Your hormones must be working a lot more smoothly now without the grease to steal your testosterone. Next step, after you get as lean as possible, is start a clean IF bulk to gain weight as muscle mass while preserving your bodyfat %.
  4. Here´s what I would do if I had the same injury: 1- Tea or tincture of cordia verbenacea 3x/day (50 drops tinct/ 3 cups tea)- anti-inflammatory 2- 1 spoon of Turmeric powder + 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder 3x/day (with meals)- anti-inflammatory 3- Tea or tincture of cat´s claw 3x/day (40 drops tinct/3 cups tea)- anti-inflammatory 4- Massage the injury with a paste made of ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, peppermint, arnica and aloe vera, using coconut oil as a base (if you don´t have all the plants, use those available). Additionally, I´d drop the cutting diet for a week and increase my calories to maintenance level. It´s hard to heal an injury when you´re on a caloric deficit. In order to prevent fat storage, I´d switch to an intermittent fasting routine (16/8h). I´d keep training the upper body if at all possible.
  5. Steve, do you have access to the following herbs in powdered form: ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, peppermint? Do you have access to beewax or coconut oil?
  6. Now for the good news: if it´s a muscle injury, it´ll be easy to heal. I once had a biceps strain doing chin ups while on a cutting diet and I could barely lift a glass of water! I was worried out of my mind. Well, I recovered almost completely within a week and was ready to resume training (with a bit more care and attention).
  7. All right. What´s done is done. Do you know exactly what your injury is? Post the details so I can search for a way to speed up the recovery naturally.
  8. Hey, Jabba, are you on a cutting diet, by any chance? If so, your body gets weaker with fewer calories, and is consequently more prone to injury (I had more than a couple muscle strains while dieting for fat loss). That´s why you need to adjust your training while cutting. As a rule, you´ll avoid training for strength (that means heavy weights for up to 6 reps) and also avoid sprinting. What you need to do is use less weights and do more reps (up to 12-15), while resting less between sets. While cutting, your cardio needs to alternate between brisk walks and jogging. Believe it or not, sprinting is used to gain muscle mass, so you´ll typically be on a supercaloric diet when you do it, and you´ll expect to gain weight while doing it for a few weeks.
  9. There are tons of herbs that can help if you wanna lose fat. They´ll mostly help you indirectly, either by increasing your natural testosterone production (tongkat ali, butea superba, pine pollen, bee pollen, bull testicles, white and red onion juice) which makes dieting more effective, or by upping your metabolism (ginger, cinnnamon, coffee, peppers in general, ayurvedic iron bhasma). In other words, you´ll still have to diet, but if you use them, your dieting will produce quicker results. However, there´s one thing that works like a miracle for burning fat straight away: spagyric oil of iron. There´s one caveat, though: it builds tolerance fast, so I take it only once a month (30 days interval between each usage). The dosage I use is 3 drops, 3x per day, after meals. It´s really helpful to burn that hard to lose fat and love handles that just won´t go away, even with hard dieting. Here´s a link: https://www.kymiaarts.com/oil-of-iron.html
  10. Funny this topic came up! I´m just about to go on a month long solo trip to Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) to pick and bang afro chicks with big butts! At the same time that it´s boring to travel solo, ironically that´s when I get my best results. I think that´s because one is forced to approach and interact, and also to explore the area, as there´s no one to hang out with.
  11. About Bitcoin and cryptoassets: I was a teenager back in the late 90s (97-98) when home internet started to take off. At the beginning very few people had it, as it was expensive, and it also took computer knowledge to be able to use it. It was slow, not very user friendly, and basically a nerd/geek niche thing. A lot of people (specially older folks) dismissed it as a fad. Flash forward to 2005 and everyone had home internet. It was cheaper, faster and a lot more user friendly. Nowadays we can´t live, study, communicate or do business without it. Now, what has this got to do with Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem, you may ask? I think we may be seeing a repeat of what happened with the internet in the late 90s. It seems adoption is increasing. If it keeps on growing at this pace, it will become widespread and commonplace in a few years time. I´m thinking we might be in the "late 90s" when it comes to Bitcoin and crypto assets.
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