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  1. I´m living in São Paulo currently. Let me know if you come, man. It´d be cool to meet a forum member and I´d be glad to show you around.
  2. In São Paulo, I´d recommend you stay anywhere close to Avenida Paulista, which is kind of like the main street and close to everything. On top of that, it´s essential that your place be close to a subway station, as traffic is hectic and you should avoid getting a cab during the day. These are the neighbourhoods you should pick from: Higienopolis, Jardins, Vila Mariana, Aclimação, Moema. In Rio, it´s best to stay in Zona Sul (south region), and there are a number of neigbourhoods there (Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, etc). In Florianopolis you should stay anywhere close to the Lagoa, as that´s where the nightspots are. Bear in mind that places are very spread out in Florianopolis, so you´ll find yourself either needing a car most of the time or using uber a lot.
  3. Heyyyy!!!! Sorry for the long time away! I took a month off and am catching up with the forum. Well, everyone seems to enjoy Colombia. I´ve been there myself and it´s great. Medellin is very well known but perhaps a bit overcrowded by foreigners (at least it used to be before the plandemic). Brazil is a great choice for banging chicks at the moment, and I can give you some advice. You can live reasonably well on a 1k USD/month budget, and have a great lifestyle on 2k USD. Here´s the monthly cost breakdown: A 2 to 3 bedroom airbnb pad, fully paid for, in a good part of town: 400-500 Groceries/food/supermarket expenses: 100-150 A good gym: 50 Transportation (uber/subway): 100-200 Leisure (going out to cool spots 4 to 5x a week for a month, including food and drink): 300-500 In Brazil, the top spots for spending a few months would be Florianopolis (for blondes with big butts), Rio and São Paulo. Those cities have a good level of development, good amenities, restaurants, clubs, pubs, local attractions and nature and are very open to foreigners. It´ll be easy to bang chicks and people will be open and even very receptive to meeting foreigners. You will have increased status, unless you´re a hippie or a bum. Honestly, it´s best to keep away from 2nd and 3rd tier cities if you want to spend a few months in Brazil. They´re good for visiting for a few days, but for staying for extended periods of time it´s just not worth it. If you´re a more of an adventurer and don´t mind staying in less developed capitals, I´d throw in Salvador (for black chicks with big asses), Natal and Joao Pessoa. They´re all state capitals in the northeastern region of Brazil, known for their beaches and natural attractions.
  4. Listen, what the globalists are doing right now is obvious: the plan is to get everyone to vaccinate every year against new strains. Their intention is to gradually kill or sterilize people over a number of years with the vaccine´s numerous side effects.
  5. I still don´t understand what the fuck a gamma is. A loser who thinks he´s a winner?
  6. True! I´ve found that in countries/states that are culturally more traditional age isn´t really something a man should be worried about, provided he has his health, finances and looks taken care of. On the other hand, the more regressive/leftist a culture is, the more women will look for a man in the same age bracket, making differences of over 5 years an impediment to a relationship or even a fling.
  7. The thing with Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem is that, while everyone agrees we need a fairer financial system, nobody really knows if it´ll really happen. On one hand, there are those who think a migration to the new financial system is inevitable and really just a matter of time. On the other, several people (including many of my Bitcoin investor friends), think central banks and governments CAN AND WILL stop or try to infiltrate the crypto ecosystem via FUD, regulation, criminalization, taxation, etc. In other words, globalist bankers won´t let go of their power. We´ve seen they can manipulate prices and do it all the time, as in the case of that clown Elon Musk´s tweets. What´s your view?
  8. I´m always suspicious when big globalist companies like Amazon, Paypal, Tesla, etc line up to accept the main cryptocurrencies. It makes me wonder what their intentions are. The way I see it, the crypto ecosystem that is centered around Bitcoin is a big fuck you to the official financial system of the world that is owned by globalist bankers. What it really is is a parallel financial system in the making which is our big hope of stripping the globalists of the root of their power when and if it becomes our new official financial system. If that happens, we´ll be able to keep or regain some of our freedom, or even enter a new golden age. What are your thoughts, guys?
  9. Actually, fat is seen as more valueable by the body than muscle mass, because it´s still adapted to pre-historic times. Our biology really hasn´t changed, and back then food was scarce. Humans used to fast a lot because there wasn´t a lot of food during certain periods of the year (no animals to hunt, no fruit in winter, etc). That means we didn´t have many opportunities to accumulate bodyfat. Muscle mass is always the first to go, and the most expendable. This is why it requires constant exercise and diet to maintain (use it or lose it). Contrast that to getting fat. It´s the first thing the body does when at a caloric surplus. If the body actually regarded muscle mass as a priority, you would see a lot of naturally lean and muscular people walking around, and not the crowd of fat mutants you can see in any big western city.
  10. Hey, Jabba. The oil of iron can be bought at the Kymia Arts website (www.kymiaarts.com/oil-of-iron.html). Zinc and tribulus terrestris won´t help much. TT is good for urinary tract infections, but doesn´t affect sex hormones or strength. I hear Tribulus Alatus is a good test booster but have never tried it as it´s hard to get in Brazil. The thing with losing fat is that it´s more of an art or a skill than a simple calculation of "calories in- calories out". The truth is the body always tries to preserve body fat, so even if you are at a caloric deficit, it will always prefer to burn muscle to get the energy it needs. Also, the body has many tools at its disposal to preserve your current weight and body mass. For instance, metabolism typically decreases after some time dieting (from a few days to weeks, depending on the person and current bodyfat %). That´s why you feel lethargic and lack drive when dieting for some time. How to avoid that and make sure your fat gets burned? The first principle is indeed to be at a caloric deficit, but your diet has to be well structured as well, otherwise it won´t work (it seems to be working in your case). The famous "belly fat that won´t go away after 40" is a direct consequence of low testosterone. Intermittent fasting, testosterone boosting foods and herbs should fix this easily.
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