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  1. Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs maybe? Would people call that Sigma?
  2. I know a big criticism people had of my previous journals was I never went direct...well today I did. Saw a fit bird very well made up in front of me pulling a suitcase. I caught up with her and said, 'excuse me, I just saw you walking and I think you look really nice.' 'Thanks' she said I then stopped walking (she didn't) and said 'are you going somewhere?' (gesturing to the suitcase) 'Sorry I have to catch my train' she said, before scuffling off. A while later I saw a hot girl in front of me. Could not see her face but I caught up with her and said, 'Excuse me, I just saw you there and I think you look really nice.' 'Aww thanks. You made my day' (nice to hear) 'Yeah, with those sunglasses you look both cool and a bit like Ugly Betty' (this was my attempt at push/pull or whatever..) She then started to walk away. 'What are you doing now, going somewhere?' I said as she continued walking 'I'm going home. Bye' 'OK thanks. Bye!' So that was that. I'm not proud of these blow outs. But it does feel better in a way to be direct, to not be hiding behind a false pretense. I will try more next weekend when I go to London.
  3. I was looking to get into it as a freelance part time gig...
  4. I heard he's married now or something and living in London? I've been listening to his podcast. No idea when all this stuff was recorded but he has a ton of wisdom. This is one of the best pods for a number of reasons:
  5. Was decent. How are you using your camera there by the way? Is it just in a front pocket or something? Surely the girls are self-conscious about being filmed if they see it?
  6. I don't get this poster really. Goes on a daygame trip and leaves immediately but gets made at others for not being exemplary day gamers?
  7. Approach totals since return from Eurojaunt trip:London: 10Birmingham: 22Manchester: 7Edinburgh: 9Hometown: 5Total: 53Numbers = 3This third round of 100 is horrible. It's all just been torture and terrible results.
  8. Yes...they will probably try it again later.
  9. A car? Gambling? A house? Have you ever got trapped shelling out a load of money for something you did not use? And how did it effect your life?
  10. Kids will be able to overrule parental consent for these jabs: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9961723/BMA-chief-says-12-year-olds-allowed-overrule-parents-decision-vaccine.html This is just sick and evil.
  11. Maybe crippling fines and unable to get employed I guess. Might be very hard to enforce though so let's not panic.
  12. I remember being pretty repulsed in Birmingham myself recently. Looks like the return is going good.
  13. That was my intro to game man. But it didn't really suit my personality. Roosh helped me more than anyone. He is now a devout Christian and I believe this is the natural trajectory... Actively practicing game is basically taking the red pill and altering your belief system as a result. But after that you need something more than women to fill the soul. For many, for me included, that thing is Christianity.
  14. Did NOT expect this so early: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-09-05/italy-to-decide-on-compulsory-vaccine-this-month-minister-says
  15. I should mention the vax passport has not begun here yet but will soon.
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