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  1. China is already considered a red power.
  2. Understand that the concept is scalable. For example, it is impractical for most to purchase an apartment complex to generate income. However a individual with a smaller income could purchase small vending machine as an income producing asset and put it at a local restaurant entrance. It is impractical for most to purchase hundreds of acers of farm land as collateralizing asset, but an individual with little income could accumulate silver coins that he could leverage at a local pawn shop if short term capital is needed. The concept is scalable. I personally have a business that I have purchased equipment for as I could over time. This equipment is used for machining and manufacturing. This equipment will only increases in value over time. The steel in it alone will become more valuable over time. I use these assets to generate income. The bank will always loan 80% of its value and so I always have the ability to expand it with capital if I need. I also depreciate the equipment on my taxes so they help me there too. People that are self employed have a high net worth than those that who only work a job. Not because they make more because of the value of the assets of the self employed. Again, if a person will save and buy assets they way I have mentioned with a little time will find they will have the ability to tackle larger business ventures and will be financially secure. I personally also buy collector and museum grade gem stones, gold, and silver bullion and I am currently flipping two houses. I have my fab and machine shop too. I am also opening a large Maker Space in my local town. As far as I am concerning stocks are for trading. That said, I only buy and sell them. I don't buy and hold stocks. Especially now, the markets are all way overvalued and are a death wish. When the central banks start to raise interest rate to slow inflation the mother of all market meltdowns will occur. Understand, when this happens, the bond market and stock markets will melt down and all of that wealth will be transferred to tangible assets. That is why I only hold tangible now and not digital or paper assets.
  3. Wise words. I think if your have a true Sigma Male mind you will be deeply focus what your idea of freedom is. I buy a lot of gold and silver too. The first ounce of gold I bought was about $600. You cant go wrong with it as a long term store of value.
  4. All you travelers out there will appreciate this. If you don't listen to Doug Casey you should. He is the real international man of mystery.
  5. More food for thought. Consider the scenario. You have a 401k from your employer. Most 401k providers will allow the 401k investor to get a loan at 50% of the 401k principle. Assume a theoretical balance of a 100k in your 401k. A loan against the 401k would be 50k. Open a brokerage account and deposit the 50k into the account and buy the same investments you have in your 401k. Now add a margin account to your brokerage account and take out 80% in margin and buy the same investments. Margins are typically at 80% of the account value. This is 40k. Now you have 80k in equity in your brokerage account with same investments as your 401k. The value of your retirement account hasn't changed but assuming you have bought the same investments in your brokerage account, the yields from your investments has increased 80%. Again, not investment advice but theoretical scenario to contemplate.
  6. Contrary to popular belief rich people hold the majority of their wealth in assets. Rich people don’t try to hoard cash in a bank account. One reason is its impracticable to do that if you have a lot of wealth. The majority of rich peoples wealth is held in assets. Consider this scenario. You have an asset you can collateralize on. You take a loan out on that asset. Now you take that cash and place it into your brokerage account. You buy shares of a stock with that cash. You also have a margin account in your brokerage account. If you have a margin account, a brokerage account will let you take out a loan on certain type of equities in your brokerage account. Now take a second loan against the shares you bought with the first loan and by more shares. Two very important things happened here. The first thing to notice is that I can actively trade in the stock market but I am not using any of my money to do it. All gains are mine. Also, the original asset is still mine and all of the shares I bought are also mine too. Quality assets will fund your life style and grow your wealth and do it all with other peoples money. The second thing is that I took my asset and double leveraged or I was able to utilize twice its value to trade with. There are ways to leverage higher too. Is there risk and liability? Yes. Its all in how you manage risk. I am not advising anybody to do this. You will get trouble fast unless you really know how to do this. Don't underestimate the power of high quality assets. This my friend is real Sigma Male knowledge. More to come. Set tight.
  7. First things is first. Unless you are born rich you need to accumulate wealth over time. That being said, learn to save no less than 20% of your income no matter what. Learn to purchase assets with it that you can either collateralise with, generate income on, or will increase in value over time. If you do this you will be your own bank. If you have collateral you can always get capital when you need it. Be wary of counter party risk. If you hold things that other people have a liability on, you stand to loose them in a bad situation. Ill add more later but I need to bow out for a few.
  8. I agree with the strategy but there is a difference between women and jobs. You are looking for a job and probably the best job. The same strategy would apply to women if you are looking for a women and the best women. Again, after looking through the thread the goal is not to attract a woman but to get in bed with as many women as possible.
  9. Yes. All am really trying to say is don't act like an alpha male. Sigma's have a certain nature about them that will draw women to you and they are much more reserved. They normally are not out going up and down the streets try to snatch all the girls they can. It seems to me that the message given here is to do that.
  10. Lets talk about wealth and money. I am interested in others perspective on how they maintain their independence and self sufficiency by maintaining and storing their wealth in an untraceable format outside the system. Also, how do you grow your wealth and manage it? Do you have a percentage of your wealth outside the system? How do they protect their wealth from currency devaluation. Do others here know the difference between money and currency and how to short currencies? Do others here make their living trading currency, stocks, or commodities. Do others here know how to options trade? Do others here buy tangible assets (gold, silver, gems, rolex, wine, art, etc.) to maintain wealth preservation over time? What kind of assets do you buy? How will money behave in the future due to the rise of crypto. Can crypto be used as a means of transaction? Please chime in on any of the above. I do or can do most of these things already. I'm looking for any ideas that are not in my current wheelhouse.
  11. Sorry for being gone so long today but I have been busy. The fact is if you adhere to the true personality traits of Sigma Male you will not chase women around like a bunch of alpha males beating their chest. A true Sigma Male prizes this power and utilizes it. It is one of the things that women find most attractive, curious, appealing, etc. Don't do this because people will reach a point where Sigma's are perceived to act like alphas. The truth is if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and has feathers, its a duck.
  12. To approach a woman because you are interested in her and chase a women because you are needy for sex are two different things.
  13. It just that some of us have lived that life.
  14. I did say more but the root of the matter is in finding the answer to that question. Yes it's my position. It does. Specifically if it is strictly for sex.
  15. I'm trying to prove the point that women do not find it attractive for a man to chase her and him to appear desperate and needy.
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