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  1. Am I terrible in thinking we shouldnt regulate any travel(except contain violent crazy people and mind the hobos) and if people die of SARS or whatnot it's whatever? Economics can't work under these conditions....
  2. I like to code to relax. It's good brain food for me. Im wondering if anyone else does coding. It's fun 🙂 . Although the popular story of instant riches is highly misleading in my experience. There are, as y'all know, a multitude of factors to sucess beyond "build it and they will come" Cheers 🙂
  3. Hello. I just completely a strategy session with Steve Jabba today. We concluded I am smart, and have good ideas, but have a profound weakness in my inability to implement and stick to the best idea, long term. After battering some ideas, though good, I am not well positioned for (such as language learning), we concluded that I would do best to build on the past success of my math and science tutoring and bring it to the digital age. This was well worth the price. Because without the session, I'd be wandering uselessly trying to implement ideas i know nothing about. Then getting back to my old habit of giving up when insufficient progress is made over the weeks/months. Steve told me I need to measure this in years, and this new focus will help. action plan: I am learning how math thinking and math tools can be useful to people's lives. I am transitioning beyond the basic "teach the test" and trying to bring real value to people through digital medium. Making good quality video is the main focus for the foreseeable future. also, I am blind to design, and it's good for someone with success in this to point out glaring flaws I refused to see. I will keep yall updated. my youtube channel i will create will focus the activity. FIrst topic: Why the compound interest billionaire is a myth: historical ways to acquire wealth
  4. High expectations are great. Just remember, it takes time for a tree to grow. All u can control is today
  5. i fucked up my 20's. wait til 32. everyone's emotions are a mess in the 20's, at least from what I've seen. I'm starting over and I'm ok with that. I am literally starting at dominos tomorrow at entry level but am angling for that regional manager job in a few years (it increases the odds of free travel) It's all good man. You won the lottery of life by existing. Now just do what u need to do and enjoy the bounty of existence. you got this 🙂
  6. The only "red pill person" I respect is rich cooper. Maybe it's cuz he's gone through shit........ I dunno. he just tells me to go out and do stuff to be a better man. so I thing that's a solid. I don't understand the company he keeps though...
  7. There is a new industry I see a lot now - making everything spik and span at work environments like offices libraries and restaurants. I go to a library and they even advertise which company does nightly sterilization for them. The shift after covid was so dramatic (everyone is sterilization paranoid) that there is probably a shot for new guys. That's just speculation tho 😕
  8. a business i recommend to people is something in the sanitation services industry. cuz ya know, that thing that happened last year. Business to business would work if u got the right professionalism and such I'm still obsessed with cybersecurity. but i'm still in research mode. cuz there seem to be a cybersecurity disaster every few months... I could afford to intern somewhere to learn stuff
  9. inception. but only when ken watanabe is there. then again, I am asian.................
  10. https://youtu.be/dn3lmtC0ioA Ok I hope this isn't a confidence artist 🤔
  11. Here I thought he was just a bad videographer But I am naive in judgement still... Oh I'm not supposed to bump. My bad 😞
  12. .............how drunk do you want your girl? ROFL jk. I honestly don't. i stumble into long term relationships whenever I do get a girl. I do know social dynamics (I'm networking! : D ) -it's gonna all be experimentation and analysis. The more disciplined (but since social, it'd be free flowing) the experiment, the more affirmative the results from analysis.
  13. https://andyfrisella.com/pages/75hard-info-ty I'm convinced I should do it....
  14. i understand your POV and agree completely that China is doing all it can do to become an economic powerhouse and yet retain its old ways. I just hold the risky position that there will come a day when the vector of discontent will spread in the country. They monitor social media constantly, and the great fire wall of china is profound. but we have been here before. there was another wall that fell. ROFL I sound like a demagogic prick........... apologies
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