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  1. I aspire to be the boxing coach in the movies πŸ™‚
  2. Something I don't hear much about investing is the time variable in the ROI. I microinvest in bootstrap businesses my friends start. But in the best of circumstances its gonna be a good five years before they have enough excess capital for me to harvest my return. So that makes me mad πŸ˜› I think all investments follow this analysis. What is the expected timing of profits, and can you ride the variance before you cash out? If you invest for 15 years, you only need to be mildly aware of the random factors that push markets. If three years, you will need a lot of prayer..... i think. I made an aggressive catastrophe bet on Yeti at one point. But I pulled out when it went up 20%. The stock increased 5x if I checked properly. It was only a hundred dollars, but still. This lesson taught me i can't calculate the valleys and crests....which is where the money from timing markets is made. but I am also unwilling to keep money locked in stocks for 25 years, which may be needed to catch the few years stocks rapidly grow. So stocks are out for me.
  3. i'm pathologically quiet in general. it comes from lack of spontaneous fluency with English. Alphas tend to confide in me - cuz they know i don't care enough to judge πŸ˜…
  4. that brings up an interesting issue with me- how important is an image? Does the image need to be authentic to be sustainable, or can it be exaggerated? The issue of social masks is significant to me - we all use them to some degree. but needling the right balance takes me a lot of trial and error. I face your mentioned problem via covid as well. These days, I usually chat up "the help" instead of socializing with a random person. I do not know if it is age or another factor, but people seem less approachable these days. Also, I feel the weekly inflation on my wallet (boo....... fiat) πŸ˜›
  5. ill be thinking through your post for some time. My word smoothness (thank you, btw) comes from rapid access to the eloquence of the masters- whether a modern rock band or oddly the bible. If you ever need a ghostwriter............ I do aim to pen words for others. Ghostwriting is a dream profession for me - I get to express thoughts for others and take none of the credit. It's the ultimate practical joke. I do agree accountability can help significantly, but sometimes the group will disappear and you are left with you and your actions. Then shit gets real πŸ™‚
  6. i really do believe it begins with self belief. if you believe you are nerdy you will act nerdy. If you believe you are outgoing you will go out more. some of it is practice, some of it is skill/experience, but the mind has a tricky way of accepting only evidence it wants to accept. and when things get impossibly tough, sometimes its only memories of you kicking ass at life before that keep you going. like the rocky movies. Take a right jab to the face, cancer!! kinda like being unplugged from the matrix. i hope everyone is well. I needed a commute to kick ass town for a while, and boy, has my psyche has its ass kicked. I don't mean to bore anyone, but the entitlement syndrome can root deep into every man's soul. But i'm in a good spot now. eyeing chances to help guys bootstrap businesses.... and the more i talk about it the more narcissistic i become. and I am learning to listen. most of all listen. I dont have to agree, but i am not usually in a position to offer accepted or reliable feedback or suggestions. Take care everyone. πŸ™‚
  7. as long as faggot is meant metaphorically. bangin dudes isnt worth all the money in all the multiverse 🀐
  8. isnt personality just ur perception of self identity. i thought of me as smart so i perceived myself as filling those tropes(nerdy, shy, and perceptive). now i perceive myself as a savvy investor and am encountering shifts in my mindset(hussling, listening, and patient) hope that is useful to you πŸ™‚
  9. Not really. Trees die. They seem to not care
  10. this is just my opinion, but i don't think financial trading can be a part time venture. A whole system of trillions moves without your knowledge at the speed of microseconds. The woo woo of finance is so cryptic the outsider can lose all the money incredibly fast. I enjoy talking about finance though. I need to put my money into something that protects savings against inflation though. I'm still searching.....I keep hearing either gold or real estate. But what asset protects against martial law (don't say guns πŸ˜‚ ). The USA isn't a magic govt- martial law and civil war happens all the time anywhere Good thing I don't live in the USA.... I'm Texan πŸ™‚
  11. I'm experimenting with ways to address this type of interaction. My theory is most internet mediums reward loud and catchy intellectual shallowness. It's a serious problem as we get more tied to the internet these days. I think forums help buffer this, but immigrants from other social media can be problems, as they export this behavior more broadly.
  12. hmm.......I can't speak for others, but i find this a useful organizing principle. I don't have to listen to the dogmas of culture and go up the corporate ranks to lead a decent life. I find that insight invaluable. As that old author said, a word is just a word. But I view Sigma as my attempt to live an economically free life- one this forum can help with. Which makes me ask, why are you here? Do u hope to gain much from these interactions? To be frank, you do seem to have arrived at a conclusion counter to any future dialogue....... with anyone
  13. I hope yall are putting "skin in the game" as Taleb states. It's easy to encounter hindsight bias when you don't - south park reference I dumped a piddly 125 dollars into an investing app. It is down 50 cents after being up 75 cents. bleh? It's one of those where I dont make any real decisions beyond what portfolios to grab.
  14. i'm playing symbiote to my business friends right now. I am still apprenticing on how to boost sales and marketing for the peeps, but I have about half a dozen guys who are well positioned to "blow up". Hopefully I can arrange a mutually beneficial deal with them soon πŸ™‚ Yes, that is a venom reference πŸ˜›
  15. here is my first draft for my first video. decided not to tackle compound interest yet, but to tackle a silly meme instead. it'll take some time to convert it into a video: There is an old t-shirt meme that goes along the lines of β€œI spent 15 dollars and all i got was this lousy t-shirt.” As humorous as this meme tends to be, it does bely a key point - time and money can be spent badly. This may seem as banal as a Jordan Peterson comment, but there are some key ideas worth mining in this β€œlousy t-shirt.” The first idea is the most obvious - once money is spent on something, that same money can’t be spent elsewhere. If I have 15 dollars, and want to buy both a 15 dollar t-shirt and a 15 dollar book, I can only buy one of those items. This is common sense, but it is often easy to forget that once money is spent, it is no longer yours. The second idea is that time and money function differently. Time can only be spent now - money can be spent later. The owner of the t-shirt could have simply waited to find a better opportunity to spend 15 dollars. There is a connected idea of inflation, but that is beyond the scope of this video. This idea, that money is untethered from time, allows for the existence of financial institutions. You cannot spend money to buy back yesterday, but you can provide capital to a company through stock investing in return for a share of potential profits. There are countless investment schemes that revolve around trading time for money - another is to give a loan to a company in the form of bonds in exchange for that money back, plus interest. And of course, there is speculation in asset growth of things like cryptocurrencies, which remains an unknowable future. The final idea is that financial gains tend to clump around a few precious winners. Back to cryptocurrencies, there are hundreds if not thousands of cryptocurrencies now. It is impossible for all of them to thrive. In the same way the american dollar crowds out gold as a medium of exchange, only a few cryptocurrencies will survive a mass adoption phase. It’s also what happened to myspace when facebook entered the scene - eventually enough people preferred facebook that myspace had to stop being a social network and became a platform for musicians to advertise their work. So what to do? I obvious cannot give financial advice, but these three ideas hold true in all of economic activity. It is essential to spend money wisely, because once spent it is no longer yours. Money can be transformed through time to either more or less money later, depending on the realities of the future. And our current economics is very similar to winner takes all, making financial strategies a little tricky.
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