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  1. Id say temp construction jobs that require travel. If you have the skills your minimum base pay is 30 dollars an hour plus per diem.
  2. Id say 4k is baseline. Ive done it on less, but its pushing it. I've lived in my car for the past two years traveling around for work, so bare in mind you also need gas, food is ate out, and repairs always creep in. If you rent its cheaper. 4k is a basic 1000 a month for savings, 1000 for rent, 1000 for food, and 1000 for bills. Obviously those are rough estimates that are going to change, but those are good metrics to have. Anything else left over at the end of the month goes into savings for emergency purposes.
  3. Hi, Im Shadohand. Been lurking around these parts for a while. I'm from the United States, and cant stand being tied down by the corporate system. I've briefly tasted the Sigma life when I lived in Indonesia for six months, before that I sold Tye Dyes for a summer, and have been striving for a few years to get back that freedom. I've moved around a lot since then. I found my way here from Steves youtube channel. I live on the road for my semi-corporate work now and its helped with understanding the logistics of travel. I've lived in and out of my car for the past two years, traveling all over the state I reside in now. Currently I'm working on getting a van to be completely mobile, and working on couple of remote business ideas. Moving in couple of days to a Sigma friendly US State (i.e. New Hampshire) so I can have more freedom. I joined this forum because I want to be in a community of like minded guys who understand what its like to be the outsider in the tribe. Its hard to find people like this IRL and sometimes it can drive you a little nuts. Also, so I can learn more about legally making money outside of the system.
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