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  1. Working for others is very bad, even worse if you work solely to support yourself. You don't do it because you like it, but out of necessity. This is how it is here in my country, the so-called informal jobs. But like one of the members named "Grumpy Dragon", he had said that 'it's okay to work for someone as long as they like it'. And I agree with him on that point. Now, I personally don't like working for someone, I don't know the person doesn't have freedom of creation and many times the employee isn't even recognized for what he did. (I don't say all companies, but some are). What appeals to me about working outside the system is the freedom to not depend on a boss. You be your own boss. The walk is not easy, but I believe it is rewarding. I think that's it.
  2. Hi, my name is Bruno and I'm from Brazil. I'll be honest, I have notions in English and I can often understand texts and even what they are saying. But I'm still learning to get fluent in the language, so sorry I had to use a translator (laughs). I discovered this site, rummaging through the internet about this enigmatic personality that is sigma. And looking at each feature of the sigma I saw that I would fit this type of personality. Of course I still don't consider myself one. I don't know if there are differences from country to country, because in my country Brazil we have an economic difficulty. I don't know if telling this makes any difference, but it's always good to say the context in which I am inserted. I currently live in a favela, and here in Brazil earning a salary of R$5000.00 reais (which would be equivalent to 991 US dollars or 818 euros) is to live well and stabilized. Here a minimum wage is R$1010.00 reais (200.22 dollars). People who live in favelas usually earn R$1500.00 reais (297.36 dollars) per month and are happy. I told this just to create a context where I come from. I always wanted to be a man dependent on myself, I always wanted independence. I never liked to follow anyone, I even had my doubts about entering this site here, for fear that I would be following. I am currently unemployed, and am studying to be a website developer. My dream is to work as a freelancer or digital nomad. And not forgetting, I'm studying English (laughs) so I don't have to use a translator. I forgot to say my age I am 32 years old. I always worked for someone, unhappy but I had to work for others. Well, I joined this site to learn how to be a sigma male. I would also like to be more self-confident with women, but the truth is, what I would most like is independence. Not that I don't care for women, but independence for me is everything (financial, emotional and even physical independence). Well I guess just for now, sorry for huge text.
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