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  1. This forum is full of self-improvement BS and men diluting themselves into being some sort of a psuedo archetype, called a sigma male. The forum is filled with shy men, not knowing how to put their head out of the sand and actually willing to improve their skills on the approaching and dating front. All of this going to the gym, mediocre financial advice, meditation mindfullness woo-woo is bullshit. All that time you're doing those things, you should be infield and coming back to discuss on this forum how to improve your conversion rates. I'm done mindwanking and planning in daygame sessions next week in my agenda and onwards. Hopefully I'll find a place online where I can learn to improve my infield skills. It's all mediocre over here, not interested in lifestyle advice. Feel free to delete my account Stevie. Adios comrades.
  2. f*cking prostitutes. Defnitely not worth it, despite knowing better I spent my fair share on them. Always the same story with those girls; you pay the standard fee and get some shitty sex. For me good sex is no limits: when I can fully dominate the girl (choking, hitting, spitting if I want etc.) + without condom and let her lick my balls, ass ...you name it, I want it all. If you want such service from a prositute you will pay manyfold the standard fee. Or that joke where I returned from Poland after 8 hours being in the country, all in all a joke of +€1000 or something...stupid daygame solotrip, you can read about it over here:
  3. cheeky man you JoJo. Indirect/direct game and being able to apply it in all kinds of situations during the day is the pinnacle of (day-)game.
  4. Because like I said most men work 9 to 5, have presumably a side gig AND THEN to work out 5 of 7 days AND daygaming, dating with maintaining a harem is very rare to pull off. Defnitely not mindwanking, rather keeping it realistic here.
  5. Let me just say it to you, like my mentor in the past would tell me the truth with tough love: textgame doesn't matter if the day/night game was good, period. It's an utter illusion if you think the text game is the issue, forget it please. it's your fucking interaction during daygame that matters. daygame ==> get the number or go for instant date and same day lay. number ==> text some back and forth with the INTENT TO MEET UP. that's it, you are not her gay best friend or pen pal, you have gotten her number in order to meet up. Pro tip of the day: close that deal during your daygame interaction: "when are you free, tuesday or thursday eve?" "what do you like beer, wine, cocktails? Oh okay then we will meet there and then". good. sort that shit out at the end of the interaction already and you won't be asking questions about fricking text game on here. This pro tip is based on one of the 6 principles (commitment) from Dr. Robert Cialdini "Influence: the psychology of persuasion", you should read it. I should start my own game coaching business, since the great ones left the scene; the bar in the industry has gotten so low it is embarrassing. Unfortunately I've no interest in coaching others with daygame. Tom Torero we miss you, true legend.
  6. A lot of dormant members on this forum. We are approaching 600 members, but what's it worth if only a few are posting or commenting.
  7. @BruceXT no exactly like 2 times running per week for 60 minutes with some abdominal excercises and controlling your eating habits is doable. I'm really going after what the marginal benefit is in matters of sexual succes when being buff and or ripped, compared to putting less time in the gym and more infield doing daygame.
  8. Yes, that's right; building a great physique might not be worth it if you want sexual success in life. Weird isn't it, let me explain to you why. In order to built a great physique you'll have to work out about 4 to 5 times per week for 60 to 90 minutes combined with a structural diet. Most of us men have a 9 to 5 job and work 40 hours or more. Workout is usually reserved for after work hours, the same applies for daygame which takes 120 minutes of your time for 10 good sets, done at least twice a week. In order to have a harem of women (dating not 1 girlfriend) you will have to meet and date these women, again..after work hours, which all in all is too time consuming to be able to: workout 5 times a week, daygame atleast 2 times a week, have a 9 to 5 job and make time to meet and date your harem. I'm I insane or the only one in the community ever having realized this? So my question to you is gentlemen: how do you find the time to combine all of the aspects mentioned here above.. 🤔 If you ever aspire to have a harem of women, you better put those workout hours in approaching women.
  9. Yes the option of being a male model to earn a living is legit if you chose option 1. Given that both are equally intelligent and capable.
  10. Failing school/university as a young man can be a big deal in your mind, we seem to be in the same boat. Keep your head up lad.
  11. show them how it's done. When I get my head out of the sand, I'll post some audio infields.
  12. Now the game is on. I'm really curious if Stevie still got it in him to pull off dating early twenty year olds. Hyped for footage/infields hermano.
  13. To check the amount of members, you have to go to Activity -> Sigma Forum Statistics. At the moment we are with 586 gentlemen on here.
  14. According to the MBTI test, I'm an ENTP, an ambivert (57% extroversion / 43% introvert), seems to be right. I tend to think like an introvert but act somewhat like an extrovert; I like my quality time on my own and so forth but have no problem fronting in groups both in daygame and corporate environment.
  15. @Steve Jabba You mentioned Krauser in your initial message of this thread. I know who Krauser is but I'm curious to know whether you or him still have contact with John Bodi (http://www.bodipua.com/) ?
  16. @Steve Jabba great work so far as I said before; as I'm back working out again I have a key question. Do you still have moments you 'cheat' like eat a snack, eating a big ticket meal and do you still drink alcohol daily (how much)?
  17. Who cares about weight, I know guys with a BMI of +25 who are muscular animals with 10% bodyfat.
  18. So far I've quit smoking on August the 22nd (and back hitting the gym). For 2 years I smoked one and a half package of cigarettes a day and before it was on and off. I decided to quit because I enjoy having a good physique and being able to enjoy the sports and physical activities that I like to do. I've quit 'cold turkey' although with the aid of drinking glasses of ice cold water and some nicotine chewing gums as last resort. So far so good, but I had to cut down on the drinking as well recently, to not get lured back in to smoking. Smoking cigarettes is an addiction both physically and psychological. The physical addiction and withdrawal symptoms last 7 to 10 days with the first 72hours being very hard.. after that period the cravings for cigarettes go down much and what rests is the psychological addiction (habits). @Steve Jabba how did you coped with quitting to smoke cigarettes? @Viking NYC how is your path to moderation with alcohol going and how do you weave in dating without giving in to temptations like drinking too much? For the rest of the members on this forum, are we the only one who are not saints on this front...? lol. like @maurice_bendrixwhat are your dirty stories or laundry on substances usage?
  19. bump...have others heard of this movement or is it just something being pushed around by the media?
  20. bruh wtf man, that's like a one year or semi year transition in 3 months time...you sure you ain't on some juice stevie,lol... take it as a complement, especially taken into account your age.
  21. Well my man, you got them rasta vibes about you I must admit. Bit of an archetype really, some girls go for it, others less. Reminds me somewhat on Mystery, Erik Von Markovic. Personally, I'm not really satisfied with the results I get from using Tinder where I live (Belgium), daygame yields better quality in my country. Abroad it depends, Poland was good, Spain meh. I looked at your profile and I can tell you are a great guy. Again without ever having met you; you remind me a lot on my wing I used to daygame with. You can reread our convo about it in your previous post. Salt of the earth guy, IT engineer, elite school, financially sound, great family, etc. Eventually he is now in a relationship with a girl he met from Tinder. I cannot tell if she is attractive, he just tells me he's happy and I think that is the most important. Please keep in mind that you only get real benefits from online dating as a man, when you pay for the premium subscriptions; otherwise your profile is not being shown around town on these apps.
  22. Bump... So I assume that all of the others on this forum did not had the vaccine?
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