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  1. At work, college, university, friends,.. you name it, you get called out for your intelligence by people who are on paper in the top 10% of intelligence in the western hemisphere. Altough it generally has advantages, life sucks being high on the intelligence scale. Why? You think about societal matters you should not think about, you're stuck in your head, you hypothesize and come up with theories you should not be thinking about. All somewhat major life decisions you contemplate on and scrutinze all details for living decades ahead. Your head is filled with jealousy for those lower on the intelligence scale; just like animals living, reacting and not being able to know better. Peace of mind to my ears. Sign me up for theraphy as copium. You have just read a sunday evening rant while admiring a blood moon, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.
  2. I was wondering if you could still pull it off dating late teens to early twenty year olds girls (+8/10) as an older guy: +35y of age. Did you noticed that your age affects your ability to still pull it off or what's the fuzz..sure there has to be an age that it really becomes harder to date these caliber of girls. Question thus for the older guys on here.
  3. Less talk more action..big supporter of that but very few on here are actually actively talking to girls. This phenomena wants me to leave the forum, but I'm kinda in a low period if you see my posts recently, so I'm not in a position to talk big wordsand do action...just speaking my opinion: and that is if you are worried about such phenomena, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really do have it in you to transcend to a sigma.
  4. I'm sorry to bring it to you guys, but if you are so worried about what others think of you or some pseudo law..then you are by definition a beta or gamma, defnitely not a sigma or alpha.
  5. I went shopping recently. It seemed to have taken 10 years, but G-star is finding it's best form again; great jeans (shorts), some non-logo cool prints, etc. America Today is a nice and affordable brand for t-shirts, sweatpants, etc. If you have the opportunity to visit a Scotch & Soda store, have a look.
  6. Maybe...if we would not buy Saudi's oil or do more business with those guys, they would not have the money to fund organisations attacking Syria and causing inhabitants to flee to the West.
  7. It's madness, not touching it. Cryptocurrencies have a very low chance of ever breaking through as a mass adopted medium to pay for transactions. Trust me if you look at how policy makers are now 'manipulating' the financial markets, just imagine the fight cryptocurrencies will have to go through against these policy makers. The government and central banks will do everything and anything in their power to prevent you paying for a pair of banana's in the supermarket using cryptocurrencies. If you can't even buy basic goods with cryptocurrencies, then what's the worth in those things. You have a better chance paying a slice of gold or toilet paper in the supermarket than using cryptocurrency in the future.
  8. I'm hearing EU countries are going to implement tighter restrictions, given the covid situation, the U.S. will probably follow. The financial markets are one big joke supported by artificial growth thanks to loose fiscal (stimulus checks) and monetary (low rates, QE,...) policy. The system is rotten from within, the progressives are in denial and doubling down on their strategy, welcome more civil unrest and hello a probable totalitarian state control, populism anyone?
  9. It seems to me that cryptocurrencies had an influx of money generated from all the stimulus checks western governments have handed out. A lot of brainless folks have put their stimulus money straight into speculative assets like cryptocurrencies, hence the boom. As covid situation improved, stimulus checks dried up and the (temporal) bust happened. The story of the stimulus checks is just the same as what we've seen with the interventions from the central banks over the years which caused asset classes to reach stretched levels. All asset classes (real estate, equities, bonds) are being propped up and chased around for as long as the central banks keep the "party" going. They take their hand off, and the world becomes really f*cking fair and messy quick. No one knows how long this is going to last, maybe up till infinity and beyond, money printer goes brr.
  10. @maurice_bendrix Hitler was an atypical and based guy indeed, altough no need for him again please. Yes I've seen Downfull, but the satirical memes carry on.
  11. Since more than a year, I drink every evening like +1liter beer or wine... I do not care nor fear dead anymore only pain. Life has no logical meaning after all, starting a generational family and all labour (even the largest inventions) are surrogate activities brought you by the story of sisyphus. Survival and replication of the genes is boring, I have understood and seen it by now...your mileage in drinking may vary. Meanwhile I'll enjoy my stay in the physical world as best as I can, after all immersion is hapiness.
  12. Broskiii...an alpha can pull off adultry in a relationship and his woman will still simp for him and stay exclusively loyal.
  13. Yes gentlemen, the blackpill ain't for us. Mostly it suits teenage and early twenty guys who are stuck with girls their age looking for the hot guy. The blackpill seems valid when you're younger, but in the end you get to know it's about the feefee's with women. Feelings and talking your way in their pants. However this does not rule out the satirical humor these young blackpillers produce about their perspective on society. really wonder what mentalcel and radicalcel would mean in their little sphere...
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