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  1. Since were being honest. First of all I am not dissectiong my own personal behavior in a feminine and solipsitic way. thats a reallly soially unaware thing to say. Because fact if it weren't the job of this entire forum to teach about Sigma mindset I wouldn't bother. I was merely trying to stay active on the forum as you keep insisting people should do Steve. I really don't give a fuck about it. Or care of about finding out of about my sigmaness. Its all a really lame marketing angle that doesn't seem to be working. And now you seem to be trollling your own forum now Steve. It all seems a little weird to me. Your tactics were invented on MASF years prior to you even being in the pickup community as well. Steve a sigma? Probably not. Steve a internet marketer. Likely.
  2. I am having a very hard time figuring out what I am. I am definately not delusional about myself so not gamma (I really do not care if I am high value at all). Never really had a hard time getting girls. However at one time was clueless about female psychology and unwilling to get out of my comfort zone. I do not like social hierarchies or playing the social games people play. I would rather spend time by myself than play social games. However because I am unwilling to play the social games some males feel powerful over me. Me and work related stuff is me being pretty unsucessful (I am unwilling to play the social games necessary to succeed though and prefer a lot of alone time). When I apply myself I don't seem to be bad socially at all either. I have done quite well at times in my life when I have applied myself. I don't know what this makes me. I have read the definitions of these and still unsure. Seems like I have a few of them in me at different times and places. I really don't care about my place in the hierarchy at all seems to be consistent theme. However am willing to adjust it temporarily to get girls. I can have gamma and other traits because I don't care where I stand in the hierarchy. Creates a lot of confusion in what I am. My resistance to wanting to have a part in the social hierarchy seems somewhat Sigma maybe though.
  3. Yes often sex drive is stronger. Depends though on the person. Some do not. certain supplements also create a higher sex drive as well. Being a good sexual state helps with getting the girls too (just in case you were not aware)
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Isometrics-Manual-Building-Conditioning-ebook/dp/B08D725FW4/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=isometrics+manual&qid=1628216462&s=books&sr=1-3 This is the best book describing the science. He also talks about his product (It measures strength gains). But he also talks about all forms of isometric training including zero tech which I described above. He has complete workout routines for all types of isometrics.
  5. If you do not give up you will get there. If it's what you really want and are putting in effort into and trying new things when other things are not working. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Study a guy who has already done it and then copy him. Or simply find a mentor who is willing to teach you. I am just trying to be helpful. You can do it. Stay positive.
  6. I would get out of the western countries now if they might get a vaccine passport. You can always come back when things get better.
  7. Cubans took over part of the military without weapons even. Turkey was rescued by its own people (or helped) from a military coup as well. Maybe they want us to all be sheep.
  8. Well it sounds like you need to tune into your inner feelings a little better. What is important to you? Once you strip away all of societies social conditioning (Like needing to be of a certain status in life with a certain job with a certain type of wife etc.). It's ok to want to things that society expects of you. That is if you are passionate about doing those things. You certainly don't want to become a value taker though of course. Thats too far the other way. I wish you good luck with it.
  9. I have just started Isometric Body Building. The science backs up that it is superior to all other forms of exercises. You simply use your own body as resistance to exercise. You recover faster can workout more and get stronger much faster. Old strong man of earlier eras invented it. The inventor of it got so strong he broke the chains holding him in World war 1. He broke out of prison in war 4 times. The isometric holds strengthen the tendons. Which is true strength. Large muscles look nice but don't get you as strong. However if you want large muscles you can get those with isometric holds as well. I recomend getting a book on it. I am having a lot of fun with it right now. There is no resting between exercises (These are static holds) so workouts are very short but you can do your whole body.
  10. I really like your post. You said it is scaleable (putting your money in assets). It there a book or a resource where someone just starting out can learn about different ways to buy assets (without much starting capital). LIke what you can buy for assets for low starting capital and how to go about it.
  11. Real Estate seems like a great way to stay outside the system and make good money. You can actually start with very little money. I must admit that I have not actually field tested the information I have learned in the real estate market yet. However real estate always appreciates. And I don't know how the economy is going to impact the market as well. the experts agree the United States is headed for a great depression. However I thought that since the sub forum is for making money I'd mention it. There is a great book that I have about it that I can recommend if anyone is interested too. It is How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Buying Homes In Nice Areas With Nothing Down. Its a classic on the subject. Author is Peter Conti and David Finkel I thought this was a great business idea to share.
  12. That is a really weird date. And it was a date and she knows it. Stay away from girls like this. There is a lot of Social Justice crap flying around and if your not careful it might hit you too.
  13. It really depends on where you travel and if you wanna slow travel etc. But it is possible to travel on $1000 per month based on my research. Check out Vagabond Buddha for a reference to what I am talking about (He actually says he can travel on 750). You might have to cut corners and eat like the locals etc. There are place like Turkey where to locals live on about 300 usd per month for example. Great way to start your business as a lot of place are very cheap to live. If you can live in a place for 600 per month for a few months you can save up. Of course more money requires less planning etc. and is always a good idea. Keep in mind this is based on online research and not my own experience. I have taken down numbeo.com cost of living etc. though. Depends on what kind of lifestyle you prefer. Bali Indonesia for example is a super cheap exotic place. If you wanna go to the bars and restaurants a lot more gonna cost a lot more.
  14. Some of the richest guys in the world started out with nothing. Sometimes starting out with nothing is why. This privilege talk is a joke. About Daymond John
  15. I'll checkout the book. I am very interested in the sigma mindset in particular. However this is a great start. Thank you.
  16. I can be a little awkward at times. It's much better now that I have gotten into pickup and learned some skills. Will watch some self proteciton videos. Thank you.
  17. Ok so I will give a example of something which actually happened (I had forgotten about it previously). I was hanging at a really shady pool hall. Big man twice my size more than likely on drugs. comes up to me out of the blue (I did not know hime and never seen him before). Screams at me "You little fucking pussy". "You wanna fight you little fucking pussy". Screams at me like this for a mintue or two. I don't know if you guys really want real something that actually happened or if you guys are just giving me shit though. I think its the former.
  18. Well yeah it is kinda hypothetical. It has never actually happened to me before. The few times it has happened (very long time ago). I was better off being assertive. So yeah a little irrevelent I guess... For a example of guys fresh out of jail that hurt people seriously. Watch the news. However I am sure Steve who I asked the question to. Is more than likely going to say that he listens to nobody. So I didn't really need to ask the question I guess. I agree for the most part. My life history has taught me this as well.
  19. Actually I have a follow up question Steve. It involves guys that are obviously dangerous. There are some men who act like they are freshly out of jail. If you were to put them in there place they would more than likely try to hurt you. I know that I am getting older and I cannot possibly take a lot of men out in a fight. Are you always assertive no matter what? What do you do in the unlikely but possible situation where a guy might try to fight?
  20. I have read Primal Seduction. What really stands out in my mind after reading some of the book is mindset. In particular assertiveness. From what I have read and know about Steve Jabba is that he is very very assertive. I agree with this mentality. Can you please tell me a little more about being assertive from your point of view. In particular I believe in what Steve Jabba believes about assertiveness. However in practice I have found a bit more difficult to be as assertive as Steve Jabba. Do to things like covert aggression. Covert aggression allows a person plausible deniability and the ability to frame you as over reacting. How does Steve deal with covert aggeression? Or people framing you as too aggressive or sensitive etc? Thanks
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