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  1. Might be Steve Jabba has already considered this and has bought various domains in anticipation. Watch this space...
  2. Just had pcr. Very smooth. 10 minute job. Kiev here we come. Assuming i'm not positive. 😆
  3. My spies report steve jabba has given up on his diet and training. Spotted feasting on pizza, brownies and cheap but gorgeous serbian wibe with a tall american chap called Wrinkler. Already has the perfect soy face. What a fag!
  4. This gave me a big LOL whilst drinking my G &T and eating my Caprese salad.
  5. One of the most fascinating introductory posts on the forum. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on here.
  6. What's the deal with PCR test requirements to get into Poland then?
  7. It was at one point. Looks like the big scary Kung Flu restrictions have reset it as it should be. 😁
  8. That isn't the attitude of a Sigma Male. I don't think you're alone in thinking this because there's so much misinformation online. Sigmas love women because they get the best out of them. Stick around and read up on this site. You sound angry and insecure at the moment.
  9. Great article Jojo. You have to get into the mindset that it's just a game. Protect her image of chastity by not openly acknowledging what will happen at your place.
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