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  1. Freelancing is great. I did it for 3 years or so. I was earning like £350 per day as a mid to senior engineer. I wish somebody had told me about it when i was 20. Interesting projects and working with switched on people.
  2. Finally got some time for an updated, had wanted to post it a few weeks back but was busy traveling etc. Not seeing huge difference between when I started and now. I need to eat more, but have been traveling loads these last few months (pretty fun so not complaining, big road trip around Spain and Portugal) but there we go. Like I said, not seeing huge difference in my physique, but I have put on some weight, having moved from around 70kg to around 74kg so that's something 💪 and I've noticed big improvements in actual strength compared to when I started. I'm able to do way more push-ups and pull-ups than I used to, and my shoulders and elbows give me much less jip, they used to cause discomfort but have improved a lot. I guess I'm late posting for the competition deadline. Eitherway, I'm gunna keep posting updates here when I find the time, as it's quite useful for keeping motivation high and tracking progress. Once I have a more settled life (probably not for a few months yet), gunna start getting those calories in and eating more.
  3. Yeah this is defo an issue. Main reason for that is we were travelling so only staying in places for 1 or 2 nights, so it was now or never! Not sure how else to go about it in that situation... Thoughts?
  4. to wrap up these last few posts some humorous ones: I approached a fit brazilian in gym clothes and big titties, turns out she's a hooker. My mate had the exact same thing with 2 other girls... and this one was savage - was walking past some outside bar seating and approached a couple girls. i went in hard, hugged her, she was really warm so joking about her being my hot water bottle, starting escalating and kissing her, had to go so got her number and about 30 minutes later went back to meet her and there was another dude hitting on her in the same exact location. he was touching her, kissing her... i was disgusted and left. night game is proper ratchet 😂
  5. Here's an ideal whatsapp interaction from my point of view. Just some simple friendly formalities and then going in for the logistics. Now, the interaction was not perfect by any means, but the whatsapp was good. She was up for meeting and played her part, didn't make me chase. This was a fit 18 year old i stopped in the street in Seville. She was super on it, strong eye contact, standing very close. I should have tried to kiss her the first time i met her then and there. Should have taken her by the hands, seen her reaction, if good, pulled her in... She was standing super close and in hindsight I think she was ready then. I knew it at the time too, but i was a little hesitant as she seems like a good girl, and I let that thought weasel into my mind. Instead, I took her on a double date and kissed her at the very end of the date. Then she went and didn't have time to see me again before I left. I think a good approach to gaming in general is to always have in your mind what the next escalation step is. Thought process like: "right, she's standing super close... holding eye contact... right, what's next... touch her... ok she liked that... take her hand in yours and lock eyes.... ok she's enjoying it... move a little closer... ok she didn't move back... move in closer to kiss her... ok she's not budged... kiss her" and if she does push back or move away, you roll off for a bit and try again later. never letting any of the objections actually frame-fuck you. instead of weasely frame-fucking thoughts like this: "oh she's ready to kiss, but is she gunna reject me? she's so young what will she think of this guy trying to kiss her...? what will other people think...?" the key being taking it one step at a time, instead of thinking "ok right i have to kiss her right now!", instead lead up to it and feel out the situation to make sure she's onboard. anyway enough ramble, here's the whatsapp:
  6. Here's a few chats that just lead nowhere fast, ghosts. This was a super fit waitress at a restaurant. She was giving huge IOIs at the time so I asked for her number as we paid the bill. She ghosted (she did say her whatsapp is broken, and suggested insta instead (i don't use it) so who knows with this one.) In hindsight, i reckon just a simple "Hey 👋" would have been much better here, instead of my long essay These two girls i approached and snagged them onto an instant-date, me and my pal sat and had drinks with them for 30 minutes. The vibe was decent, they seemed to have a good time. both giving some IOIs like "i love your accent" and long eye contact / hair plays etc. Both of them ghosted: this was a attractive 18yo girl i met, she was eating an ice-cream when I met her hence the opener. She said she had a boyfriend, so i didn't push the number close after asking once. But then she was like "so i have to go, but do you want my number?" In hind-sight, given the situation i should have suggested to meet somewhere that there's no chance of anyone seeing her with me, because she told me she has a boyfriend. Maybe i should have even just gone savage and told her to come over to my hotel later. Her objection to meeting was "i'm working all evening"... not "no i can't meet i have a bf" - soooo, all the above considered i'd say she was up for it with some luck, and had i played my cards right. This night I was on an absolute beast mode, ended up shagging a black girl in her airbnb with her friend in the room next door (I shoulda gone for the 3some grrr) but anyway, this is another girl I approached that night. There was a huge group of like 6 girls, i went in super savage and direct and got the number of the one i liked most, she never replied (if i hadn't got distracted by the black girl i'd have gone and joined their group) Here's some girl that flaked who i'd asked for some advice about the town we were in. and another that i've forgot the context... So that's the bad ones and the ghosts out of the way - there were quite a lot more of these and I think the main conclusion is actually not about what I'm saying in the messages, it's about the interaction that leads to the messages. That's the best time to make an impact, go in and game her. the messages should just be a polite formality that lead to the next date. If she's not replying it's most like because A, i didn't build enough rapport and attraction, B she just didn't like me enough, C she's got other shit on her mind and doesn't have time/space for anything, Gotta accept that flakes are part of the game and move on. I have seen that the girls who are really on it will message you back and put in some effort.
  7. Here's an example of a terrible whatsapp exchange that bombed like a nuke. The context, this girl was outside her house, just woke up at like 6pm after partying the day before. she's wearing a white top with massive titties that are showing through. The interaction is good, good vibe, tells me what she's doing tonight and says to call her later... I should have done that, just called her in the evening after the bars shut and she was a little drunk, to see if she was down to come over. Instead I asked her a question "When do you leave?" - no reply... i send her a voice message - no reply. At this point it's the next day so I'm like fuck it i may as well go nuclear since we're leaving in a few hours. The direct "I like you" gif was shitty. The reason I said "I want to tell you something" was because I know it'd get her to reply, since she'd be curious. And in the last few messages she didn't reply... But, it should have never got to that situation, If i'd called her that evening like she herself had suggested. Of course she may always not have answered... But yeah, should have instead called her after the bars shut and see if she wanted to come over or meet for a drink on the beach. I was sending too many messages, and they were too keen.
  8. So here's a little breakdown of my thoughts currently. I'd be interested to hear other's opinions. After chatting to my mate who I've just been traveling with about the subject of text game, i feel I have a little more clarity on the subject. In the past I over think and over complicate my text messages. I need to tone down and simplify my text messages in most situations. Just keeping it basic and friendly most of the time, with humor when appropriate. But, taking the circumstance into account. In the past I've tended towards over-gaming and over thinking and fucking up perfectly good leads because of that. Better to keep it simple, exchange a few messages then go for arranging the meet up.
  9. Be interested to hear how @Steve Jabba has handled the covid isolation rules now that you're back in the UK. Im also returning next week and dont fancy sitting indoors for 10 days. Have you had any calls or visits from those people who enforce it?
  10. Wow. What's your plan should this law come into effect?
  11. if you can, go to a busy night life area and just walk around outside - that way the social pressure won't be as palpable... walk around and approach girls as they are on their way, or standing outside venues
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