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  1. same here. approaching when im in cities and getting results. this forum has been helpful for getting thoughts down and feeling a sense of "accountability": so starting a approach journal on here, then knowing if you dont approach you'll have to write about that publicly ... who cares what the method is, if it is effective 👍
  2. This is going to be my journal for an upcoming trip to Barcelona. The last journal I did was for 7 days in Madrid. This trip will be longer, probably 10-14 days, so looking to at least double my approach count. The plan is pretty simple really. In the mornings go to cafes to work and do casual approaches if nice girls area around. The rest of the day will be tourist stuff + approaching, gym and some Spanish study. I'll be aiming to approach lots in the first week in order to drum up leads. Probably aim for 10 sets a day for the first 7 days including 2 or 3 warmups. I'll let this post sit and wait until the trip commences, getting excited for it 😎
  3. yeah, i'm a fullstack web engineer. It's a cool skill and one that pays well compared to other sectors. Highly in demand. I am able to earn more working part time than friends working regular jobs full time.
  4. I like various liquid asset classes such as cash, gold/silver, collectibles and crypto. With a focus on increasing marketable skills and building net worth over time in ways that avoids total ruin. Additionally trying out various small business ideas.
  5. aye, I'm a fullstack dev. at very least may be able to make some suggestions, feel free to PM me if you want to share deets off the record
  6. yeah there's plenty of material online. Have watched a bit of it, but plan is to head somewhere coastal and in southern hemisphere (Argentina?) this winter and just smash out some lessons. Maybe also learn to scuba dive
  7. In the coming months I'm planning to learn how to sail, the aim is to be able to command a small yacht (30-35ft) alone. No plan to buy a yacht or anything, just want the skills so that if the time comes to get out of dodge without having to ask anyone's permission that door is open. E.g drop a few grand on a boat and sail off into the sunset. Last few years already got my motorbike and car license, so aiming to check off the next logic mode of transport. Guess after that it'll be learning to fly haha Another benefit I can see of learning to sail is volunteering on other peoples yachts. Yacht owners always need crew, there's a big shortage. I think it'd be a cool way to skip across the Atlantic from Europe to Latin or North America, and avoid red-eye flights. It sounds like a real adventure. Also likely less bs dealing with airport security and customs. Some time in the future it'd be amazing to buy a boat and do long travels with it. Especially during these times where travel is more difficult. I'm guessing when traveling the high seas, you could get away with a lot more than when traveling by land. Although, I've been told owning boats is a huge money and time sink for maintenance. Does anyone here know how to sail?
  8. Here's a little floor plan i sketched up a while back. It's pretty amatuer, but gives the gist. I'd guess the total floor space of both sides of the house will be 150sqm once it's renovated. Also came with a 20 sqm garden literally a few seconds down the road from the property. This will be ideal for BBQing. House 2 I think it's bigger than the house 1, but it's a total ruin with rubble everywhere. Literally, a floor collapsed. Fun project, but this type of work is not for everyone. Doesn't have a floor plan yet because it's still being made safe. House 1 This side of the house is in decent condition and aprox. 67.5sqm in 2nd floor large bedroom, spacious hallway and built in cupboards 1st floor 1 bedroom 1 small bedroom/storeroom large L shaped kitchen hallway ground floor bathroom with shower/toilet storeroom large entryway I'll get some pics up at some point soon
  9. hahaha yeah that's not gunna happen 😂 Yeah not too sure about getting nationality here, but residency status is definately possible. Know a few people who've done it. It just takes ages because the bureaucracy here is super slow and also pretty corrupt (which can help, if you know someone who works for the police 😄).
  10. The burden of proof lies on them. They need to prove it's safe, it's not us that needs to prove it's unsafe. They are the ones proposing messing with a complex system (the human body) by injecting novel substances. This concept 👆 comes directly from Nassim Taleb's incierto books. This reasoning is enough for me not rush into taking it. Throw on top of that all the main stream media hype, top-down pressure from governments, and the peeps getting attacked and demonized for not wanting it... You don't need wild theories to reason about things like this imo
  11. Side note there, if anyone has the opportunity to get dual citizenship, well worth it. Gives you options and preparedness for the future. Who knows what will happen! I got my dual passports around 2018 after Brexit was announced.
  12. Ah so I'm a dual citizen (maybe you missed that?), I have an German passport which is what I enter Europe on, and when returning to the UK just use my British one. Europeans citizens can stay in Spain up to 3 months without registering. I'm not gunna bother registering. First off, they literally never check. Unless you need to do some sort of official stuff, it's not necessary. Secondly, you can buy property here as a non-resident. It's quite simple actually and I imagine it's not that different if using your UK passport. It's becoming a resident that may be trickier on a UK passport now that Brexit has taken place. The main document you need is the NIE - a Spanish non-resident tax number. All I did was went to the embassy in London (via appointment) and applied for an NIE number and 2 weeks later they emailed it to me. After that, all I had to do was communicate with the Notary via email and send them a few more generic documents, and also a scan of the contract (I googled for a generic contract and myself and the previous owner signed it and I sent him a small deposit). I had some help with translations from the family I know here, again, super useful! That was the main bits of the process, had to also phone the electric company and swap the house over to my name, and also open a bank here in Spain. But it wasn't all that tricky. Just bit by bit really, one step led to the next. They was to get the NIE number because without that you can't do much apart from look at houses!
  13. Chatting to a gal here who just had one of the vaccines. Says all her friends her age have had the same reaction... She's 24...
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