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  1. I wouldn't get too down on yourself, you did a lot more than what most guys do. And it is difficult doing daygame in London by yourself (even though you were there for the march) And don't worry, we all experience those kinds of reactions from time to time. Personally, when I find out the lady is British, it never feels me with joy, and most people that regularly daygame in London will tell you the same. They're obviously not all dismissive of being chatted up on the street, but a lot them do seem to have a chip on their shoulder.
  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for the info, is the antigen test mandatory? I've heard some people not having to do it (might be bullshit). Do they escort you to the place where you have to take it? What's the day 5 cost about? I was going to ask if the Ukrainian women were receptive to your approaches, but I think I remember you saying you went with your girlfriend? Good to know you were really impressed by the quality over there, and maybe I should take the opportunity while I can, because as you say, come Winter we might be in lockdown again.
  3. Nice shirt for the summer, like the colours. Got to be careful with these Hawaiian/Cuban shirts, some are too loud and garish, I have a couple as well but they're quite muted.
  4. You've made me feel guilty, just had two packets of Walker's Crisps and two mini twix's.
  5. Seems like a complete over reaction, I imagine a lot more people died from ordinary flu that day. And who's to say he actually died from Covid.
  6. Haha, you seem pretty resilient, I'm sure you'll be back soon once you've rested up a bit. At least you don't have a dodgy back, that would be more debilitating and frustrating. I have a friend that has back trouble (like myself), he did his back in again recently just cleaning his bath, he can barely walk at the moment, and gym is definitely a no no.
  7. I'm follicly challenged now unfortunately, so I have a number 1 all over, which I do myself. The barbers all closed right at the start of the Covid outbreak (as you all know, which I think was near the start of last year over here), it's actually been a good thing for me, as I was hanging onto my candy floss hair on top of my head, not that it looked particularly bad or I was unhappy about it, but it was just annoying when it rained, if I was quite sweaty, or I had to wear a hat. And you're talking to someone that used to regularly spend at least £32 every 4-6 weeks on getting his hair cut. Anyway, I've not been that impressed with the hair clippers I've used thus far. The first one I bought was Hatteker hair clippers, which have good reviews on Amazon, but they're Chinese and are a bit cheap looking, also the blade has never been the sharpest (they're meant to be self-sharpening) but to be fair, the charge on them is good and they've performed quite well for 8 months, but hair has started to pull a bit, still usable though. So recently I bought a new pair of clippers, these are the Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers, they are a bit different from the usual hair clippers, as it's small in size to hold but it has a long curved blade which is meant to make cutting your hair easier and quicker. I don't know if I was sold a dud item, as this product has lots of great reviews, but I thought these were garbage, hair was pulling on the first cut which was quite disappointing, and they just seem gimmicky, I did try them again after oiling, but still the same. I've chucked them now. Would be interested to know what clippers you guys use...
  8. I know Scotch & Soda are known for their chinos, but I don't think I've ever tried a pair on before. They're quite pricey from what I remember, but if you really like the fit and quality, it's a good investment. In regards to t-shirts, I'm quite fussy, I have to really like the fit, I tend to wear short sleeved shirts more now in the summer (I'm very smart casual, you won't see me in a addidas tracksuit popping out to get a pint of milk, not that there's anything wrong with that). I don't normally shop at Gap, but I thought for a change I'd try their shorts, and I quite like them, very comfortable not too tight, or too baggy, and I like their boxers as well (though their t-shirts I didn't like).
  9. How long you going for? How much was the travel insurance (what company did you use?) What about for the PCR test coming back, do you know which medical firm you're going with? (Sorry for all the questions, but I'm thinking of going in August).
  10. Hopefully it runs smoothly for you, as you're flying from Serbia it should be less convoluted. Yeah, I remember going to Prague this time last year, weird being at Stansted with everyone wearing a mask and all the shops closed...apart from WHSMITH (though you didn't need a PCR test or quarantine back then). It was like being in a bad Sci-Fi movie. Well, keep us updated on how you get on. I'm still in two minds about going.
  11. I'm assuming you're in Kiev now? What was the travel experience like at the airports, and getting your PCR test?
  12. Progressive media have been very quiet about this.
  13. I feel I need to get away, I reserved a place in Kiev for a week in early August, I could've booked somewhere in the UK but the prices would be ridiculous. Having to pay extra for PCR tests, the stress of having them sent off and received in time, wearing the mask at the airport and on the plane, and the possible long queues, is giving me second thoughts, need to book my flights soon as well, otherwise they will go up in price. It's just annoying having to go over these extra hurdles, travelling is not exactly stress free at the best of times, it's either accept it, or don't go. I suppose once you reach Kiev, you can relax a bit, though I believe you have to do an "express test" at the airport as well. Any thoughts?
  14. One of my favourite films and a great soundtrack.
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