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  1. Been going strong in the last stretch of this daygame season. Closed a tourist visiting from California this past weekend after meeting her the previous day doing daygame. My plan is to keep pushing hard this next month until Thanksgiving while it's still not too cold to keep approaching.
  2. I retract what I said in my previous post. My life spiraled out of control within weeks of not moderating my drinking and it certainly didn't help my daygame. So now with the exception of allowing myself to drink on dates, I'm focused on totally sober daygame with no drinks afterwards either. It's going to be very difficult because I become extremely introverted when I stop drinking, but there's no other way. I've already started the process this week with at least getting out there and doing some warmups.
  3. The profile text starts out well enough but then tapers off into a generic list of places you've lived and hobbies that girls won't even bother reading. You have to frame hanging out with you as an adventure. So taking the topics 420, philosophy, discussing the universe, and comedy you could say something like "Let's smoke a bowl in the park and discuss Nietzsche and parallel universe theory and then watch an Anthony Jeselnik comedy special". Or instead of just saying you like playing basketball you could say "On the weekend you can find me playing pickup ball at the park. But don't worry...I promise I won't dunk on you if we hang out." These are just examples right off the top of my head but it gives you an idea of how you can make your profile text much more compelling. I'll DM you some screenshots of my profile so you can see what works for me.
  4. I've been using online dating since 2015 and Tinder has really tanked. It seems like now it's more of an app for girls to promote their social media. Bumble is much better, at least in the US, so I'd shift your focus to that. The first 3 pics are on the right track but the rest don't convey much. It's all a bit too smiley nice guy. I'd go for something a bit more badass, like a pic in a leather jacket on a motorcycle or something like that. It doesn't really matter if it's a facade. Everyone is putting up a front online and you want the most matches possible. From the link I can only see the pics and not the profile text so I can't really comment on that.
  5. Moderation didn't work out for me. I became a complete hermit for the past 6 weeks. On Monday I started focusing again on daygame/dating at the expense of my drinking.
  6. I'm kicking off this week in MUCH BETTER shape than last week now that I've got my drinking under control. I did allow myself to drink Friday and Saturday (as planned) but now "Sunday Funday" has been replaced by "Sunday 6 Mile Run Day". Since I'm addressing my addictions, I might as well take on my caffeine addiction this week because I drink way too much coffee and strong tea in the morning. So I'm cutting out coffee for the week and will allow myself one tea in the morning. In place of the coffee I'll drink a green juice for energy (which my stomach can handle again now that I'm not drinking daily). I'm also going to be doing daily cold showers which give me an energy boost.
  7. Today I'd like to document my last 5 days without drinking which was a huge challenge given my history with alcohol how out of control my drinking got last week. I'm feeling much better now so I'd like to lay out everything that worked and all the steps I took. I'm not trying to quit permanently but rather stick with moderation, however if things get out of hand again I'll use this as a reference guide as to what I did to get things under control and feeling better. The challenges that I faced the first 4 days were: horrible hangover on day 1, insomnia including one night of no sleep at all, zero libido, very low mood and general feeling of emotional flatness, having trouble completely winding down in the evening at night, and food cravings. The things that helped me most were: - Taking Benadryl to help with insomnia - Stopping drinking Sunday to kick the week off right - Doing a long 6 mile run in the heat on Sunday despite having a bad hangover to get things back on the right track - Working out every day besides one - Reading a good book (in this case it was "12 Rules of Life" by Jordan Peterson) - Binge watching something entertaining on Netflix (watched Sex/Life) - Indulging with food to some degree if I felt too edgy, but nothing that would leave myself feeling bad the next day - Having a long term goal to get through the worst period, namely getting good at daygame. To document how it went day by day: I woke up feeling terrible on Sunday after having drank to near blackout for the fourth time in the course of the week. Even though I was feeling awful I did a 6 mile run in the afternoon when it was almost 90 degrees out. It was miserable and I had to stop and rest at the 2 mile mark and 4 mile mark. But it let me sweat out some of the toxins and put me in an empowered enough state that I could break the cycle of drinking. That evening I binge watched Netflix to keep myself occupied and then took Benadryl to help me fall asleep. On Monday after work I did hot Vinyasa flow yoga in my apartment to get a really good sweat going. Again I wasn't feeling great but I made it through. At night I binge watched Netflix again. Before going to bed I took melatonin rather than Benadryl in order to avoid building up a tolerance but unfortunately I had complete insomnia and did not sleep at all at night. On Tuesday I felt awful due to the lack of sleep but I still did an intense 45 minute gym workout at noon. Then in the evening I did a 3+ mile run because I was miserable and needed a way to pass the time. Again binge watched Netflix at night to pass the time. On Wednesday I was physically exhausted from working out hard Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and had no energy left to workout. So instead I did a lot of reading. I had been reading "12 Rules of Life" by Jordan Peterson and finished the last 50 pages of that. Ironically the last chapter was about handling the inevitable suffering of life so it was quite appropriate for that moment. On Thursday I woke up feeling much better. At noon I did an intense 45 minute workout. Then after work I did a several hour walk from my place downtown, over the Brooklyn Bridge, and through Brooklyn. I got some food, took the subway home, and then started a new book before going to bed.
  8. This last week I kept to my workout schedule perfectly and got in an extra 6 mile run on Sunday. However I only got in 14 approaches and missed my Friday and Saturday daygame sessions due to wearing myself out from excessive drinking during the week. I've discussed this in another thread but this issue has now become a priority for me and I can't sweep it under the rug anymore. So this week, my rule for myself is no alcohol until I get in my 25 approaches. The only exception is for an insta-date.
  9. I think there's a lot to be said for this statement. Until 2015 I only drank on the weekends. Then when I started doing online dating I could easily have 3 dates during the week all involving alcohol. It quickly reached the point where I was craving that stimulation every day and started drinking on a near daily basis. During the lockdown last year I actually was able to go over 2 months without drinking just because I accepted it was going to be an austere low stimulation time of my life no matter what. But then my drinking went back to near daily after that. Yesterday really hammered home that I need to address this issue now. Usually Saturday is my biggest day for daygame but after a week of heavy drinking I was so emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted I couldn't even consider doing an approach. So I've decided today I need to start really focusing on this problem and make it a priority in my life.
  10. I've had a moderate problem with alcoholism for the past 6 years which veers off into a major problem occasionally. Luckily I only like beer and sometimes wine so I never pound down shots. However at times I can sit at a bar for hours and drink enough beers that I barely remember getting home. I've been able to keep my life on track with a strict workout regimen but I do feel that I'm burning the candle at both ends. Completely quitting alcohol is a massive life change whereas moderation only lasts so long. So I'm not sure what the solution is right now.
  11. In the previous 2 weeks I got extremely apathetic about approaching so decided to put together a weekly schedule just like I have for my workouts. My goal is to get in a minimum of 25 approaches a week and 5 numbers, which should yield one date per week based on past experience. I've also become aware that I have a certain cycle throughout the week where the first session in the week is like pulling teeth, I hit a peak on Saturday where I do the most approaches and get the best responses, and then hit a wall on Sunday where it's actually counterproductive to try to approach. So I'm factoring these things into my schedule. I'm also aware that as an introvert I need at least one or two recharge days where I'm almost completely alone and don't really talk to anyone. So here's what I put together... Monday: Recharge day, 45-60 minute Vinyasa flow yoga session in the evening. Go solo monk mode to get my mind ready for what's to come during the week. Tuesday: Intense 45 minute gym workout at noon. If I have a date for the week do it either Tuesday or Wednesday because early in the week cancelation rate is low and bars are calm and better environments for dates. Wednesday: Optional 3-4 mile run (can also be done Friday). 5 approaches in the evening...just get the ball rolling with no pressure Thursday: Intense 45 minute gym workout at noon. 5 approaches in the evening. Friday: 3-4 mile run if not done on Wednesday. 5 approaches in the evening. After sunset pop into some bars and talk to girls sitting next to me or in my vicinity. Saturday: Focus of the day is daygame. Do 10 approaches. Same as Friday pop into different bars and use momentum from daygame to talk to girls in my vicinity. Possibly some additional street approaches at night. Sunday: Recharge day. Either leave the city to go hiking, do a long run by the water, or go to a different borough with more nature and less people.
  12. Hey guys, I had a scenario today I'd like to get some opinions on. I had a really good street approach on a stationary girl who was waiting on a friend. I got her number and stayed to talk a few minutes more. Then her guy friend came in to meet her and I closed out the interaction at that point. Here's my question...would it have been more confident to quickly introduce myself to the guy friend or would that have instead possibly caused the girl an awkward moment if he asked how we knew each other?
  13. I got really into some of the manosphere/red pill stuff back years ago and it did nothing but harm to me. It wasn't Rollo I followed but another one of the best known of these guys. Instead of taking a hard look at oneself and focusing on self improvement, it always gives you a way out by blaming modern day women and culture for the results you're getting. Completely eliminating that type of thinking from my life is one of the best things I've ever done.
  14. I think it's really simple...if you're content with 5s and 6s then take a passive approach to women and that's what you'll get. I've done absolutely everything I can as a man outside of cold approach...I'm a Principal Engineer and tech lead of multiple major projects, I live in a new building with a rooftop in one of the best neighborhoods in downtown Manhattan, I'm in top physical condition and ran a 1 hour 52 minute solo half marathon this year. And what does all that get me by itself...5s and 6s. Years before I achieved any of these things I got better women than that with cold approach, and that's why I've made it my life's mission to succeed at daygame this season by yes...actually approaching.
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