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  1. Something I do that might be helpful is… I have five goals (outside of staying in touch with family and just general life shit - sticking to commitments, paying bills, etc): - Make a music track (new hobby which I’m shit at) - Get my business to £1m per month profit - secure our first global partner - Complete 75 hard and be shredded as fuck for my 40th which is Oct 19th (currently on day 52) - Travel Asia for 2-3 months (start Thai) have a ball, prove my business works, and meet loads of interesting people. Everyday I work on them. I don’t have a list I simply work on them so I just start and ask what’s next. I’ve achieved loads with this method because you just keep grinding away and then you look up and you’re like fuck me it hardly felt like progress. Also, no matter what I achieve. No matter how small it is. The next day when I review the previous day I big myself the fuck up. Why? cause I want to feel good & create momentum and plus, why not. Honestly non of it matters anyway. The whole point of goals is to help you grow. As long as you are growing, even if it’s tiny, it’s a result. Obviously most days I do get through a decent amount but some days I look back and go I hardly moved the needle. But I moved it! And that’s the key
  2. In fact I forgot to make my point on the last post haha… Everyone I know who took on a life that wasn’t meant for them. Begrudgingly followed what they were supposed to do. At my age of 39. Look shattered. And it’s not the path. I know others who loved that path. They got married and just loved everything about it. They look good. Stress is ageing.
  3. We can 100% slow down the ageing process. I’ve read pretty much all there is to read on diet and exercise and I think it all comes down to one thing. Stress and negative beliefs). I’m 39 years old. I set my own business up 15 years ago - which I fucking love doing. I lift weights. I eat healthy. I still party. I have had my fair share (no where near you by the sounds of it but done pretty decent). But the main thing is at age thirty after getting depressed and anxious I took a course called thrive which gave me the mental tools and techniques to quickly get in a positive state. It gave me a framework and reference point to have an internal locus of control, realise 99% of bad feelings are caused by bad thinking styles, gave me the power to slowly replace negative beliefs with positive ones and gave me a technique to get myself out of a funk quickly. In your book Steve it sounds like you found similar tools (process the positives in thrive is basically reference points). Since then I have also added more esoteric teaching and beliefs about how the universe works to my toolbox. My key thing now is focusing on acting more on my sense of entitlement (I think I deserve the best of everything but don’t always act on it!) and going living abroad consistently. One thing I love about this forum and your mindset Steve is it gives me another example of someone slightly older than me still living a life that looks super appealing to me.
  4. I don’t know if anyone has read a book call reality transurfing. Well if you haven’t i can give you a basic overview. It’s written by a Russian physicist and it’s a basic model for reality which is built on the premise that the future is infinite and we experience it moment by moment. Kind of like a Why is this relevant to this conversation. Well basically we get to choose our reality by choosing our beliefs. I believe you had a section in your book primal seduction on this Steve (again if you haven’t read this then just read it it’s brilliant). So again, why is this relevant. Everything you said Steve I agree with but I’m try to change my beliefs bit by bit. Why? Self interest. Having a controlling government that is out only to serve itself and not it’s people really isn’t in my self interest. And I currently do believe this. I also don’t have anyone tell me what to do and I believe freedom is the ultimate goal. Now how am I doing this. Switching off and forcing myself to believe the world is looking out for me. Many of you will say not signs face reality, we’ll face this. We don’t know what reality is. We don’t know how it’s connected to consciousness. Since using reality transurfing I have seen it become more malleable in my own life. I wasn’t gonna post because people think this is woo woo but fuck it I don’t care. If this can help someone like it’s helping me then fuck it. Have a great day everyone.
  5. Thanks for the post Jason - do you mind if i ask what type of business it is? I've been running a successful internet business for thirteen years and I've made plenty of mistakes, especially from a Sigma mindset POV. I'd like to share a few perspectives that could contribute to this conversation... 1. Make sure you're doing something you're enthusiastic about. Whether it be a vision or a desire to learn something new. I'm not against doing it for money and money can be a good motivator - it's just more enjoyable if you're actually enthusiastic. 2. Be wary of bringing in outside investors / help. I wanted to grow my business faster and brought in investment. Having the extra cash did help in some ways but in hindsight I could have done it without the cash with a little more resourcefulness and I wouldn't have had to go through the rigmarole of raising money was a ball ache for me. Thanks
  6. I appreciate the content and thanks for setting up this forum Steve. Must have taken a some effort. Nice work!
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