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  1. Thanks for the clarification Good luck to you Steve.
  2. Oy Steve Can't decode the word salad - mostly waffle propagated by numpties like Heartiste and specific to the milieu and time where it originated. reads as - all mimsey were the borogroves Got a syllogism to unpack for us?
  3. Right.. Hey Guys, I’m Rob. Like Exxx, I live in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Seattle I’m here because I seek community in a world where most people are non player characters. I’m 61, so I’ve had the advantage of growing up in the 80’ and 90’ s sexual marketplace. It’s brutal now mates, but can still be leveraged. I knew nothing of PUA, Am an intellectual introvert. Yet my lay count is approximately 200 or so, I don’t remember a lot of them. I’ve never been considered a 9 or 10, I’ve pulled a solid 8 most of my life, I suppose... The rest is charm, whit and persistence. ‘I’m just as attracted to 18 YO as I was when I was 18, nature is amoral about such things, however, late 20’s females are my preference. I’ve never made much money, I’m not good at playing that cultural game, I get by I’m a state registered hypnotherapist, or was, I walked away from that as a career a few years ago. Have a lot of real world experience to share. This was my formula for chicks: lift weights: but with a specific look in mind. Work your medial (Side) and rear delts to make you wider. do hammer curls with dumbbells to make your forearms pop Don’t neglect your glutes and hams. ‘you don’t have to be huuuuge, just like above average, look like you can fight. Intermittent fasting: keep your bodyfat below %14 or so, you don’t have to be shredded, just look athletic and tight. can’t lose fat? Fuck you, stop eating. Tatts: get a few to draw interest, not so much you look like a tool., none on the hands or neck or face, moderation. Motorcycles: when you have one, you will understand. Musician: be one, I was a classic rock/metal vocalist, writer poet. Drummer and guitarist also works, but WRITE songs. Social: never be home in your free time. Appearance: chicks notice details like crows notice shiny objects, get your nails done, wear a great but understated watch, shoes are a big deal, always smell great but understated, bleach your teeth, study what gay guys know about details. Game: treat them like your bratty little sister, cat string theory
  4. There is much misunderstanding here
  5. Ashley Madison is in theory the perfect site for hookups, because it’s implied that they need to keep it superficial. And for me, I’m happy to know that Seattle is it’s top city. (Seattle is shit for dating and hookup) But my first day was instructive. I got a lot of hits from hot Asian women, they aren’t bots, they are catfishing. The scam is to get you to set up an account at LoveHottie, an international dating app. there you must pay for “translation services “ in a gold token bundle deal, just to reply to messages. So I set up a “free” account, and got messages from these fake hot Asian wives, but I couldn’t reply without buying in. So I discovered I could send images for free, so I sent my messages to them from an image editor (Create a gif with the text you want to say) I tested them, and they could definitely read them. But of course they realized they weren’t going to get a commission, so stopped talking to me on both sites.
  6. Maybe... If we game this paranoia out, I still think the key is to ardently give the impression that you are fully willing to comply, but simply don’t have a full enough understanding to voluntarily do so. Just as sex is not consensual when there’s a gun in the room. ‘Same goes for intent, one cannot intend to have voluntarily sex where there is implicit coercion. So, it isn’t possible to produce a valid signature, to comply. You could ask to get the vax without the contract (They won’t) and you can ask them to sign it for you (they can’t) ‘They don’t want to nakedly expose the true nature of this game. Cash is already illegal, except what they print, we can’t print our own. we can print promissory notes, backed by promissory notes, however.
  7. He’s right. And I would add ~ I don’t barbell bench anymore, only dumbbell. and when I do, I keep the dumbbells at a slight inward rotation that is more natural for the shoulder joint. Secondly, I never, ever overhead press. I do a superset of lateral raises for the delts instead. e.g. 3 sets of 30’ at 10 reps, last set is a drop set where I drop to 20’ and lean forward and work the real delts, then switch to front delts without stopping, to failure. if you really think you need to work your upper traps, do farmers walks. (But chicks don’t care about your traps)
  8. Why yes, yes it was, a year ago. ‘before I turn 62 I hope the rona has make me out of shape somewhat, I’ll get back to this level in a few months
  9. And if forced, my plan is to superficially fully comply, gleefully head down to the vax center, start the check in process.. read thru the inevitable forms and contracts.. And say, I don’t understand what I’m signing, so I can’t produce a signature, but I’d be happy to continue without signing the forms.. (A signature is any mark with present INTENT to authenticate a document), if you don’t understand what your signing , there is no intent) Now, of course, they will ask what I don’t understand .. Ill say something like - Well, there’s a lot of legal jargon on here, and I’m not a lawyer,, can you give legal advice? and as this is a medical procedure I have a medical question.. What will this vax do to me, specifically, because everyone is different, and some people have had bad side effects. ‘what will this vax do to me, specifically. ‘of course they will not answer directly, and go on about how its approved and safe.. And I’ll just say, Ok, has it been tested on me specifically ? They can’t claim I refused, because I did attempt to comply, but was unable to do so.
  10. Greetings There are a lot of arguments pro and against the cov vax, and some of them are quite unscientific, paranoid. This is my heuristic ~ BHT inactivates the entire class of enveloped viruses, this is well established science Cov 19 is an enveloped virius. But, BHT has not been tested on covid specifically likely because it’s off patent, and dirt cheap. I take BHT The probability that BHT does NOT work against the virus < negative side effects from the vax anecdotal report: A covid like mystery illness swept thru my family early last year, but could not be tested for at the time. But, it had all the classic symptoms of COVID. Im 61, so at higher risk i took BHT, and while everyone around me got sick, I only experienced some ringing in the ears. ‘and, every time I took BHT, the ringing would abate for several hours after.
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